This is the second restaurant in Emily's Message in a Bottle. After the past, we travel back to the present-day (2016). This is called Emily's Garden.

Level 6 - Birthday PreparationsEdit

It's almost Paige's 3rd birthday - receive the packages to prepare her party!

  • Edward and Evelyn enter the place.
  • Paige goes to Edward. He grabs and places her.
  • Paige: Grappa! Grappa!
  • Paige: It's almost my birthday!
  • Edward: Is that right?
  • Edward: Hmm... I thought I feed it so you wouldn't grow anymore!
  • Edward: You're getting too big, already!
  • Paige: Grappa, have you seen what auntie Angela got me?
  • Emily: Angela's very busy in New York, but she still managed to send Paige her present!
  • Edward: Wow, a painter's canvas for my favorite artist!
  • Paige: C'mon, Grappa, let's paint!
  • Emily: Paige, let Grandpa get settled first.
  • Edward: No, no - that's okay.
  • Emily: You are so great with her, Dad.
  • Evelyn: He reminds me of your grandfather when you were her age.
  • Emily: He does, does he?
  • Emily: Guys, I'm having some stuff delivered for Paige's party.
  • Emily: Keep an eye on her, okay?
  • Evelyn's now the cleaner.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily accepts the packages for Paige's 3rd birthday.


  • Emily's happy with packages!
  • Evelyn receives the phone call.
  • Francois: Emily! I don't suppose anyone's delivered a package for me, have they?
  • Emily: I don't think so, only the piñatas' Paige asked for.
  • Francois: I've ordered the PERFECT costume for the party, you'll see!
  • Emily: I don't know if I should be thrilled or scared, Francois...
  • Francois goes inside.
  • Evelyn: I just got a call from our financial advisor!
  • Evelyn: Out retirement savings are about to be released!
  • Edward: Gee, time sure does fly... Time to relax.
  • Evelyn and Edward go inside. Patrick comes outside.
  • Emily and Patrick gave kisses.
  • Patrick: I better run if I'm going to get that P-R-E-S-E-N-T for 'you know who'.
  • Paige: A pony! A pony!
  • Patrick: Pumpkin, we talked about this, remember?
  • Patrick: Your present is a surprise, but it's not a pony.
  • Paige: Grappa will get me one!
  • Paige goes inside. Emily smiles.
  • Patrick: He wouldn't, would he?
  • Emily; Er… I'll talk to him.

Level 7 - An Unexpected Birthday PresentEdit

The party has begun! Keep serving the family so they have a great time!

  • Paige's 3rd Birthday Party!
  • Patrick: Thanks for making the cake, Evelyn - you really outdid yourself.
  • Evelyn: Oh, it wasn't me this time! Edward made it!
  • Brigid: Mmm! Delicious! I don't suppose you'd...
  • Edward: ...share the recipe? Of course! All it takes is love and a little practice...
  • Francois: ...and a little artistic direction from yours truly.
  • Emily gets a present.
  • Paige gets a young Emily doll!
  • Paige: Oh, wow! Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Daddy!
  • Edward: Isn't that the doll your grandfather gave you?
  • Emily: Yes... I thought it was time Grandma's doll had a new owner.
  • Edward sits down.
  • Brigid: Is everything okay?
  • Antonio: The anniversary of our mother's passing was just a few weeks ago...
  • Edward: ...and it's been almost 30 years to the day since our poppa was lost at sea.
  • Francois: Hey, c'mon everyone! This is a party remember?
  • Francois: Let's celebrate!
  • Francois goes inside, Emily and Evelyn stand up and go to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily keeps serving the family!


  • Brigid and Antonio go inside. Francois comes outside and Edward goes to cleaning the party. Patrick picks up Paige.
  • Franocis: Guys? You have a visitor?
  • Paige goes down to walk to see a visitor.
  • Paige: PONY! PONY!
  • Patrick: Edward...
  • Donkey and Filippo enter the place.
  • Paige: Grandpa DID get me a pony!
  • Filippo takes a breath.
  • Filippo: Scust, but I have a VERY urgent message for Eduardo and Antonio!
  • Edward: Filippo? Is that you?

Level 8 - A Blast From The PastEdit

Filippo has some very important news... if he can remember it!

  • Filippo: Those priests were right! It really was JUST around the corner!
  • Antonio: How did you find us?
  • Filippo: Balky here has a perfect sense of direction.
  • Balky hee haw!
  • Edward: So... No one's sick or died back home, I hope?
  • Filippo: Absolutely not - that much I remember.
  • Emily: Is someone getting married?
  • Filippo: I don't think so...
  • Francois: I know! Someone's pregnant!
  • Emily: Er.. Francois...
  • Antonio: My old high school girlfriend Angelina wants to get back together!
  • Brigid: Excuse me!?
  • Filippo: No, it's... it's...
  • Filippo: Ooh shoot! I knew this was going to happen!
  • Filippo: I forgot what I came to tell you all!


