This is the sixth restaurant in Emily's Message in a Bottle.

Level 41 - Welcome to the Vineyard! Edit

After the mud and fleas at the farm, there’s nothing as refreshing as the vineyards.

  • Emily and Edward enter the vineyard.
  • Vinicio: Welcome to my humble little vineyard.
  • Vinicio: What do you think?
  • Emily: It's beautiful, Uncle Vinicio.
  • Bianca: Ahem!
  • Vinicio: Oh!
  • Vinicio: This is my wife, Bianca, and my son Vinicio Jr.
  • Bianca gave a kiss to Emily and Edward.
  • Edward and Vinicio Jr. gave a hug.
  • Vinicio Jr. gave Emily a hug.
  • Edward: My goodness, ho Vinicio Jr. has grown!
  • Emily: Where are Leonardo and Gavino?
  • Bianca: Our older boys are away at school - they send their best wishes.
  • Emily: Oh, too bad. I was hoping I could meet all my cousins.
  • Edward: Well, perhaps they could come to the reunion!
  • Edward: It's er… back on, you know.
  • Vinicio: Make yourself at home while we tend to our customers.
  • Emily: For me - making myself at home means jumping in to help.
  • Bianca is entertainer, Vinicio Jr is the cleaner, Edward leaves the vineyard and Vinicio goes to restocking.


  • Emily: Your vineyard is SO amazing.
  • Emily: I'd love to live like this one day.
  • Bianca: Mmm. Be careful what you wish for...
  • Bianca: ...all that glitters is not gold.
  • Vinicio: OH, Bianca, dear...
  • Vinicio Jr and Paige leave the vineyard.
  • Vinicio: Are you drinking wine from the Galucci's vineyard again?
  • Vinicio: What will our customers think?
  • Bianca: Hopefully, they'll think better than to buy our wine.
  • Vinicio: That WINE paid for those designer shoes you're wearing.
  • Bianca: It tastes like them, too.
  • Bianca pours the wine into the glass.
  • Vinicio: We'll talk about this LATER.
  • Vinicio leaves the vineyard.

Level 42 - Faraway OffspringEdit

Vinicio and Bianca stay together at the vineyard, but not for the same reasons…

  • Emily and Paige enter the vineyard.
  • Bianca: Ciao! You must be Paige.
  • Bianca: Well, you can call me 'Auntie Bianca'.
  • Bianca: I always wanted a girl...
  • Emily: Three boys, that sounds like a handful.
  • Bianca: Well, we're down to just the one now.
  • Bianca: And if Vinnie Jr. is anything like his brothers...
  • Bianca: ...he'll leave to pursue his music the second he turns eighteen...
  • Emily: It must be hard to see them leave the rest.
  • Bianca: Not at all.
  • Bianca: Come with your Auntie Bianca, sweetheart!
  • Paige follows Bianca.
  • Paige: Mommy, mommy, look at this! It's so pretty!
  • Emily: Sure, honey, I'll be there in just a minute!
  • Bianca and Paige leave the vineyard.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily looks after Paige!


  • Bianca: Glass of wine?
  • Emily: I'd love some.
  • Bianca gets glass of wine.
  • Bianca: So, how long have you been married now?
  • Emily: Almost five years... You?
  • Bianca: Twenty-four.
  • Bianca: Should Vinicio Jr. go away to study magic as I hope, we won't make twenty five.
  • Bianca: Vinicio wants him to take over the vineyard, however.
  • Bianca: If he does, my life will be here, with him.
  • Emily: Would you really stay here all that time if you're not happy?
  • Bianca: My children make me happy...
  • Bianca: ...and money makes Vinicio happy...
  • Bianca: you see, we both have something that keeps us here.
  • Emily drinks wine.
  • Bianca: .. Told you, tastes like shoes.

Level 43 - The HeirEdit

Will Vinicio Jr. take over the vineyard? For now, let’s help him find some grapes!

