This is the second restaurant in Emily's Hopes and Fears. Upon Paige's disease, there ere no clue but fever upon Allison and John check with Paige.

Level 11 - Try to fix the phoneEdit

  • Upon arriving at the Lumber Mill, the bike breaks down.
  • Patrick: ARRRRGHHH!
  • Patrick: This can't be happening! Not now!
  • Patrick: Hello? HELLOOO!
  • Patrick: Wait! If it wasn't for mobile...
  • Patrick searches for phone inside.
  • Patrick: …phones! My phone! I lost it!
  • Patrick: Great - it must have fallen out of my pocket when I hit that hay pile...
  • Patrick: …or maybe when I fell in the creek.
  • Patrick looks.
  • Patrick: Aha! A pay phone!
  • Patrick: I better call Emily and check in.
  • Patrick tries to call Emily.
  • Someone looks at Patrick!
  • "Hey, you!"
  • "Flapjacks!"
  • Patrick: First off - I have a name. Also, I don't work here.
  • "Flapjacks!"
  • Patrick: Listen, I told you, I don't work here and... WHOA!
  • He grabs Patrick!
  • "Flapjacks!"
  • Patrick: Okay, FINE.
  • Patrick serves to a customer...

During the levelEdit

  • Patrick tries to fix the pay phone.


  • "Hey, Cookie! More flapjacks!"
  • "More bacon!"
  • "How about some orange slices cut in the shapes of flowers?"
  • "Er… I just thought it would break up the routine, you know?"
  • Patricj: If you want anything else, get it yourself. I'm calling my wife.
  • The lumberjacks get themselves. Patrick tries to call Emily.
  • Patrick: What the-?
  • Patrick: Great! No dial tone!
  • Patrick: Hey can any of you guys help me fix-
  • Patrick: …this thing?
  • Patrick: HELLO? ANYONE?
  • Patrick kicks the bike. There's a photo of Emily and Paige!
  • Patrick picks up a photo.
  • Patrick: I'm so sorry, girls... I'll find a way to call home, I promise.
  • Patrick wears his jacket and keeps looking.
  • Patrick takes a nap.
  • Back at Paige's bedroom night...
  • Emily: I'm so worried, Mom - he hasn't called.
  • Evelyn: If he hasn't called it's because he CAN'T call.
  • Evelyn: Right now all we can do is be here for Paige until she gets better.
  • Evelyn: Patrick will be just fine.
  • Emily cries.
  • Evelyn gave Emily a hug.

Level 12 - A Whole Lotta MilesEdit

  • Meet Rusty.
  • Rusty pushes Patrick to wake up.
  • Rusty: Got in early, did you Mack?
  • Patrick: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
  • Patrick: Hey, watch it lady! You almost poked my eye out!
  • Patrick: Er… um... not that I'd complain about having one, I mean, it's not ideal but...
  • Rusty: Knock off the pity party, son - where's Mack?
  • Patrick takes off his jacket.
  • Patrick: Who?
  • Rusty: Mack of course! Who else?
  • Rusty: Did Mack talk you into driving the wood truck this week?!
  • Patrick: Wait - this "Mack" has a truck?
  • Rusty: Only truck around here that can handle the logging roads.
  • Rusty: Was expecting Mack to stop by yesterday before going up north.
  • Patrick: Listen, I could REALLY use a ride up north...
  • Patrick: …how about I lend a hand until this "Mack" gets here?
  • Rusty: Well... around here they say...
  • Rusty: …good things happen when you meet strangers...
  • Rusty: …but just so you know - I've got my eye on you.
  • Rusty leaves the inner mill.


  • Patrick looks around.
  • Patrick: Er… when was Mack supposed to be here?
  • Rusty: End of fall.
  • Patrick: Er… I don't suppose you can be more specific?
  • Rusty: You know you're pretty anxious for a stranger - what's your rush?
  • Patrick: Listen - I REALLY need to make a call.
  • Rusty: Good luck, that phone never worked a day in its life.
  • Rusty: Kinda like Mack.
  • Patrick: How do you live without a phone
  • Rusty: You can't miss what you never had.
  • Rusty leaves.
  • Patrick: Please, Mack... wherever you are... just get here.

Level 13 - Could You Fix My Bike?Edit

  • Patrick watches the clock.
  • Patrick: Still no Mack...
  • Rusty: Tell me, just where are you headed in such dawg-gone hurry?
  • Patrick: It's my daughter, Paige... she's sick, real sick.
  • Patrick: There's something up north, way far, that might help her.
  • Rusty: Might? That's a heck of dangerous place to be this time of year.
  • Patrick: I've GOT to try.
  • Patrick: I couldn't live with myself if I didn't and... and...
  • Patrick: …
  • The lumberjacks go to bike.
  • "Ha! Check it out Rusty - some idiot tried to take the lagging roads on a motorcycle!"
  • Patrick: Ahem. That's MY bike.
  • "Oh... sorry."
  • "Say, if you're having trouble you should ask around."
  • "...a few of the guys around here might be able to help you fix it."
  • They head to restaurant, and Rusty leaves.

