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Delicious: Emily's Message in a Bottle/The Family Reunion

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==Level 59 -The Final Countdown=
==Level 59 -The Final Countdown=
''The family reunion is almost here… Will the secret ingredient finally be revealed?''
''The family reunion is almost here… Will the secret ingredient finally be revealed?''
*Edward and Evelyn enter the place.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Mom, Dad!
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Grammy!
*Evelyn picks Paige up and lets her go.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: I knew you two would patch things up!
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: Of course, dear... Your father and I still have a few things to work out...
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: ...but we'll do it together.
*[[Patrick O'Malley|Patrick]]: Good to have you back, Evelyn.
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: I can't even pay for those flowers I gave you.
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: It's only money, Edward. We'll figure it out.
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Grammy, come see the pony Grappa got me!
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: Boy, Grandpa HAS been busy this trip, hasn't he?
*Patrick, Paige and Evelyn go inside. They go back to work.
*Patrick gave flowers to Emily. They gave a kiss!
*[[Antonio Napoli|Antonio]]: Francois? What are you doing?
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: Counting - I want to make sure no one else has run off.
*Vito comes outside.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Everyone!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: When was the reunion again...?
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Er… We are still doing the reunion, right?
*[[Patrick O'Malley|Patrick]]: Right.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Great! I'll have a special announcement for you all tomorrow, then!
*Vito goes inside.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Er… One more thing!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: No boat trips for anyone until AFTEER the party!
==Level 60 - The Family Secret==
''Today’s the day! Help Emily prepare all the food for the reunion – everyone’s counting on her!''
*Evelyn and Edward come outside.
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: Emily, dear...
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Everyone's working hard to get everything ready for the reunion...
*Gino and Marco enter the place.
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: But, well, with everything that's happened...
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: ...we really need a little of your magic to get all the food ready in time...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Sure, leave it to me!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: And Dad, Mom...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Don't worry about your place. We'll figure something out.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: You know, you can stay with us as long as you need.
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: We're so proud of you, Emily. You really are one of a kind.
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: We'll be coming by later to get the food...
*Evelyn goes inside.
===During the level===
*Emily prepares the food for the family reunion preparations!
*In '''the Family Reunion''', was everyone!
*Paige rides Truffles!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Everyone, everyone!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: My memory... it's still gone.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: But I do remember promising you all that one day...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: ...I would reveal to you the secret ingredient to my success!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Unfortunately, I have no idea what it was...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: ...better to just be patient, generous and love one another, I suppose?
*Paige ans Truffles return to reunion. Balky begins to chase!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Ah! One more thing! I almost forgot - the announcement!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Since you all did such a great job retiring the restaurant, I've been offered a LOT of money for it...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: But as now it really IS time for me to retire, I'll leave it up to you to decide what to do with it.
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: Oh, thank goodness!
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: Edward, if we sell our part we could re-start something in Snuggford…!
*[[Vinicio Napoli|Vinicio]]: There's no need for that, Evelyn.
*[[Gino Napoli|Gino]]: As a matter of fact, we've been discussing things...
*[[Antonio Napoli|Antonio]]: ...And we want to help you and Edward with your attention.
*[[Marco Napoli|Marco]]: He's helped us in ways that money can't buy.
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: Edward! Did you hear that?
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Yeah... I have the best family I could ever ask for!
*Vito goes to Evelyn and Edward.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Edward - a quick word?
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Hmm? Uh, sure, Poppa...
*The reunion assembles!
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: What do you need?
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Oh, nothing much...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: I've been watching you and your family...
*They're chasing!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: ...the way you help one another.
*They begin to chase.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: You did an amazing job as a father...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: ...better than I did - better than I ever COULD.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: I'm very proud of you.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: I don't know what you did with the dollar, but it sure worked...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: … You should share the secret!
*'''THE END'''
*Emily walks into end-screen.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: What's this? Wait a minute! We're not finished yet!
*Back in Reunion...
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Gray Grappa, where did you go?
*Paige plays with doll.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: She's been asking me where you were all those years.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Well, I guess I don't rightly-
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: That… that doll!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: I gave it to you!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: On your birthday no less!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emiiy]]: Yes! Yes, you did! I was Paige's age, in fact!
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: It's all starting to come back to me, now.
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: You mean the secret?
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: No, that I still can't remember...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: ...but as far my time away...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: ...THAT is a story I DO remember.
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