  • While they're working, Bianca enters the vineyard.
  • Bianca: Vinicio, I need to talk to you.
  • Vinicio: Junior! Look how many of the good grapes you have in there!
  • Vinicio Jr.: Poppa-
  • Vinicio: Do you want us to go broke!?
  • Bianca: Enough, Vinicio.
  • Vinicio: He needs to know these things!
  • Bianca: What does it matter - he's going to be a musician!
  • Vinicio: PLEASE. Not now, Bianca!
  • Bianca: You don't have to shout at me, VINI!
  • Vinicio: I'm not shouting. I'M ITALIAN!
  • Vinicio: Your son is about to waste an entire crap of the good grapes!

During the levelEdit

  • Emily finds the wine grapes!


  • Emily, Vinicio Jr and Paige are dancing in the wine!
  • Emily: Oh my, gosh! This is SO much fun!
  • Edward: Brings back memories.
  • Vinicio Jr]: Dancing makes the wine tastes better - watch.
  • Vinicio enters the vineyard to see Wine.
  • Vinicio: Why aren't these grapes in the auto-presser?
  • Vinicio Jr steps off the wine.
  • Edward: Auto-presser? I thought you did everything my hand... Er, foot.
  • Vinicio Jr: No, that's just a story for the label on the bottle.
  • Vinicio Jr: We do things by machine, now.
  • Vinicio Jr: Poppa was able to lay off most of out staff, weren't you Grappa?
  • Vinicio: No one complained when we went to Fiji last year...
  • Vinicio Jr: No - but their certainly complain when they drink the cheap wine we make!
  • Vinicio Jr leaves the vineyard.

Level 44 - Liquid GoldEdit

Wealth doesn’t come for free… does it?

  • Edward goes to Vinicio.
  • Edward: Wine not up to your usual standards?
  • Vinicio: No, it's not.
  • Vinicio: It's up to JUNIOR'S standards.
  • Vinicio: The boy thinks money grows on trees.
  • Edward: Vinicio... Remember when we were young?
  • Edward: You used to talk endlessly about how 'wine was food for the soul'.
  • Vinicio: Boy, we WERE young, weren't we?
  • Vinicio: And poor...
  • Edward: You loved your work.
  • Vinicio: I still do! I love it even more now that it's made me rich.
  • Edward: Vinicio... The reunion... It would mean so much to us-
  • Vinicio: Pfft! Not now, Edward!
  • VInicio: Come, let's take a ride in my new sports car.
  • Edward: A new car? How many have you got?
  • Vinicio: Ha! Just wait until you see my yacht.
  • Edward: Oh, boy! He may have forgotten where he came from...
  • Vinicio leaves the vineyard.
  • Edward: ...but my brother sure is successful.
  • Edward: I've GOT TO find a way to impress Poppa before the reunion...
  • Edward leaves the vineyard and Emily goes back to work.


  • Evelyn, Patrick and Paige enter the vineyard.
  • Patrick quickly gave Emily a hug. Evelyn gave a kiss to Edward.
  • Evelyn: Vinicio, the pictures don't do this place justice.
  • Evelyn: Ooh, to live in a vineyard!
  • Vinicio: Well, funny you should say that - our neighbors are actually selling their vineyard!
  • Bianca: Vinicio, I don't think they're-
  • Vinicio: Only one and a half million!
  • Evelyn: Ha! Is that all?
  • Evelyn: As much as I'd love to, I think we'll stay in Snuggford…
  • Evelyn: ...where the property values are more in line with our next egg.
  • Evelyn: Besides! I'd miss this little one...
  • Evelyn: well as any BROTHERS or SISTERS who might come along.

Level 45 - A Thirsty StrangerEdit

Can you tell the difference between a good wine and a bad one?

