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*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: My other sons - will they be back?
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: My other sons - will they be back?
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: I... I guess? I'm not sure...
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: I... I guess? I'm not sure...
==Level 20 - One Big Happy Family==
''There's only one way to bring Vito's memories back!''
*At the old place, Emily cleans the flower stand while Vito and Paige makes drawings.
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Gray Grappa, how come you got here?
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Hmmm? You know, I don't really remember now...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Oh! It has something to do with me being a grandfather.
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Am I your grandbaby?
*Vito stands up from the table.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Well, I suppose if the nice people around here are to be believed...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: You'd be my GRAT granddaughter.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: But I can hardly be that old, can I?
*Paige stands up.
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Yeah, you can - you're like a hundred years old!
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Moommy! I drew Grandy Grappa a drawing!
*Paige shows a drawing!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Did you see that, Grandpa Vito?
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: That's you, Edward, Antonio, Marco, Vinicio, and Gino...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: ...and they're having a party together! One big happy family!
*Vito and Paige leave the place.
*At the docks, Filippo, Edward and Emily are at the docks.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: You know, this is not the reunion I was hoping for when we left Snuggford….
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: No...
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: ...but then again, I'm not sure you'd really want a family like ours to be reunited...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: You know, the doctors say people who suffer traumatic memory loss...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: ...have a chance to recover...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: ...during...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: ...ahem...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: reunions...
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Great...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Great!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: You know, Paige made a drawing for grandpa Vito...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: She called it 'Happy Family'.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: It reminded me of the last time I was here... when you were all together.
*Edward thinks around.
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Oh, to heck with it!
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: We'll just have to visit my brothers and convince them to return!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Happy family reunion!
*They're excited for reunion!
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This is the third restaurant in Emily's Message in a Bottle.

Level 11 - Italy, Here We Are! Edit

What happened to the restaurant over all those years? Let's work together to fix it up!

  • Francois, Brigid, Antonio, Edward, Evelyn, Emily, Patrick, Filippo, Paige and donkey all enter the place.
  • Paige pets the donkey.
  • Edward: Filippo, where is my father?
  • Filippo: Oh! Balky and I are supposed to go get him!
  • Filippo and Balky leave the place.
  • Antonio: Edward... The restaurant...
  • Evelyn: It's not so bad, really... We could fix it up.
  • Francois: It's a dump.
  • Emily: Francois!
  • Brigid: He's merely stating the obvious, dear.
  • Patrick: Mom, that's not helpful.
  • Edward: Now, now everyone.
  • Edward: With a little love and patience... and if we work together...
  • Edward: ...we could have her back to her old self in no time! Maybe even better!
  • One person visits the old place.
  • "Hey, are you guys re-opening the restaurant?"
  • The people visit the old place.
  • Edward: Er… well, no exac-

During the levelEdit

  • Emily rebuilds the restaurant!


  • Antonio repairs the oven.
  • Edward: Well, the old place is looking better already.
  • Antonio finishes the oven!
  • Back in Napoli
  • Antonio: Working here makes me feel young again!
  • Brigid: Oh really...?
  • Patrick: Oh, man - I do NOT need to hear stuff like that.
  • Brigid and Antonio leave after they smile.
  • Evelyn: I LOVE being in Napoli again.
  • Emily: Could you imagine LIVING here?
  • Francois: The weather is amazing!
  • Emily: And the food!
  • Paige: Fishies! Here, fishy, fishy, fishies!
  • Paige: Where are the fishies?
  • Patrick: She's taken to the place like a fish to water.
  • Edward: That she has... She really has.

Level 12 - Ti Vogliamo, Napoli!Edit

There’s only one thing the family is sure about when it comes to Napoli: they love it!

  • Edward enters the place.
  • Edward: Where is everyone?
  • Edward thinks to act.
  • Emily, Francois, Evelyn, Brigid and Paige enter the place.
  • Francois: Ciao, Eduardo!
  • Francois: Bo-on-gior-no!
  • Emily: Ugh! I can't get over how charming Napoli is!
  • Brigid: And the men are SO cuuu-
  • Antonio: So WHAT, exactly?
  • Brigid: Er… cuuurious. I was going to say 'curious', right ladies?
  • Evelyn and Emily: Right!
  • Paige: You said they were cute before, Gramma!
  • Some time later...
  • Emily cooks the pizza!
  • Emily: Great! The pizza oven is working again!
  • Emily attempts to get pizza out of the oven. It's HOT!
  • Emily: Ouch!
  • Emily burns!
  • Edward: I user to burn myself all the time too when I was first getting started!
  • Edward points to the oven peel.
  • Edward: Here, you'd better use this for now.
  • Emily: Smart...
  • Edward wears the chef hat.


