This is the sixth restaurant in Emily's Hopes and Fears. During Patrick's journey, Emily saves flowers and suddenly, Paige was unable to breathe! This is Patrick's end-of-line!

Level 51 - Ecstatic, Ecstatic, Ecstatic!

  • The monks assemble.
  • Monk: The Foxfire is especially bright for this time of year... change is coming.
  • Little monk looks at the door.
  • Little Monk: Bah... you say that every year.
  • Little Monk: I forget... is it over under? Or under over?
  • Monk: Uh... I think I've been doing under over.
  • Little Monk: Dangit! We keep undoing each other's work!
  • Little Monk: Why does the High Priest need a rope anyway?!
  • Patrick: *Knock! Knock! Knock!*
  • Little Monk: I'll get it.
  • Little Monk opens the door. Patrick's freezing!
  • Little Monk: Can't you read the sign? No solicitors!
  • Little monk shuts the door.
  • Little Monk: Now, where were we?
  • Little Monk: What'd he say?
  • Monk: I think he's selling flour!
  • Little Monk: Flour, eh? Hmm... it is the High Priest's birthday soon, might be nice to make him a real cake for once.
  • Little Monk: Let's have him come in and throw out. It's almost lunch, anyhow.
  • Monk is very ecstatic! Now little monk lets Patrick come in!
  • Patrick fell down!
  • The monk carries Patrick inside.
  • Then Patrick continues shaking.
  • End of the line


  • Patrick: P-p-p-lease I-I need to s-s-speak with s-s-someone in ch-ch-charge.
  • Monks go to Patrick.
  • Little Monk: That'd be the High Priest. DO you have an appointment?
  • Patrick: Y-y-you l-l-live in the m-m-most isolated c-c-cornet of the p-p-planet.
  • Patrick: Y-y-you have n-n-no ph-ph-phone... no m-m-mail. No-no-internet.
  • Patrick: H-h-how w-w-w-ould I-U-U m-m-make an a-p-p-pointment?
  • Little Monk: Figures. No appointment.
  • Little Monk: Anyhow, the High Priest is in a meditative france, but he'll be out of it soon.
  • Monk: Should only be another month or so!
  • Patrick: A m-m-month?!
  • Little Monk: Just get him some soup, he'll come to his senses by morning.
  • Little monk leaves the place, while the monk makes a soup for Patrick.
  • After serving, the Monk leaves the place.

Level 52 - Wake Up Sleepyhead!

  • Little Monk: Hey, Flour Guy - time to wake up.
  • Monk: Forget it. A deep sleep like that? He's not waking up for days.
  • Little Monk: Oh, yeah? I'll bet you an hour of prayer wheel time I can wake him up today.
  • Monk: I don't know... that's a lot of Karma...
  • Monk: Okay! You're on!
  • They go back to work.

During the level

  • Little monk tries to wake up Patrick.


  • Little monk does a kick to Patrick, waking up.
  • Patrick cleans his eyes.
  • Little Monk: Ha! Told you I could do it.
  • Patrick: Oh, no - how long have I been out?
  • Little Monk: Just most of the day... here.
  • Little Monk gives the box to Patrick.
  • Patrick: What is it?
  • Monk: Our Master wanted you to have it - he says he knew you'd be coming.
  • Little Monk: Yeah, yeah - he always saying stuff like that.
  • Little Monk: Anyhow, whatever it is I'm sure it's exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Little Monk: He's good with stuff like that.
  • Little Monk: So, looks like you'll be on your way, eh?
  • Patrick: I don't think so...
  • Patrick: Where's the key?

Level 53 - Lost Me Keys

  • Patrick tires to unlock the box.
  • Little Monk: You know, considering you only have like three possessions...
  • Little Monk: You're remarkably bad at keeping track of them.
  • Monk: The reason I can't find the key is 'cause you never gave it to me!
  • Little Monk: Yes, I did!
  • Monk: No, you didn't!
  • Patrick places the box down.
  • Patrick: Guys, please, enough!
  • Patrick: The cure to my daughter's illness may be in here.
  • Patrick: The key has to be here somewhere, let's just find it.
  • Patrick leaves.

