This is the first restaurant in Emily's Message in a Bottle. In this episode, we travel back to the past, in 1980s! It's called Emilia's Place.

Level 1 - Bittersweet MemoriesEdit

Thirty years ago, in Napoli, Italy...

  • Filippo and Donkey enter the place.
  • Filippo: Edward, is your father around? I have these letters for him...
  • Edward: He must be inside, playing with Emily.
  • Antonio: She's the only one he spends any time with now, ever since Mom...
  • Filippo: Your Mama Emilia, she was such a wonderful woman...
  • Filippo: ...people are still sending letters even now, weeks after her funeral.
  • Vinicio and Young Emily come out.
  • Vinicio come out of the place.
  • Filippo: And your brothers...?
  • The Napoli brothers come to the place.
  • Vinicio: We'll be fine once he retires! We're doing all the work anyway.
  • Filippo: Gino, Vinicio, Marco... You never change, do you?
  • Emily comes out!
  • Emily Napoli: Grappa! A donkey!
  • Vito: What? Emily...?
  • Emily goes to donkey!
  • Filippo: Vito!
  • Edward and Gino: Poppa!
  • Vittorio Napoli: Hello, everyone...Filippo! I didn't expect to find you here...
  • Filippo: I'm glad to see you're doing well. Vito, Here, these are yours...
  • Filippo gave a letter to Vito.
  • Donkey: Hee Haww!
  • Emily runs to Vito.
  • Filippo: And who's this young lady?
  • Emily Napoli: Emily! It almost my birthday! I go'n be three!
  • Filippo: Three! What a big girl!
  • Filippo: Well now, if you excuse me...
  • Filippo and Donkey leave the place.
  • Vito: Ahem! In a few days, we'll be holding Emily's 3rd birthday party...
  • Vito: ...and I will have a special announcement then.
  • Vito: Come not piccolina, let's see how your mom is doing!
  • Emily and Vittorio come inside.
  • Antonio: An announcement!
  • Vinicio: It's happening! He's going to retire and leave the restaurant to one of us!
  • Some time later...
  • Antonio: Edward, do you need any help with the restaurant?
Yes (Play tutorial) No (I'm a pro)
Edward: I think I can handle it, Antonio. Thanks.
Edward goes to work. Antonio goes inside.


  • At the beach dock was Emily and Vittorio.
  • Emily Napoli: Grappa? Want to re-try-mint?
  • Vito: What's that, piccolina?
  • Emily Napoli: RE...
  • Emily Napoli: ...TRY...
  • Emily Napoli: ...MINT.
  • Emily Napoli: Uncle Marco say you gonna re-tyre and leave him your restaurant.
  • Vito: He does, does he!?
  • Emily Napoli: Uncle George-a an Uncle Vin-cio said the same thing!
  • Vito: 'Retirement' is something I should have done a long time ago...
  • VIto: ...when your grandmother was still with us.
  • Emily makes a drawing.
  • Emily: I made a drawing for Gramma!
  • Vito folds the drawing.
  • Vito: That's a beautiful drawing, piccolina…
  • Emily: Will she like it?
  • Vito: Your grandmother is in Heaven, little one...
  • Emily: Heaven?
  • Vito: It's a place very far away...
  • Vito: Why don't we put your drawing in a bottle and send it to sea?
  • Vittorio puts the drawing into a bottle and sends it to the sea!
  • Vito: ...That way, Grandma can read it in heaven.
  • Emily sends the bottle to the sea. Now the deceased people read it in Heaven.

Level 2 - The Secret IngredientEdit

The secret ingredient... what could it be?

  • In the place, Antonio and Edward tasting food, one person holding a coin, and Emily and Vito enter the place.
  • Emily Napoli: Grappa, what's he doing?
  • Vito: The fountain is magical, you see?
  • Vito: They say if you make a wish and throw a coin in it, without looking...
  • One person throws a coin backwards.
  • Vito: The wish will come true!
  • One person leaves the place.
  • Emily Napoli: Can we ask for Gramma to come back?
  • Vito: I'm afraid it doesn't work quite like that, honey...
  • Gino: Well?
  • Vito: Well what?
  • Vinicio: Marco says you're retiring.
  • Marco: I didn't say that - you did!
  • Gino: So who's going to be in charge?
  • Vinicio: He's not going to pick you!
  • Marco: Please, don't even start.
  • Vito: Enough!
  • Vito: Now I understand - it was your mother's secret ingredient that made us a success.
  • Vito: Without it, none of you can fill her shoes.
  • Vito: Come, my piccolina!
  • Emily and Vittorio leave the place.
  • Vinicio: Secret ingredient?
  • Gino: It's got to be here somewhere, right?
  • They leave except Gino, who goes inside and Edward.