During the level; 1st askEdit

  • Patrick: Do you know how to fix bikes?
  • "Nope..."

2nd askEdit

  • Patrick: I guess you don't know how to fix my bike either?
  • "You guessed right, pal..."

3rd askEdit

  • Patrick: Could you take a look at my bike?
  • He takes a look at his bike.
  • "Nice bike..."

4th askEdit

  • Patrick: Is there a garage for my bike somewhere?
  • "Yeah. a million miles THAT way..."

5th askEdit

  • Patrick: Have you, by any chance, been to bike fixing school?
  • "Yeah, though I never paid any attention..."

6th askEdit

  • Patrick: Does anyone know how to fix my bike?
  • "Hey now that's a pretty essential question here, buddy..."

7th ask (Unknown)Edit

Final askEdit

  • Patrick: You're my last resort, do you know how to fix my bike?
  • "I'm sorry pal, I guess you're stuck here..."


  • Rusty enters.
  • Patrick: That settles it - no one here knows a thing about bikes.
  • Rusty: Listen - Mack ain't always on time, that that wood truck always comes.
  • Patrick: Time is the essence here. I've GOT to get up north.
  • Rusty: Well, you got your reasons, that's for sure.
  • Rusty: You know... I've been runnin' this hash house for twenty years.
  • Rusty: As fired up as I've been to leave, I ain't never done it.
  • Patrick: You've NEVER left the lumber camp?
  • Rusty: Not since my accident.
  • Patrick: Oh...
  • Patrick: Er… do you want to talk about it?
  • Rusty: I uh... I can't right now... I think I hear someone callin' for me.
  • Rusty leaves away.
  • Patrick: Wait, Rusty...
  • Patrick: …I'm sorry.

Level 14 - Quick BonusesEdit

  • Patrick tries to fix the bike.
  • Patrick: Dang it! I wish I never laid eyes on this stupid thing!
  • Rusty enters.
  • Rusty: I had an accident with a bandsaw...
  • Rusty: …I was young, headstrong...
  • Rusty: Okay, MORE headstrong...
  • Rusty: I ignored every safety rule in the book, including wearing goggles...
  • Rusty: …the chain slipped and I lost my eyesight.
  • Rusty: I only stay around to run this place 'cause if it weren't for the smell of fresh cut wood I might go crazy.
  • Emily: I'm sorry - that must've been hard.
  • Rusty: Not nearly as hard as not being able to see my daughter grow up.
  • Patrick: You have a daughter, too?
  • Someone mentions.
  • "Who else is in the mood for flapjacks?!"
  • "Woo hoo! Yeah!"
  • They leave.


  • Rusty enters.
  • Patrick: I'm sorry I let you down, Paige.
  • Rusty: You ain't licked yet.
  • Patrick: Oh, jeez - sorry!
  • Rusty: Don't sweat it, kid. I got folks up here known me twenty years and forget.
  • Rusty: Why don't you close your eyes and describe her to me?
  • Patrick: Well... she has my wife's button nose... her grandma's red hair... ocean blue eyes... freckles...
  • Patrick: I guess you can say she reminds me of a flower.
  • Rusty: Sounds like the second most beautiful little girl in the world...
  • Patrick: What do you mean SECOND MOST?
  • Rusty: Besides my daughter of course.

Level 15 - Collecting StuffEdit

  • Patrick reads the journal.
  • Patrick: Oh, to heck with this!
  • Patrick: My grandfather didn't need a truck to head up north and neither do I!
  • Patrick walks to a bike.
  • Patrick: Rusty, I've made a-
  • Patrick: You- you have a truck?
  • Rusty: What? That old thing?
  • Patrick: Why didn't you say anything? You KNEW why I had to get up north?!
  • Rusty: Now hold on, Patrick. That truck hasn't been driven in twenty years!
  • Patrick opens the truck trunk. He gets...
  • Patrick: Sigh... I'm never going to get up north, am I?
  • Rusty: Like I said before -
  • Rusty: Knock off the pity party!
  • Rusty pokes Patrick again.
  • Rusty: You need to get north - your daughter needs help and you have two good feet!
  • Patrick: By gosh, you're right!
  • Patrick and Rusty gave a hug.
  • Patrick gets back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Patrick collects his stuff.