During the level

  • The monk find the keys for Patrick.


  • Patrick: I can't believe my journey's at an end...
  • Patrick: ...and not a moment too-
  • Patrick opens the box.
  • Patrick: Is this supposed to be a joke?
  • Patrick closes and throws the box!
  • Monk: Gee, the Big Guy usually always right about these things...
  • Patrick: I need to speak with him right away!
  • Little Monk: We're not supposed to disturb him...
  • Little Monk: ...but seeing as how it's for your daughter, we'll make an exception.

Level 54 - Open Sesame...

  • Patrick: What do you mean he won't see me!?
  • Monk: I'm sorry - he... he just won't.
  • Little Monk: He's an eccentric guy - most High Priests are.
  • Patrick: Fine! I'll go the flower myself!
  • Little Monk: Look - I don't know what you heard, but there are no flowers anywhere around here.
  • Monk: You can't go out there - it's even colder than when you arrived.
  • Patrick tries to open the door.
  • Patrick: Stuck.

During the level

  • Patrick tries to open the door.


  • Patrick opens the door on the last attempt.
  • Little Monk: We gotta stop him!
  • The door is open!
  • The monks shut the door.
  • Little Monk: There's a storm out there. You'll never make it!
  • Patrick: My mind's made up.
  • Monk: Er... If you stay we'll make you some delicious mung bean casserole!
  • Little Monk: Look, you can't go out there! You'll-
  • Patrick opens the door again!
  • Head monks goes to warn them.
  • Head Monk: FREEZE!

Level 55 - Rope?

  • Patrick gets a family card.
  • Patrick: THIS is my daughter, Paige.
  • Patrick: THIS is the reason I'm here.
  • Patrick: I know the flower I'm after exists, my grandfather wrote about it in his journal.
  • Patrick: I'm not leaving without it.
  • Head Monk: Better get him some robes then.
  • Head Monk: By the way - did you two finish that rope?
  • Little Monk: Er... almost, Oh Enlightened One.
  • Patrick: What does that have to do with anything?
  • Head Monk: Well, then - you know what to do.
  • Little Monk and Monk: Yes, Great Teacher!
  • Head Monk and Patrick leave the place.

During the level

  • Little monk finishes the rope.


  • Patrick: Look, guys, no offense but I don't see how this helps...
  • Patrick: I look like a potato.
  • Patrick looks.
  • Little Monk: Not at all, you look great!
  • Monk: Cutting edge of monk fashion, I assure you!
  • Monk: It also allows you to help perform tasks in the monastery, instead of letting us do all the work!
  • Monk and Little Monk leave the place.
  • Head monk goes to Patrick, giving a box.
  • Patrick: What's this? Another caterpillar?
  • Head Monk: Do you know why this monastery was built?
  • Head Monk: Occasionally, even monks lose their way, seduced by material comforts of the modern world.
  • Head Monk: They are sent here, to live simply, to recommit to our order...
  • Head Monk: learn to appreciate what they have instead of getting caught up in the disease of more.
  • Patrick: PLEASE, my daughter - I don't know how much time she has left.
  • Head Monk: No one does, Patrick.
  • Head Monk: That is why, if we want to change the future, we must focus on the present - not the past.
  • Head Monk leaves.
  • Patrick: The flower!
  • Patrick: I need that FLOWER!
  • Patrick throws the box.

Level 56 - Can't Hold Their Ale...

  • Patrick: Please, no more riddles!
  • Patrick: If you have the flower - just hand it over.
  • Patrick: I'll do anything for it. ANYTHING.
  • Patrick: If you don't have it - just tell me and I'll leave!
  • Patrick: Please, I might lose my daughter!
  • Head Monk: Perhaps you have already lost her.
  • Patrick: No! I won't believe it!
  • Head Monk: One MUST learn to appreciate what one HAS before time makes you appreciate what you HAD.
  • Head Monk leaves. Patrick works on his own.


