This is the third restaurant in Emily's Message in a Bottle.

Level 11 - Italy, Here We Are!

What happened to the restaurant over all those years? Let's work together to fix it up!

  • Francois, Brigid, Antonio, Edward, Evelyn, Emily, Patrick, Filippo, Paige and donkey all enter the place.
  • Paige pets the donkey.
  • Edward: Filippo, where is my father?
  • Filippo: Oh! Balky and I are supposed to go get him!
  • Filippo and Balky leave the place.
  • Antonio: Edward... The restaurant...
  • Evelyn: It's not so bad, really... We could fix it up.
  • Francois: It's a dump.
  • Emily: Francois!
  • Brigid: He's merely stating the obvious, dear.
  • Patrick: Mom, that's not helpful.
  • Edward: Now, now everyone.
  • Edward: With a little love and patience... and if we work together...
  • Edward: ...we could have her back to her old self in no time! Maybe even better!
  • One person visits the old place.
  • "Hey, are you guys re-opening the restaurant?"
  • The people visit the old place.
  • Edward: Er… well, no exac-

During the level

  • Emily rebuilds the restaurant!


  • Antonio repairs the oven.
  • Edward: Well, the old place is looking better already.
  • Antonio finishes the oven!
  • Back in Napoli
  • Antonio: Working here makes me feel young again!
  • Brigid: Oh really...?
  • Patrick: Oh, man - I do NOT need to hear stuff like that.
  • Brigid and Antonio leave after they smile.
  • Evelyn: I LOVE being in Napoli again.
  • Emily: Could you imagine LIVING here?
  • Francois: The weather is amazing!
  • Emily: And the food!
  • Paige: Fishies! Here, fishy, fishy, fishies!
  • Paige: Where are the fishies?
  • Patrick: She's taken to the place like a fish to water.
  • Edward: That she has... She really has.

Level 12 - Ti Vogliamo, Napoli!

There’s only one thing the family is sure about when it comes to Napoli: they love it!

  • Edward enters the place.
  • Edward: Where is everyone?
  • Edward thinks to act.
  • Emily, Francois, Evelyn, Brigid and Paige enter the place.
  • Francois: Ciao, Eduardo!
  • Francois: Bo-on-gior-no!
  • Emily: Ugh! I can't get over how charming Napoli is!
  • Brigid: And the men are SO cuuu-
  • Antonio: So WHAT, exactly?
  • Brigid: Er… cuuurious. I was going to say 'curious', right ladies?
  • Evelyn and Emily: Right!
  • Paige: You said they were cute before, Gramma!
  • Some time later...
  • Emily cooks the pizza!
  • Emily: Great! The pizza oven is working again!
  • Emily attempts to get pizza out of the oven. It's HOT!
  • Emily: Ouch!
  • Emily burns!
  • Edward: I user to burn myself all the time too when I was first getting started!
  • Edward points to the oven peel.
  • Edward: Here, you'd better use this for now.
  • Emily: Smart...
  • Edward wears the chef hat.


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