  • Vittorio enters the vineyard.
  • Vito: Pardon me - have you seen my friend Balky?
  • Vinicio Jr: What does he look like?
  • Vito: Well... He's tall... Has extremely long ears...
  • Vito: ...and usually carries a lot of mail around.
  • Vinicio Jr: Can't say I have...
  • Vinicio Jr.: … Care for some wine?
  • Vito: Well - I am very thirsty...
  • Vito: ...but I hear you wine tastes like cooking vinegar.
  • Vinicio Jr: Here's some of the good stuff - I made it with my aunt and uncle.
  • Vinicio Jr. pours some wine and gives to Vittorio.
  • Vito drinks the wine.
  • Vito: That was delicious!
  • Vinicio takes the wine.
  • Vinicio: THAT will be ten dollars.
  • Vito: Don't have ten. Would you take five?
  • Vinicio: Ugh, fine.
  • Vito: Can I borrow five bucks?


  • Vinicio Jr: Did you really like our wine?
  • Vinicio: OF course he did - it was free... For HIM.
  • Vito: No, that's not it...
  • Vinicio: And YOU! You'll never learn to run a successful business, will you?
  • Vinicio Jr: Successful? Poppa, people think our wine tastes like dishwater!
  • Vinicio: It's what pays the bills!
  • Vito: It wasn't the rules of oak... Or the peppercorns...
  • Vinicio Jr: I don't care about money!
  • Vinicio: That's because you've never had to worry about it!
  • Vinicio Jr goes away from her father.
  • Vinicio: Where are you going?
  • Vinicio Jr: Away from YOU!
  • Vinicio Jr goes away.
  • Bianca: Idiota!
  • Bianca leaves to get Vinicio Jr.
  • Vinicio: Oh, yeah! Well, two can play at the game!
  • Vinicio leaves the vineyard.
  • Vito: LOVE! That's it - it was made with love!
  • Vito: ...Hello?

Level 46 - A Silver LiningEdit

Help the brothers make good wine again, the old fashioned way… Will it make up for years of neglect?

  • Vinicio: Lousy grifter...
  • Vinicio gets the red grape to the bucket.
  • Edward enters the vineyard.
  • Edward: Vinicio...
  • Vinicio: Can't talk right now, Edward - busy.
  • Edward touches Vinicio while he's busy.
  • Edward: I thought you did this my machine?
  • Vinicio: Yes, well...
  • Vinicio: ...I'm a hack, remember?
  • Vinicio: … What did you spend YOUR dollar on, Edward?
  • Edward: Me?
  • Edward: Oh... Well... I can't actually remember.
  • Vinicio: I bought a presser and a few grapes...
  • Vinicio: ...and out of that, came all of this.
  • Vinicio: Somehow, I still lost more than I gained.
  • Vinicio: Ready for this?
  • Vinicio gets into the bucket, and so does Edward.
  • Vinicio: One...
  • Edward: ...two...
  • Vinicio and Edward: ...three!
  • They're dancing in the wine; suddenly, Edward fell into the bucket!
  • Vinicio fell into the bucket too!
  • Vinicio: I'm sure we'll get the hang of it again, soon.
  • Emily enters the vineyard.
  • Vinicio: Emily - we're gonna need some high quality grapes!
  • Vinicio: Be a dear and bring them here, eh?
  • Now they dance.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily takes the grapes to the Napoli brothers!


  • They dance all night.
  • Vinicio: Hee hee! Watch this, Eduardo!
  • Vinicio: If you were not so sweet -
  • Vinicio: I'd not be so in love with you!
  • Vinicio: The way you talk, way you walk!
  • Edward: The way you talk, way you walk!
  • Vinicio: HEY! HEY! HEY!
  • They dance! Making good wine again!
  • Vinicio: That's how we did it in the old days...
  • Vinicio: ...we didn't have much, but we were happy.
  • Vinicio: That stupid dollar...
  • Emily: Maybe it's not the dollar that caused you to lose your way, Uncle...
  • Emily: Maybe it was the value you gave it?
  • Emily gets the wine to Vinicio.
  • Vinicio tastes the wine.
  • Vinicio: That wine you made... It really is something, isn't it?