During the levelEdit

  • Edward finds the secret ingredient!


  • Emily comes into the place.
  • Emily Napoli: Mommy! We're back!
  • Vittorio enters the place.
  • Evelyn grabs Emily and places down.
  • Vito: Evelyn! What are you doing outside? You should rest...
  • Evelyn: You're probably right... Let's go Emily!
  • Evelyn and Emily go inside.
  • Vito: Okay, this place needs to be impeccable if I want to leave it...
  • Vinicio: Poppa...Was it her cheesecake?
  • Vito: It was heavenly...
  • Vito: ...but no.
  • Vinicio: Her meatballs? She was always VERY sensitive about her meatballs.
  • Vito: People traveled for miles for her meatballs...
  • Vito: ...but no.
  • Vinicio: She put guinea pig milk in the cappuccino??
  • Vito: Goodbye, Vinicio.
  • Vito walks from Vinicio.
  • Vinicio: Tuna eggs in the spumoni!?
  • Vito: GOODBYE, Vinicio!
  • Vito goes inside!
  • Vinicio: Fried baby eels in the spaghetti!!?

Level 3 - Fishing For SomethingEdit

The brothers will use any trick in the book to discover the ingredient.

  • Vittorio comes out with fishing hook and something.
  • Marco: Morning, Poppa! They say the tuna are biting...
  • Vittorio goes to noodles.
  • Marco: Want to know MY secret for catching them?
  • Antonio appears at the window.
  • Vito goes to secret ingredient.
  • Marco: They LOVE candled pistachios.
  • Vito: Thanks for the tip...
  • Antonio comes out.
  • Marco: SO... Now that I've told you one of MY secrets...
  • Marco: ...maybe you could tell me one of yours?
  • Emily comes out.
  • Emily Napoli: Grappa, Grappa! Time to get some fishies!
  • Emily and Vittorio leave to fish some.
  • Antonio: Nice try.
  • Marco: Shut up.
  • Edward comes out.
  • Antonio: Edward, I was waiting for you.
  • Antonio: Would you like me to play the violin for the customers?
  • Antonio: I just started taking lessons, and practice makes perfect, right?
  • Edward: Well, why not? Sure it can't be that bad!
  • Antonio is now the entertainer.


  • Emily and Vittorio enter the place.
  • Edward: Poppa!
  • Emily starts drawing.
  • Edward: Poppa, Evelyn and I will be leaving for Snuggford soon...
  • Gino enters the place.
  • Edward: I was hoping to have a word with you before leaving.
  • Gino: Oh, right! Fishing for Momma's secret ingredient, are you?
  • Edward: What? No!
  • Gino: Please, Edward - can't you see our father is still grieving?
  • Gino: How can you even THINK of such things at a time like this?
  • Gino has the sandwich.
  • Gino: Take this Poppa, it will make you feel better.
  • Vito: Thank you, Gino.
  • Vittorio tastes the sandwich. There was a dollar bill!
  • Vito: Wait, what is this?
  • Gino: Oh, my! How did that money get in there?
  • Gino: Of course, one might be very grateful to the person who served them such a... rewarding meal!
  • Gino: Grateful enough, perhaps, to confide like the closest of confidents!
  • Vito: Come, piccolina. Let's feed the rest of this to the seagulls.
  • Vittorio and Emily leave the place.

Level 4 - The AnnouncementEdit

It's Emily's 3rd birthday! What will grandpa's announcement be?

  • Child sound!
  • Vittorio enters the place.
  • Emily Napoli: Daddy! For my birfday let's play 'seek an hi'!
  • Antonio: Can I have Momma's secret ingredient?
  • Vito: NO.
  • Edward: Poppa? I need to talk to you.
  • Vittorio goes inside the place.
  • Edward: Poppa!
  • Antonio: Edward...
  • Antonio: When you go back to Snuggford, I'm coming with you.
  • Edward: Are you sure...?
  • Emily Napoli: C'mon, Daddy! Let's play!
  • Emily plays and hides.
  • Edward closes his eyes and looks.

During the levelEdit

  • Edward finds Emily!