  • Rusty enters.
  • Patrick: I'm off, Rusty. Thank you... for everything.
  • Rusty: Good luck, kid.
  • Rusty and Patrick hug.
  • Patrick is off.
  • Rusty walks to the truck.
  • Rusty: Stupid thing - missed your chance to get out this clump.
  • Rusty: Now it's just you and me... ALONE.
  • The lumber truck arrives.
  • Mack arrives.
  • Rusty: Mack!
  • Meet Mack, Rusty's daughter.
  • Mack and Rusty gave a hug.
  • Rusty: 'Bout time! I was about to call the sheriff!
  • Mack: C'mon, Mom!
  • Mack: You truing to get that old pick up running again?
  • Rusty: Hmm?
  • Rusty: Oh- no, I just had a stranger clean out the squirrels.
  • Mack picks up Patrick's journal.
  • Mack: What's this?
  • Mack: Someone's journal - looks old.
  • Rusty: Oh, no! Patrick forgot his journal!

Level 16 - Healthy DayEdit

  • Patrick enters.
  • Rusty: Patrick!
  • Rusty: Mack here has your journal.
  • Patrick has his journal.
  • Mack: Hi there, handsome!
  • Mack takes off his hat. She's a girl!
  • Mack is a girl?!
  • Patrick: Mack... Mack is a girl?
  • Rusty: Of course - what'd you think?
  • Patrick: Nevermind.
  • Patrick: Mack! I need to hitch a ride up north - it's life or death!
  • Mack: I'm sorry, Patrick. I can't.
  • Mack: The lakes up north ain't froze as thick as they used to be.
  • Mack: My rig would bust right through.
  • Patrick: Oh, this can't be happening!
  • Mack: Tell you what though...
  • Mack: That hog of yours just might make it across.
  • Mack: I can take a look-see if you want.
  • Patrick: Great! But uh... don't feel bad if you can't do it.
  • Patrick: I mean... I'm pretty much a gearhead and I couldn't get it running.
  • Rusty and Mack leave.


  • Mack begins to fix the bike.
  • Mack: Well, the good news is, I can ix it.
  • Mack: The bad news - it'll take some time.
  • Patrick: How long? My daughter REALLY needs this.
  • Mack: Not sure... shouldn't be too long.
  • Patrick: That... that scar you have...
  • Mack: She told you about the accident, don't she?
  • Patrick: Some of it...
  • Mack: My mom is really stuck in the past.
  • Mack: Yeah, I got hurt, but I recovered - my mom lost her eyesight.
  • Mack: Ever since then she's clinged to this place - too scared to move on.
  • Mack: I guess it make sense - it's the only place she knows like the back of her head.
  • Mack: I haven't told my mom yet, but this is my last run.
  • Mack: If she doesn't come back to the city with me...
  • Mack: …I may not be seeing her for a LONG time.

Level 17 - Find The Tools!Edit

  • Rusty and Mack are working on it. Patrick enters.
  • Patrick spotted a blue flower. He picked up.
  • Rusty: Sniff! Sniff! What's that?
  • Patrick: Nemophila Menziesii - or baby blue eyes as it's commonly known.
  • Patrick: It's one of the most shade-tolerant flowers in the world...
  • Patrick: …and one of the most beautiful, even though it almost never sees sunlight.
  • Rusty: Describe it to me...
  • Patrick: Well... it's got only five petals, a thin stem, white carpels and stamens...
  • Patrick: Here... take it.
  • Rusty cleans the glasses.
  • Rusty: Sorry, I don't know what came over me.
  • Mack: Hey, you gonna yap all day with that old buzzard?
  • Mack: …or are ya' gonna pick up a wrench and help me out?
  • Patrick gets back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Patrick hands Mack her tools.


  • Patrick: I'm telling you, Rusty - there are flower meadows for miles between here and the city.
  • Patrick: You wouldn't BELIEVE the frogrances they give off.
  • Rusty: You tryin' to tell me somethin'?
  • Patrick: Rusty, look - remember how I said that I could've stayed in Snuggford?
  • Patrick: I could have stayed with my daughter... but would've risked losing her as well.
  • Rusty: What's that got to do with the price of tea in China?
  • Patrick: If you cling to this place much longer Rusty...
  • Patrick: …you're going to lose your daughter, too.
  • Patrick: She's ready to move on... trust me.
  • Rusty: I- I just can't see it like that...
  • Mack paused working.
  • Mack: Ain't got her figured out, yet but I will, I promise.
  • Patrick: I know you will, Mack.
  • Patrick: I just hope it's in time...