  • Paige plays with young Emily doll.
  • Emily: Thanks again for watching Paige, Dad.
  • Edward: Of course, dear. Anytime.
  • Emily and Patrick leave the place.
  • Evelyn: How are you, dear?
  • Edward: At the moment, I'm wondering if Filippo will be back with me father before Christmas...
  • Evelyn: He can take as long as he likes. I love it here.
  • Edward: I haven't seen you this happy in a long time.
  • Evelyn: We used to talk about retiring here, remember?
  • Edward: We still could...
  • Evelyn: Yes, but that was before grandchildren.
  • Edward: Don't you mean 'grandchild'?
  • Evelyn: Give it time, Edward, give it time.

Level 13 - The Search Begins!Edit

The search for Vittorio is on! Help Emily fix something for them to take with them.

  • Antonio enters the place.
  • Antonio: Still no sign of Filippo anywhere.
  • Edward: Okay, I'll ask around...
  • Edward: ...see if anyone knows where he and Poppa were staying.
  • Antonio: I'll start at the village.
  • Edward: I'll check the docks.
  • Edward: You want to see some fishies, Paige?
  • Antonio leaves the place.
  • Paige: YEAH!!
  • Edward: Ask your mother to pack us a lunch, and I'll take you to a VERY special place.
  • Paige leaves the place, and Emily enters.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily prepares lunch for Paige and Edward.


  • In the dock, there was a fisherman, Edward and Emily.
  • Edward: How much do you remember from that day?
  • Emily: I remember it was my birthday...
  • The fish jumps from the sea.
  • Paige: Fishes!
  • Emily: I remember him giving me the doll, watching her climb into the boat...
  • Emily: Dad? In all those years, why didn't we come visit?
  • Edward: Life got so busy with you and your sister...
  • Edward: It went by so fast...
  • Paige tries to get a fish.
  • Emily: PAIGE!
  • Emily tripped into a bucket getting Paige.
  • Then Emily places her down.
  • Emily: Oh my goodness - I am SO sorry.
  • Emily: She's um... a bit obsessed with 'fishes' at the moment.
  • "That's quite alright"
  • "You can pick one if you want."
  • Fishes!
  • The bucket has fish!
  • Paige: Please, Mommy! Can I have one?
  • Emily: We don't have amy place to keep them, honey.
  • Paige: I could put them in the fountain, Mommy! Pleeeease?
  • The fish jumps out of the bucket of water.

Level 14 - A Stranger at the DocksEdit

Hope, nostalgia, excitement... And a stranger at the docks!

  • Evelyn: Edward! Come join us, dear.
  • Edward: There's been no word from Filippo.
  • Antonio: He'll be here, Edward, don't worry.
  • Edward: I don't know, Poppa seems pretty good at disappearing.
  • Evelyn: Edward, we still don't know what happened.
  • Edward: We know he never tried to contact us - not once in thirty years.
  • Edward: Maybe making all this effort is a bit much, that's all.
  • Emily: Don't worry, Dad. We'll take care of it - I promise.
  • Evelyn and Antonio leave the place.


  • Back at the docks was a fisherman and Paige.
  • Paige goes to the fisherman.
  • "Well, hello there."
  • "Don't I know you?"
  • Paige: I'm Paige!
  • "That's a pretty name for a pretty girl!"
  • Paige: What's your name?
  • "People call me 'grandpa'.
  • Paige: I have two grappa's, but one of them I never see.
  • Paige: But my Grappa Edward plays with me ALL the time!
  • "Say... would you like to help me catch some fish?"

Level 15 - The Long WaitEdit

Patrick finally receives his flowers today. Unfortunately, they're not the only thing that's still missing...

