This is the fourth restaurant in Emily's Message in a Bottle. To start the reunion, we have to go on an adventure!

Level 21 - To Fish in Troubled Waters Edit

Edward and Emily arrive with high hopes, but where is Marco?

  • Emily and Edward enter the Market. Meet Arabella, the Market entertainer.
  • Arabella: … And now for our grand finale!
  • Arabella: Carmela... Pietro... Come!
  • The flock of seagulls go around Arabella.
  • Seagull entertainment
  • They leave the Market.
  • Emily: That was amazing!
  • Arabella: Thank you. The birds do all the work.
  • Edward: My name is Edward - I believe this is my brother's fish market?
  • Arabella: Marco has a brother?
  • Edward: Four of them, in fact.
  • Arabella: I'm Arabella! I work for Marco.
  • Edward: Is he here?
  • Arabella: No... He spends most of his time fishing.
  • Arabella: I'm so sorry - I'm afraid I need to get back to work.
  • Arabella: I'm all by myself here.
  • Emily: Hey, maybe I could give you a hand while we wait?
  • Emily gives Arabella a hand.


  • They're busy working.
  • Emily: So... You must be pretty busy being the only employee?
  • Arabella: Yes and no...
  • Marco enters the Market. He places the pack.
  • Marco: Edward!
  • Edward's happy to see!
  • Marco: W-What are you doing here?
  • Edward: Well, as you know... Poppa's returned.
  • Marco: Yes, but apparently his memory - and Momma's secret...
  • Marco: ...have not.
  • They're worried.
  • Edward: Regardless, the reunion is back on as planned.
  • Marco: I'll pass. Give Poppa my regards.
  • Marco: Now, if you'll excuse me, brother - the tide waits for no man.
  • Marco tries to leave.
  • Arabella: Marco!
  • Arabella: I made you some dinner.
  • Marco: Thank you, Bella...
  • Marco: ...but I'm afraid there's no time.
  • Arabella: No time? For what?
  • Marco left the market.

Level 22 - A Hasty ExitEdit

Marco comes and goes in a flash, without a thought for what’s in his way. Find every crab!

  • Arabella and Edward gets something from ice.
  • Edward: Does my brother always spend this much time at sea?
  • Arabella: Ever since your father returned, he's been fishing day and night.
  • Edward looks around.
  • Edward: I don't see many fish...
  • Arabella: I said he was fishing, not catching.
  • Arabella: Tell me...
  • Arabella: did you feel when your father came back?
  • Edward: Well, I guess I felt a bit like one of these fish... gutted.
  • Marco enters the market.
  • Marco: Stupid tuna!
  • Marco: They'd rather be eaten by pelicans than die with dignity on a plate!
  • Edward: Marco... We need to talk... About the reunion.
  • Marco: What I NEED to do is beg my fellow fisherman to sell me their extra catch!
  • Marco: … So I don't go out of business!
  • Marco: We'll talk later...
  • Marco left the market, hitting the barrel. Crabs escape!
  • Emily goes back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily finds every crab in the market!


  • Marco enters the market, placing his bag.
  • Emily: Arabella, would you like to join us for dinner?
  • Arabella's happy to join! She leaves for dinner with Emily!
  • Edward: Marco... your business is struggling.
  • Marco: Yes, well... Now you know MY secret.
  • Marco: I suppose you'll be telling everyone?
  • Edward: Of course not.
  • Edward: But why did you lie before? At the restaurant?
  • Marco: You know how father is... Or was...
  • Marco: Besides, I'm still hoping to hear Momma's 'secret for success'
  • Marco: I could sure use it now...
  • Edward: We're a family Marco, we should stick together - help each other.
  • Marco: Oh, you're going to help me now, eh?
  • Marco: So tell me - what did YOU do with your dollar?
  • Edward: Me? Oh, I don't even remember.
  • Edward: You?
  • Marco: A story for another time - right now I'm behind, as usual.

Level 23 - Ghosts From The PastEdit

Even a sea wolf like Marco has weaknesses and regrets.