  • In Emily's 3rd birthday, Vittorio delivers the secret cake. He places on the table.
  • Evelyn: Oh, Vito! It's wonderful!
  • Vito: I made it with my dear Emilia's secret ingredient!
  • Vito: It would have made her so happy to be here for her granddaughter's birthday...
  • Vittorio sits down.
  • Marco: Poppa - about your announcement...
  • Vito: Twenty years ago, your Momma and I started this restaurant with a dollar to our name.
  • Vito: Thanks to her special ingredient, it became the success it is today.
  • Vito stands up.
  • Vito: So, here's one dollar for each of you.
  • Vito: You are to go your separate ways and forge your own success - like we did.
  • Vito: Now, go and make me proud, before I get too old...
  • Vito: ..and lose my memory.
  • Vinicio: Is this some kind of joke, Poppa? One dollar?
  • Vito: Oh... and I will be leasing the restaurant.
  • They're angry and surprised!
  • Gino: Leasing it!? But nobody knows this restaurant better than we do!
  • Vito: Enough! This is a birthday party, remember?
  • Vittorio sits down.
  • Vito: So everyone sit down and be quiet!
  • Vinicio: I liked it better when he was a shut in.
  • Vito: What was that? What did you just say?
  • Vito: I don't have to put up with this. I'm leaving...
  • Vittorio leaves!
  • Edward: Poppa!
  • Emily leaves and follows after him.
  • Edward: Emily!

Level 5 - Time To LeaveEdit

As Edward prepares to go back to Snuggford, Vittorio has other plans...

  • Vittorio and Emily arrive at the docks.
  • Vito is setting up for departure.
  • Emily Napoli: Grappa! Grappa!
  • Vito: Oh, dear! I'm glad you followed me.
  • Vito: I almost forgot! Your birthday present.
  • Vito has the birthday present for Emily.
  • Emily opens and has a doll!
  • Vito: It's a very special doll, Emily. It was your Gramma's.
  • Vito: I want you to have it, so you'll ALWAYS remember the ones who love you!
  • Emily Napoli: Thank you, Grappa!
  • Vittorio has the letter.
  • Vito: Here, Can you give this letter to your dad?
  • Vito gives letter to Emily.
  • Vito: It's very important.
  • Emily Napoli: Are you going somewhere?
  • Vito: Well, Emily. Grandma isn't here anymore...
  • Vito: You're going back home in a few days...
  • Vito: And my sons... Well...
  • Vito: I guess there's no reason...
  • Fish jumps out of sea.
  • Emily Napoli: Fishies Grappa! Look!
  • Vito: ...for me to stay anymore...
  • Vito: Yes dear... Fishies…
  • Vittorio grams Emily and places down.


  • Vittorio is departing, waving to Emily "bye".
  • Emily gets off the dock, heading to beach.
  • There was a boat sailing to the storm!
  • Edward comes to the beach.
  • Edward: There you are sweet! I was looking for you and grandpa.
  • Emily Napoli: Look Daddy! Grappa doll!
  • Edward: That's a beautiful doll honey. But where's Grappa?
  • Emily Napoli: BYEEEEEE GRAPPA!!
  • There was a thunderstorm ahead of boat!
  • Edward: POPPA!
  • Edward: Poppa! I need to talk to you!
  • Edward: POPPA!
  • Emily Napoli: GRAPPA! GRAA-PPAA!!!!
  • Marco and Vinicio come to the beach.
  • Vinicio: Have you seen Poppa? We wanted to apologize.
  • Edward: He's sailing directly into a storm!
  • They're shocked!
  • Days go by...
  • here comes depressing music!


  • He tells me stories of the stars, of princesses and kings.
  • (Emily looks at the far skies and seas)
  • And says when I grow up I can be, any, anything.
  • (Emily keeps looking and sobs)
  • We share ice cream at the park, and count the yellow trees.
  • Pretend we are great pirates and we sail the seven seas.
  • Or maybe we are puppies, eating food on hands and knees.
  • (Emily continues looking and is sad)
  • Or maybe even flower sniffing, buzzy honeybees.
  • (And there is a wrecked boat on the shore)
  • That's how I know he loves me so, he spends his time with me.
  • (Emily cries, and Edward comes into the beach)
  • He is the bestest grandpa and... he will forever be!


  • Three days later...
  • Emily cries with the wrecked boat on shore.
  • Edward comes to beach to Emily.
  • Edward: I don't think Grandpa is coming back, Emily...
  • Edward: I'm afraid he's in Heaven now...
  • Emily cries.
  • Emily Napoli: I miss Grappa...
  • Edward picks up Emily.
  • Edward: Would you like to have the dollar grandpa gave me to remember him by?
  • Edward has the dollar coin, giving to Emily.
  • Edward: It'll be our little secret...
  • Emily runs back to the place.
  • Gino works for pizza dough.
  • Emily Napoli: Uncle I want a juice!
  • Gino: You know you have to pay for that, right?
  • Emily gives a dollar to Gino, trading a bottle. Then she leaves the place.
  • At the dock, Emily has the bottle and the letter!
  • Emily draws a drawing and puts into the bottle. The she sends it to the sea!
  • The clouds are disappearing and the sun is shining!
  • Emily Napoli: FOR YOU GRAPPA! Please read it when you're in heaven!
  • What a bittersweet story!
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