  • Antonio: Filippo, how could you come all the way here from Napoli and FORGET the message?
  • Evelyn: Edward, quit sulking and join us...
  • Edward: Sorry, I was... just thinking about the old days.
  • Antonio goes to Edward and Evelyn.
  • Antonio: It's been 30 years, Edward... It's time to let the past go.
  • Paige finished drawing and shows to Balky.
  • Paige: Look, pony! I made this drawing for you!
  • Donkey: Hee haw!
  • Filippo: What a talented little girl! It really looks like Balky!
  • Emily: Yes, we are so proud of her! She's our little artist.
  • Edward: My Poppa... He never told me that.
  • Evelyn: What's that my dear?
  • dward: OH, nothing...
  • Paige: My name's Paige!
  • Filippo: That's a pretty name for a pretty girl! And what is your mother's name?
  • Emily: I'm Emily. Nice to meet you, sir. I can't say I remember...
  • Filippo: Emily...?
  • Filippo: EMILY!
  • Filippo: Edward! Antonio! YOUR FATHER IS STILL ALIVE!
  • Edward fell down and splat by surprise!
  • Edward: WHAT?!

Level 9 - The Best GrandpaEdit

Clean up the mess Edward made when he heard the astonishing news!

  • Antonio: Poppa is alive?!
  • Antonio: I can't wait to tell him what I've done with my dollar!
  • Antonio: Three pizza restaurants! Let's see Gino beat that!
  • Antonio: Yes! Italy here we come!
  • Edward: The dollar...
  • Edward is sad.
  • Emily: Dad?
  • Evelyn: Edward?
  • Paige gets the drawing to Edward.
  • Paige: For you, Grappa.
  • Our little artist!
  • Edward: 'U are the best grappa in the world'.
  • Edward: Well, that's really beautiful, my dear.
  • Edward grabs Paige and leans, then places down.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily cleans up the mess Edward made!


  • Evelyn comes out of Emily's home.
  • Evelyn: Edward, sweetheart?
  • Evelyn: There's a flight tomorrow - I've bought us some tickets.
  • Evelyn: Paige is ecstatic. She...
  • Evelyn: Edward?
  • Edward: Remember the dollar?
  • Edward: My Poppa wanted us to be successful...
  • Edward: ...and what I dome with my life? Hmm? Nothing.
  • Evelyn: Edward! Your father is ALIVE.
  • Evelyn: And you were an excellent provider!
  • Evelyn: Not to mention a wonderful husband, father AND grandfather!
  • Emily comes out of her home.
  • Emily grabs Paige.
  • Edward: Anyone can do that sort of thing.
  • Paige placed down by Emily's drop.
  • Evelyn: No, Edward, they really can't...

Level 10 - Italy, Here We Come?Edit

Help pack the suitcase, as everyone prepares to go to Italy.,.. or not?

  • Patrick and Antonio pack the suitcase. Francois comes out with the suitcase.
  • Filippo: Keep em' coming!
  • Francois: Non ce problema!
  • They put the suitcase to Balky.
  • Donkey: Hee haw!
  • Evelyn comes out.
  • Evelyn: Edward - I need you to find our passports.
  • Edward: Hmm.
  • Brigid comes out.
  • Brigid: You're not going to make that poor animal carry ALL our luggage, are you?
  • Filippo: Trust me, Balky is as strong as mule.
  • Donkey: Hee haw!
  • Brigid goes in.
  • Evelyn: Edward, where's your suitcase?
  • Edward: Well, actually...
  • Evelyn: Paige, come here pumpkin you've got chocolate all over your face.
  • Edward: ...I'm not going.
  • Evelyn removes chocolate from Paige's face.
  • Evelyn: Sorry, what was that, Edward?
  • Edward: I SAID, 'I'M NOT GOING'!
  • They're surprised! Edward goes in!

During the levelEdit

  • Emily prepares the suitcase!


  • Antonio: Give me a moment with him.
  • Edward: I'm sorry I guess I just need some time.
  • Antonio: Please, Edward - we've lost 30 years already...
  • Antonio: much longer could Poppa have?
  • Emily: Dad...
  • Emily: Do you remember that day at the docks...
  • Emily: ...watching Grandpa Vito leave?
  • Edward: Of course...
  • Emily: Well, I loved Grandpa Vito too...
  • Emily: ...and when he left, it felt like he took a piece of my heart with him.
  • Emily: I want Paige to know him...
  • Emily: ...and it wouldn't be the same without you there.
  • Emily: I bet it's going to be a reunion to remember for the rest of our lives.
  • Paige: Pleease, Grappa?
  • Edward: Very well, then.
  • Filippo: Hurrah! See you in Napoli in six weeks!
  • Filippo and Balky leave the place.
  • Francois: Wait a second...
  • Franocis: I thought he was just taking our luggage to the airport!
  • Emily: Filippo! WAIT!
  • They leave Emily's Place.
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