  • Marco's fishing, while others are busy.
  • Edward: Marco...
  • Edward: ...I wasn't exactly telling you the truth earlier....
  • Edward: ..about the dollar, it is.
  • Marco: I figured...
  • Marco: I spent mine on this rod and reel.
  • Marco and Edward go to market zone.
  • Marco: I had big dreams of owning a chain of seafood restaurants.
  • Marco: Alas, the fish - they had other ideas.
  • Marco tries to leave.
  • Arabella: Marco!
  • Arabella goes to Marco, making angry! She gives something to him!
  • Arabella: Er… um... for luck.
  • Marco leaves the market. Emily goes to Arabella.
  • Emily: Arabella - I know it's none of my business, but are you and Marco together?
  • Arabella: No...
  • Arabella: Marco hardly spends time with anyone anymore...
  • Arabella: He's just never makes the time.


  • Marco enters the market, and he places his bag.
  • Edward: Marco - this reunion is IMPORTANT.
  • Marco: Why? It's not like he even knows who we are.
  • Marco: Hey, maybe that's a good thing, you know?
  • Marco: He might be more pleasant to be around.
  • Edward: Momma would want us to be a family.
  • Marco: Momma would have waited thirty years for him to return.
  • Marco: Me? I have other things to do.
  • Marco: Have fun of your reunion, Edward.
  • Marco leaves the market.

Level 24 - A Cruise For TwoEdit

What better place to talk things out than inside a boat? Prepare lunch for Edward and Marco.

  • Emily enters the market.
  • Edward: Maybe this was a mistake, Emily.
  • Emily: No matter what happens, Dad...
  • Emily: ...getting reacquainted with your brothers is NOT a mistake.
  • Emily: Besides, I have an idea.
  • Emily: Why don't you go fishing with Marco?
  • Emily: IF you're trapped on a boat together, you can talk without him leaving.
  • Edward: I don't know... That means I can't leave either.
  • Emily: I'll pack something special for you - you'll have a nice time, trust me!
  • Edward: I can't leave you two all alone here - who'd clean the tables?
  • Emily: I'll take care of the tables - don't worry about it, Edward.
  • They go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily packs the picnic basket for Edward and Gino fishing.


  • Edward is in the marina boat with Gino, from the docks.
  • Gino: Edward, what are you doing here?
  • Edward: Trying to figure out if I need that round thingy or the oval thingy.
  • Marco: The orange floats are for the trap line.
  • Edward places the things.
  • Marco: Edward... I appreciate this, but fishing isn't a pastime for me...
  • Marco:'s my livelihood. I can't spend all day making small talk.
  • Edward: It's up to you, Marco.
  • Edward: We can stand here and argue all day, or you can take me fishing with you.
  • Edward: The tide is waiting, Marco.
  • Marco: Fine!
  • Edward: Great! Now...
  • Edward: How do we get the worms to sit still while we tie them on the hooks?

Level 25 - Weathering The StormEdit

The sea is so calm and endless, the brothers won’t have a choice but to open up.

  • On the sea, Edward and Marco are on the boat, fishing.
  • Marco: There's nothing biting...
  • Marco: I'm going to move the boat.
  • Edward: We've bene out for thirty minutes and you're moving the boat for the third time already?
  • Edawrd: I'm no expert, but... isn't waiting the whole idea?
  • Marco: You sound like Bella...
  • Edward: Well, then she sounds like a smart person.
  • Marco: 'Then she sounds like a smart person!'
  • Edward: Oh, boy... Here we go.
  • Marco: My name's Edward - I'm a big know-it-all!'
  • Edward: 'I know you are, but what am I!?'
  • Marco: 'I know you are but what am I?!'
  • Edward: Stop copying me.
  • Marco: 'Stop copying me!'
  • Edward: Enough!