Level 47 - Property ValueEdit

Evelyn and Edward feel at home in Napoli. It will be hard to leave… but do they have to?

  • Evelyn: Oh, Edward... I know the circumstances aren't ideal...
  • Evelyn: ...but I LOVE being back in Napoli.
  • Vinicio dances!
  • Evelyn: Paige is so happy here, too!
  • Evelyn: We'll have to take a look at the budget and see when wo can come back.
  • Evelyn gave a kiss to Edward.
  • Evelyn: I'll see you later, dear.
  • Evelyn: I'm going to help Patrick and Francois back at the restaurant.
  • Evelyn leaves the vineyard.
  • Paige leaves too.
  • Edward: Vinicio - do you know a good realtor in town?
  • Vinicio: You're not thinking of buying that vineyard, are you?
  • Edward: No... but there is a property I'd like to ask about.
  • Vinicio: OF course! I'll give you his card.
  • Edward: And, um... let's keep this between you and I, okay?
  • Vinicio: What would I tell? My family hates me.
  • Edward and Vinicio leave the vineyard.


  • Evelyn: There, there... I'm sure Vinnie Jr. will come back.
  • Bianca: No... I know him.
  • Bianca: It's... It what you wanted, right?
  • Bianca: I have no one, now! No one!
  • Bianca keeps crying.
  • Evelyn: Er… um... Emily - would you pour us some wine?
  • Emily gets some wine to Evelyn.
  • Evelyn: Edward, please get off the phone and talk to your sister-in-law!
  • Edward: Just one moment, honey.
  • Bianca: You are so lucky, Evelyn.
  • Bianca: You picked the right brother, that's for sure...
  • Evelyn: Vinicio loves you, Bianca, I'm sure of it.
  • Evelyn: He's just lost sight of what's important.
  • Bianca: Some men get better with age...
  • Bianca: ...some turn to vinegar - like this wine.
  • Bianca tastes the wine.
  • Bianca: This must be from the batch you made with my son.
  • Emily: Er… actually, it's from a batch made by Dad and Uncle Vinicio.

Level 48 - Common RootsEdit

Each generation is nothing but a reflection of what came before.

  • Back in Old Family Restaurant, Edward enters the place.
  • Edward: Vini…
  • Vinicio Jr: I know what you're going to say, Uncle...
  • Vinicio: ...and I appreciate you trying to help, but...
  • Vinicio: don't know what it's like to live under my father's root.
  • Edward and Vinicio Jr get up from the table.
  • Edward: I'm afraid I do, Vinicio.
  • Edward: Your grandfather... I think he has a fear about providing for us...
  • Edward: ...and so, he tried to teach us to provide for ourselves.
  • Edward: It... had a different effect on each of us.
  • Edward: Anyhow, when he disappeared I thought we'd lost our chance to sort that all out.
  • Edward: I'm still not sure we will... but at least now we have a chance.
  • Edward: You never know, son, when you might be robbed of that opportunity.
  • Vinicio Jr: Robbed? How?
  • Edward: Life is unpredictable, Vinicio...
  • Edward: think it's going one way...
  • Edward: ...'til one day, it doesn't.
  • Edward and Vinicio Jr. gave a hug.
  • Vinicio Jr leaves the place.


  • Patrick organizes the flowers while Edward is on call.
  • Edward: Yes, that's right, transfer the full amount.
  • Edward: I'm buying some real estate here in Italy.
  • Edward: Thank you, but I've already contacted a realtor...
  • Edward: ...our house in Snuggford is already on the market.
  • Patrick leaves the place.
  • Edward: So... Ready to come back with me to the vineyard?
  • Vinicio Jr: Uncle Edward...
  • Vinicio Jr: ...did Grandpa Vito ever tell you he was proud of you?
  • Edward: Well... No, but-
  • Vinicio Jr: And do you tell your children that you're proud of them?
  • Edward: Every chance I get.
  • Vinicio Jr: I have never heard my father apply those words...
  • Vinicio Jr: anything other than his vineyard or his bank account.
  • Vinicio Jr: I'm no longer interested in either.
  • Vinicio Jr leaves the place.