  • Patrick: Look - if you're not going to help me find the flower, no problem.
  • Patrick: I'll find it myself. Just open the gates.
  • Head Monk: Where will you go? How will you know where to look? You need guidance!
  • Patrick: You're saying my grandfather had help?
  • Head Monk: Everyone has help, if they look for it...
  • Head Monk: ...but I'm afraid that neither I nor my monks have the knowledge you seek...
  • Head Monk: We can't help you, Patrick.
  • Patrick: What- what are you saying?
  • Patrick: That I'll never find the flower? That there's no hope?
  • Head Monk: I am sorry - there is nothing you can do right now.
  • Patrick: I... I promised my daughter... I...
  • Patrick: I promised PAIGE! I promised my baby girl!
  • Patrick knees down and knocks down!
  • Patrick: No, no, no, no, NOOOO!
  • Patrick keeps knocking down and began to cry.
  • Monk: Master, isn't there anything we can do?
  • Head Monk: Indeed there is. Have you finished the rope?
  • Little Monk: Er... yes, yes we did, Great Teacher.
  • Little Monk: It was uh... most enlightening, wasn't it, Gerald?
  • Monk: Oh, yes! Yes, it was! What else may we be helpful with, Oh Erudite One?

Level 57 - A Bonus For Efficiency

  • Patrick: I need to get back to my daughter. Open the gates.
  • Head Monk: Are you giving up so soon?
  • Patrick: You said NO ONE knows how to find the flower.
  • Head Monk: Not by themselves, no.
  • Patrick: I need to try anyway - for Paige.
  • Patrick: Please - open the gate...
  • Patrick: Please...
  • Head Monk: You are more stubborn than any novice monk I have ever seen.
  • Head Monks runs away. Patrick kicks the box!
  • Patrick sits alone.


  • Head Monk goes to Patrick.
  • Head Monk: You refuse to understand, don't you?
  • Head Monk takes Patrick's picture, Paige, and throws into the fire. And it burns.
  • Patrick: NO! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!
  • Patrick: That was the only photo I had of her with me!
  • Patrick: The last photo I took of her before she got sick!
  • Patrick: WHY?!
  • Patrick cries again.
  • Patrick: Why didn't I spend more time with her when I could?
  • Patrick: Why didn't I sell the stupid flower shop after Emily went back to work?
  • Patrick: Why didn't I just stay home where I could be with her when she...
  • Patrick: When she... SOB!
  • Head Monk: Perhaps you do understand after all...
  • Head Monk leaves.

Level 58 - Candy Corn Cure

  • Little Monk: So... er... Patrick. How about a game of ping pong?
  • Little Monk: This place has a pretty nice rec room believe it or not.
  • Monk: Would you like something to eat?
  • Monk: I can smuggle in some candy corn if you'd like?
  • Little Monk: You can?
  • Patrick slowly walks away.

During the level

  • Little monk finds the candy corn.


  • Patrick slowly enters. They go to Patrick.
  • Little Monk: Er... Patrick?
  • Litlte Monk: Can we get you anything? Do anything for you?
  • Patrick: He's wrong you know...
  • Patrick: ...I knew what I had...
  • Patrick: ...I just never thought I'd lose it.
  • Head Monk: The key lies with you, Patrick.
  • Head Monk leaves a box to Patrick. Then Master leave.

Level 59 - YOU LOST THE ROPE?!

  • Patrick has a key.
  • He opens the box, then there's butterfly going to the trail.
  • Patrick: Come on, little fella - lead me to that flower.
  • Patrick picks up the bag.
  • Patrick: Alright, let's go little guy!
  • Patrick: Look guys, I really appreciate everything you've done...
  • Patrick: ...but I don't know how far I'm going to have to follow this thing...
  • Patrick
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