  • Back at sea, Edward and Marco are still on the boat, fishing.
  • Edward: Look, I'm sorry I intruded, okay? But as long as we're out here...
  • Edward: ...we might as well make the most of our time together.
  • Marco: Why did you leave for Snuggford, Edward?
  • Edward: It was the land of opportunity, remember?
  • Edward: I thought I'd take over the world, have my own restaurant empire.
  • Edward: Instead I fell in love, raised a family...
  • Marco: Doesn't sound so bad...
  • Edward: What about you? Ever thought of settling down?
  • Marco: Once...
  • Marco: In the end she decided being with a fisherman was 'worse than being alone'.
  • Marco: One day,' she said. 'You'll be lost at sea, just like your father...'
  • Marco: ...and I'd be lost as well... only without you.'
  • Marco: Ironic, eh?

Level 26 - Take The BaitEdit

Arabella opens her heart, but nothing is biting yet…

  • While seagulls eat, Emily enters the market.
  • Emily: You take good care of them.
  • Arabella: They take good care of us, too.
  • Arabella: Sometimes, I think they're half the reason people still shop here...
  • Arabella: Honestly, I envy Pietro and Carmela...
  • Arabella: You never have to be apart when you have wings.
  • Arabella: If your beloved was out at sea, you could join them whenever you wanted.
  • Emily: Why don't you tell Marco how you feel?
  • Arabella: There never seems to be the time...
  • Arabella: He's rarely here, and even when he is, I feel like he's still at sea...
  • Emily: Patience is the wellspring of love and respect.
  • Emily: You DESERVE as much.


  • At the sea, Edward and Marco are still fishing.
  • Marco: Did you ever think that maybe there IS no secret ingredient?
  • Marco: Or maybe there IS, but it didn't help as much as Poppa thinks it did.
  • Marco: He may have been hard on us, but at least he and Momma were happy.
  • There was something!
  • Edward: Marco!
  • Marco: Hold on, let me finish this thought.
  • Marco: Hard work, family - maybe THAT'S the 'secret'.
  • Edward: Marco - you've got something!
  • Marco: You really think so? Well, I've been thinking about it a lot.
  • Marco: No! I mean - you've got a fish on the line!
  • Marco tries to pull the rod.
  • Marco: Argh! Edward, help!
  • Edward helps Marco with it!
  • Marco & Edward: WHOOOOOAAAAA!!
  • The boat rapidly moving!
  • Marco & Edward: WHOOOOOAAAAA!!
  • The boat moves very fast!

Level 27 - Message in a BottleEdit

Sometimes you find insight in the least expected places…

  • At the sea, there was a big catch!
  • Marco: It's... gasp... it's a beast!
  • Marco: Must be... gasp... eighty pounds if it's an ounce!
  • Fishing big
  • Edward" … I need a nap.
  • Edward takes a nap.
  • There was a fish!
  • Marco: Fish on!
  • Edward attempts to pull the fishing rod!
  • The boat is moving!
  • Edward: Aaaggh!
  • MarcoL Pull it in! I'm going!
  • Edward: Don't let go of my feet!
  • Marco pulls Edward.
  • Marco: Just for a second!
  • Edward: NO!
  • Marco & Edward: WHOOOOOAAAAA!!
  • The boat is going off fast!
  • Marco & Edward: WHOOOOOAAAAA!!
  • And it goes off again!
  • Back in Fish Market...
  • Emily: Hey! Where did all this trash come from?
  • Arabella: I don't know, but I guess we should clean it up...
  • They go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily cleans up all the trash in the market!


  • Vito fishes for the trash. Arabella looks for the boat and trash.
  • Vito: Everything alright, miss?
  • Arabella: Oops! Sorry - I didn't see you there...
  • Arabella: … But all this trash looks familiar...
  • Vito: You wouldn't believe what people throw into the ocean these days.
  • Arabella: Things are tough on fisherman.
  • Vito: Oh, it's not all bad... it's all about timing...
  • Vito: ...and knowing what you're looking for...
  • Arabella: I could sure use a little help with that right now...
  • Vito: Well, I found something earlier that might be useful.
  • Vito takes the bottles with or w/o messages.
  • Vito: I've been told some mottles have a message inside...
  • Vito: ...but this bottle has one ON it. Maybe it'll help?
  • Arabella: 'Fresh Orange Juice, Good Things Are Worth Waiting For'
  • Vito: Did it help?
  • Arabella: More than you know!