  • In the old Family Restaurant, Patrick places with flowers.
  • Patrick: There we are! The perfect place to sell some flowers.
  • Patrick: Now we only have to wait for the flowers themselves.
  • Edward: And for Filippo and my father...
  • Patrick: Don't worry, Edward... They should be here any minute.
  • Francois: Not if they're coming by donkey...
  • Paige: My pony is back!
  • Filippo and Balky enter the place.
  • Antonio: Filippo!
  • Filippo: Everyone - I know you're wondering what I'm doing back so soon...
  • Filippo: It's your father - I left him at my farm...
  • Filippo: ...but when I got back, he was gone!

During the levelEdit

  • Emily receives the flowers for Patrick.


  • Emily: Paige, sweetie - what's that?
  • Paige: Seashells Grappa gave me!
  • Edward" Paige. Grandpa didn't give that to you.
  • Paige: Yes, he did! Down at the docks!
  • Bri9gid: Patrick - did you let Paige go down to the docks by herself!?
  • Patrick: Gulp.
  • EMily: Paige - you are NEVER to go ANYWHERE alone.
  • Paige: But I'm not alone... Grappa is there!
  • Edward: Paige, I'd like to meet this 'other' grandpa.
  • Emily: Me too.

Level 16 - Old QuarrelsEdit

The arrival of the brothers was a surprise for everybody – and not exactly in a good way.

  • A fisherman disappeared from the docks while Emily, Paige and Edward go to the docks.
  • Emily: Paige, can you show us where this grandpa of yours is?
  • Paige: I don't know...!
  • Emily: Can you tell us what he looked like, sweetheart?
  • Paige: He was really, really old...
  • Paige: ...and smelled like Balky!
  • Emily: Like Filippo's donkey?
  • Edward: Well - I suppose there's nothing we can do...
  • Edward: You've learned your lesson about wandering off, right Paige?
  • Edward: If you want to go fishing again, you just tell your real grandpa and I'll take you.
  • Paige: Promise?
  • Edward: I promise.
  • Paige: Can we do it right now?
  • They're happy.


  • The Napoli brothers enter the old place.
  • Vinicio: Hello everyone! How are-
  • Marco: Yes, hello. How is everyone? Good? Oh you have changed a lot.
  • Marco: Okay! Let's get going then. We don't have all day.
  • Evelyn: And you haven't changed a lot.
  • Vinicio: Still in a rush, Marco?
  • Marco: Well, I guess we're all anxious to show dad how successful we've all become!
  • Vinicio: Our Poppa is alive! And soon he'll share his secret with us...
  • Edward: Guys... Dad was supposed to be here but he's... gone missing... again.
  • Gino: WHAT? Is this some kind of joke?
  • Gino: I'm out of here.
  • Gino and Vinicio leave the place.
  • Marco: I don't have time for this.
  • They're sad.

Level 17 - Surprise Wears YellowEdit

Time to meet Paige's 'other grandpa'. Could this possibly be...?

  • Paige: Mommy, where did Grappa's brothers go?
  • Emily: Well... sweetie...
  • Emily: You know how it's not fun if you don't get what you want?
  • Emily: Mommy's daddy and her uncles really want to see old grandpa.
  • Emily: I think they're a little upset...
  • Paige: What if old grappa comes back?
  • Emily: That would certainly help.
  • Evelyn, Patrick and Paige leave the place.


  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Patrick: Edward - have you seen Paige?
  • Edward: Oh dear... I hope she's not at the docks again!
  • Vito: C'mon, pony! Go! Go! Go!
  • Paige: Look everyone! I found Grappa!
  • An unusual pony
  • Filippo enters the place.
  • Filippo: Slow down, will you?
  • Filippo: What's the matter guys? Don't you recognize your own father?
  • Vittorio takes off the fisherman hat.

Level 18 - Lost MemoriesEdit

Memories can be lost, but what about feelings? Keep an eye on Vittorio!

  • Edward: Poppa?
  • Paige: Grappa?
  • Paige: Grappa!
  • Emily gave Vittorio a hug/kiss!
  • Emily: Grandpa, it IS you! You're alive!
  • Edward picks up Paige nd places down.
  • Paige: Grappa, I found gray Grappa!
  • Vito: I'm sorry... do I know you?
  • Edward: Poppa... it's me, Edward... Don't you remember me?
  • Vito: It's a lovely home you have here, Edward.
  • Vito: How long have you lived here?
  • Filippo: I wanted to wait to see what would happen if he saw you guys...
  • Filippo: But there's something you need to know...