Level 49 - Back in Business!Edit

There`s only one thing worse than a restaurant with too few customers… one with too many!

  • Vinicio and BIanca enter the vineyard.
  • Vinicio: Bianca, please...!
  • Bianca: I've made up my mind, Vinicio. Mu son needs me...
  • Vinici8o and Bianca leave while Edward and Evelyn enter the vineyard.
  • Evelyn: Edward, dear, what's the matter?
  • Edward: Hmm?
  • Edward: Oh! Just thinking about Poppa again.
  • Edward: It's nothing... I'm fine - really.
  • Evelyn: Good! Because our financial advisor tried to call me while I was out...
  • Evelyn:'re not playing the stock market again, are you?
  • Edward: What? Er - no, no not at all.
  • Edward: I'll call them back, I'm sure it's nothing.
  • Evelyn: Oh... Okay...
  • Edward: What if we extended our trip?
  • Evelyn: Oh, Edward! That'd be wonderful! For how long?
  • Edward: A long time, perhaps.
  • Evelyn gave a kiss to Edward.
  • Evelyn: Great! I'll do some shopping, then.
  • Evelyn leaves for shopping.
  • The people visit Vinicio Vineyard.
  • "Hey - I heard Vinicio is making good wine again."
  • Edward: Well...

During the levelEdit

  • Emily delivers the quality wine to the customers!


  • Paige has a flower.
  • Paige: Love you, Grampy!
  • Edward: Why thank you, sweetheart!
  • Paige: Put it in the wine!
  • Emily: OH, no Paige. We don't put the flowers in there.
  • Edward: Sure, we do!
  • Vinicio enters the vineyard. He has the wine.
  • Edward puts something into the bucket.
  • Edward: As a matter of fact, sometimes we put little girls in the wine, too!
  • Edward picks Paige up.
  • Edward: One...
  • Edward: ...Two...
  • Edward places Paige down.
  • Edward: ...Three...
  • Edward shakes Paige.
  • Paige: Do it! Do it!
  • Edward shakes Paige.
  • A new wine recipe
  • Edward puts Paige down.
  • Vinicio: Love... The only 'secret' ingredient you need...

Level 50 - The Secret Of A Good WineEdit

Just as grapes take time to become good wine, family needs attention to prosper.

  • Vinicio: Edward...
  • Vinicio: ...I'm shutting down the vineyard for a while, starting tomorrow.
  • Edward: Where are you going, Vinicio?
  • Vinicio: I put my work, money - nearly everything before my family.
  • Vinicio: I closed off my heart and drove them off - one by one...
  • Vinicio: It's no wonder our wine tasted terrible.
  • Emily: It's not too late, Uncle Vinicio.
  • Vinicio shook his head 'yes'.
  • Edward: I tried speaking to Junior... I'm afraid I let you down, Vinicio.
  • Vinicio: No...
  • Vinicio: ...if anything, I wish I would have followed your example a long time ago.
  • Edward and Vinicio leave the vineyard.


  • Edward: Good luck, Vinicio.
  • Emily: So, what's the plan?
  • Vinicio: I'm going to start over - as a husband, a father...
  • Vinicio: ...and only lastly as a winemaker...
  • Emily: A toast, then...
  • Emily: Vinicio! Let love be his guide in all he does!
  • Vinicio: Oh, and you can tell Poppa I'll see him at the reunion!
  • Vinicio leaves his vineyard.
  • The phone call received a call!
  • Evelyn: Hello? Yes...
  • Evelyn: What do you mean our account's overdrawn?
  • Evelyn: But I just checked it two days ago, there was plenty of-
  • Evelyn: HE DID WHAT?
  • Evelyn hangs up!
  • Evelyn: EDWARD!!!
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