Level 28 - Two Nice CatchesEdit

he sea is full of fish, but not all of them are worth the same.

  • The boat has arrived. Evelyn and Paige enter the docks.
  • Paige: Grapaaaaaa!
  • Marco: Go on, Edward - I'll take care of the boat.
  • Edward: You sure?
  • Marco: Of course! This isn't the first time I've caught a lot of fish.
  • Marco: And Edward...
  • Marco: ...thank you.
  • Edward goes to Paige, picking up, kiss and places down.
  • Edward, Evelyn and Paige leave the docks.
  • Marco: Holy Mackerel! That's a lot of fish!
  • Marco: I hope Emily and Bella can give me a hand with this!

During the levelEdit

  • Emily hands Marco's deliveries!


  • Arabella and Marco unloads the boat. Vittorio fishing.
  • Vito: That's quite a catch you have there. You should be proud!
  • Marco: Who would have thought that on top of everything I was doing...
  • Marco: of the line gear, sonar, expensive bait...
  • Marco: All it took was a little patience to nab all these fish?
  • Vito: I wasn't talking about the fish.
  • Vito keeps fishing.

Level 29 - The Secret To successEdit

What if the secret to happiness was easier and closer than we think?

  • Arabella does the grill.
  • Edward: Marco? I thought you'd be out on the water by now.
  • Edward: Marco?
  • Marco: Hmm?
  • Marco stands up.
  • Marco: Oh! Edward, I was waiting for you.
  • Marco: I thought we might go out fishing again.
  • Edward: Okay.
  • Marco: Would you excuse me for a moment?
  • Emily enters the market.
  • Mraco: I um... I'm going to hit the water now.
  • Arabella: Okay, good luck.
  • Marco: So... I might be gone a while...
  • Arabella: Mm hmm.
  • Mraco: C'mon, Edward.
  • Edward and Marco leave the market.
  • Emily makes Arabella proud.


  • There was a trash in the beach.
  • Marco: What the-?
  • Marco: Oh, it's you...
  • Vito: Good evening, master fisherman!
  • Marco: Er… yeah... that's me.
  • Vito: Boy, you must be a great success in these parts!
  • Vito: Your father must be so proud!
  • Marco: To be honest, I'm not so sure about either.
  • Vito: What's wrong?
  • Marco: I spent my whole life thinking about the secret to a successful life...
  • Marco: ...and now I'm not so sure if there is one..
  • Vito: I think...
  • Vito: ...the secret to a successful life if yours to discover...

Level 30 - Two To GoEdit

Thank you, Marco and Arabella! Now – time to see what Gino’s been up to!

  • Marco: Thanks for the advice, old man! Good luck with your uh...
  • Marco gives.
  • Marco:
  • Vito gets the bottle. Marco leaves the dock.
  • Vito: At last! That's the last one.
  • Filippo and Balky enter the docks.
  • Filippo: AH=HEM?
  • Vito: Filippo, right?
  • Filippo: How many times are you going to wander off?
  • Filippo: Balky here has been worried sick!
  • Balky: Hee-haw!
  • Vito: Okay, okay - I'll go with you.
  • Vito: Looks like my job here is done. The waters are clear of garbage of last.


  • Edward and Marco enter the market.
  • Edward: Marco - Emily and I are heading off.
  • Edward: We'll be visiting Gino's farm tomorrow.
  • Marco: Oh...
  • Mraco: Look, Edward - about the reunion...
  • Marco: sounds like fun. Count me in.
  • Marco: Actually... it sounds like it could be the perfect moment to share MY secret with you guys...
  • Emily: Great! Should we add a 'plus one' for you?
  • Marco: I'll let you know...
  • Marco goes to Arabella.
  • Edward: Do you think it will work out?
  • Emily: I don't know... Why don't we give them some space to find out?
  • Edward: I'll warn you, Gino will be a tough nut to crack.
  • Emily: We'd better get started then.
  • Emily and Edward now leave Marco's Fish Market.
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