During the levelEdit

  • Emily has to keep an eye on Vito.


  • Flipoo: When we found your father, Edward, he was next to his boat, unconscious.
  • Filippo: When he woke, he didn't remember a thing...
  • Edward: You mean he lost his memory!?
  • Brigid: Trauma, shock...
  • Evelyn: Poor thing - he doesn't remember a soul.
  • Emily: Let me talk to him.
  • Emily goes to Vito.
  • Emily: Grandpa?
  • Vito: Am I your grandfather young lady?
  • Emily: You are...
  • Vito: I'm sorry I don't remember you.
  • Emily: That's okay, grandpa.
  • Emily: It's just good to see you again.

Level 19 - Remember Me?Edit

The only person that knows Emilia’s secret ingredient is back, but…

  • Vito: Okay... Let me see if I have this right.
  • Vito: Antonio...
  • Vito: ...Edward...
  • Vito: Evelyn,
  • Vito: Paige,
  • Vito: Francois,
  • Vito: Brigid,
  • Vito: and little Evelyn [1].
  • Vito goes to FIlippo.
  • Filippo: No, no, no!
  • Filippo: Francois, Patrick, Nigel, Danforth, Emily, Brittney, Fuschia, Cinnamon.
  • Vito: I'm sorry, who are you again?
  • Antonio: Well, one thing's for sure...
  • Antonio: ...Momma's secret is as safe as ever.


  • Edward: Poppa... Er, Vito...
  • Edward: There's more we need to discuss.
  • Edward: I know you're still processing things, so I'll go slow-
  • Antonio: You have three other sons, and they all left before you got here.
  • Vito is confused.
  • Vito: Really? Why did they leave?
  • Edward: Well, a long time ago you promised to let them in on a secret.
  • Vito: I did? What was it?
  • Antonio: Well, that's what we were hoping you could tell us.
  • Antonio: I'm sorry, I'm afraid I haven't the faintest clue.
  • Edward: It's not important now.
  • Vito: My other sons - will they be back?
  • Edward: I... I guess? I'm not sure...

Level 20 - One Big Happy FamilyEdit

There's only one way to bring Vito's memories back!

  • At the old place, Emily cleans the flower stand while Vito and Paige makes drawings.
  • Paige: Gray Grappa, how come you got here?
  • Vito: Hmmm? You know, I don't really remember now...
  • Vito: Oh! It has something to do with me being a grandfather.
  • Paige: Am I your grandbaby?
  • Vito stands up from the table.
  • Vito: Well, I suppose if the nice people around here are to be believed...
  • Vito: You'd be my GRAT granddaughter.
  • Vito: But I can hardly be that old, can I?
  • Paige stands up.
  • Paige: Yeah, you can - you're like a hundred years old!
  • Paige: Moommy! I drew Grandy Grappa a drawing!
  • Paige shows a drawing!
  • Emily: Did you see that, Grandpa Vito?
  • Emily: That's you, Edward, Antonio, Marco, Vinicio, and Gino...
  • Emily: ...and they're having a party together! One big happy family!
  • Vito and Paige leave the place.


  • At the docks, Filippo, Edward and Emily are at the docks.
  • Emily: You know, this is not the reunion I was hoping for when we left Snuggford….
  • Edward: No...
  • Edward: ...but then again, I'm not sure you'd really want a family like ours to be reunited...
  • Filippo: You know, the doctors say people who suffer traumatic memory loss...
  • Filippo: ...have a chance to recover...
  • Filippo: ...during...
  • Filippo: ...ahem...
  • Filippo: reunions...
  • Edward: Great...
  • Emily: Great!
  • Emily: You know, Paige made a drawing for grandpa Vito...
  • Emily: She called it 'Happy Family'.
  • Emily: It reminded me of the last time I was here... when you were all together.
  • Edward thinks around.
  • Edward: Oh, to heck with it!
  • Edward: We'll just have to visit my brothers and convince them to return!
  • Emily: Happy family reunion!
  • They're excited for reunion!


  1. Emily O'Malley.
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