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*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: My other sons - will they be back?
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: My other sons - will they be back?
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: I... I guess? I'm not sure...
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: I... I guess? I'm not sure...
==Level 20 - One Big Happy Family==
''There's only one way to bring Vito's memories back!''
*At the old place, Emily cleans the flower stand while Vito and Paige makes drawings.
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Gray Grappa, how come you got here?
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Hmmm? You know, I don't really remember now...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Oh! It has something to do with me being a grandfather.
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Am I your grandbaby?
*Vito stands up from the table.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: Well, I suppose if the nice people around here are to be believed...
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: You'd be my GRAT granddaughter.
*[[Vittorio Napoli|Vito]]: But I can hardly be that old, can I?
*Paige stands up.
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Yeah, you can - you're like a hundred years old!
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]]: Moommy! I drew Grandy Grappa a drawing!
*Paige shows a drawing!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Did you see that, Grandpa Vito?
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: That's you, Edward, Antonio, Marco, Vinicio, and Gino...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: ...and they're having a party together! One big happy family!
*Vito and Paige leave the place.
*At the docks, Filippo, Edward and Emily are at the docks.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: You know, this is not the reunion I was hoping for when we left Snuggford….
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: No...
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: ...but then again, I'm not sure you'd really want a family like ours to be reunited...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: You know, the doctors say people who suffer traumatic memory loss...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: ...have a chance to recover...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: ...during...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: ...ahem...
*[[Filippo Napoli|Filippo]]: ...family reunions...
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Great...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Great!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: You know, Paige made a drawing for grandpa Vito...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: She called it 'Happy Family'.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: It reminded me of the last time I was here... when you were all together.
*Edward thinks around.
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Oh, to heck with it!
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: We'll just have to visit my brothers and convince them to return!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Happy family reunion!
*They're excited for reunion!
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