Level 18 - Stocking ProductsEdit

  • Mack goes to her mom.
  • Mack: Ma, we gotta talk.
  • Mack: Guy is folding up shop - this is my last delivery.
  • Rusty: Well where the heck am I gonna get my firewood?
  • Mack: Ma - there is no more wood up here!
  • Mack: This place has been overcut for years!
  • Mack: What few loggers are too stubborn or too stupid to leave are gonna be out in the cold!
  • Rusty: This place has been our home for twenty years!
  • Mack: Your home, Ma!
  • Patrick enters.
  • Rusty: You could stay!
  • Mack: You could leave!
  • Patrick: Er… um... after you fix my bike, right?
  • Rusty and Mack: YES!!!
  • Mack leaves.
  • Rusty: Ain't that somethin'...
  • Rusty: Patrick wants to leave but can't and an old tool who SHOULD want to leave but won't.


  • Rusty enters.
  • Patrick: Grab some bears, Rusty - we're going on a road trip!
  • Rusty: You lose your marbles, son?
  • Patrick opens the truck door.
  • Rusty: You got bush fever, kid? I told ya this truck ain't worked in years.
  • Patrick: Just trust me, okay?
  • Rusty enters the truck.
  • Patrick enters the truck.
  • Rusty: Sniff! Sniff!
  • Rusty: Ol' baby green eyes, eh?
  • Patrick: Hey, it beats those pine scent air fresheners.
  • Rusty: Well, what now?

Level 19 - Start The BikeEdit

  • Patrick: Se when did you first come here - what time of year was it?
  • Rusty: Spring... Why? What does it matter?
  • Patrick: Take me back here, what do you remember?
  • Rusty: I... I remember trees everywhere - so thick you couldn't walk between them without going sideways.
  • Rusty: They covered everything - far as the eye could see...
  • Patrick: What else?
  • Rusty: Hills... bigger than I'd ever seen, and... and...
  • Rusty: Flowers!
  • Patrick: Uh-huh. I saw them too...
  • Patrick: …reds, whites, yellas [1]. So bright they were like-
  • Rusty: Fireworks. That's why they reminded me of.
  • Rusty: At that moment it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen...
  • Patrick: They're still out there, Rusty... you may not be able to see them, exactly...
  • Patrick: …but the fragrance, the way they feel... it's all still out there.
  • Mack enters.
  • Rusty: Sorry, I don't know what came over me.
  • Mack: Okay, you love birds. Time for Patrick to help me start that hog.
  • Patrick leaves the truck.

During the levelEdit

  • Patrick gets to kick start the bike to make it run.


  • Mack puts the final touches to bike repairs.
  • Mack: Sorry, Patrick - I did everything I could think of.
  • Patrick: Forget it, Mack.
  • Patrick: Apparently fate just doesn't want me to help my daughter!
  • Patrick: I can't get home! I can't get up north!
  • Patrick kicks the hog!
  • Patrick: ARRRRGHHH!
  • Patrick kicks the hog again! It started!
  • Back in Paige's bedroom at night...
  • Pagie: Mommy! Mommy!
  • Emily: What is it, Pumpkin? Are you okay?
  • Paige: I dreamed that Daddy found the flower!
  • Paige: Is Daddy home?
  • Emily: Soon, Pumpkin - soon.

Level 20 - Running OutEdit

  • After Patrick setup the bike, Patrick looks at memory picture.
  • Patrick: I'll see you soon, Pumpkin.
  • Patrick puts away the memory.
  • Mack enters.
  • Mack: Hey, Patrick - you seen my ma?
  • Mack: Figured I'd say goodbye.
  • Patrick: Me too...
  • Patrick: Well, I've waited this long, I suppose an hour or two won't make a difference.


  • Patrick's ready to leave.
  • Patrick: Well, I feel bad for leaving without thanking your mom...
  • Patrick: …but I've got to go.
  • Mack: No worries, Patrick. Good luck out there.
  • Mack gave Patrick a hug.
  • Patrick: Thanks for fixing my bike, Mack!
  • Mack: Hey! Don't forget to bring a gas can - ain't no gas stations where you're going.
  • Rusty enters for delivery.
  • Rusty: I carved this, for your daughter.
  • Patrick keeps it.
  • Patrick gave Rusty a final hug before leaving.
  • Rusty: Thanks for opening my eyes, Patrick.
  • Rusty: Well, don't just stand here, Mack - load my stuff on the rig!
  • Mack: You fer real?
  • Rusty: Hurry, before I change my mind.
  • Patrick wears a jacket and helmet and about to leave.
  • Patrick: Good luck, you two! Don't forget to visit Snuggford!
  • Rusty and Mack: Stay warm! Good luck!
  • Patrick now leaves the Lumber Mill. Rusty looks at gas can.
  • Rusty: Poor sap left behind has gas can, didn't he?
  • Mack: Yep.
  • Rusty: Oh, well... he'll find a way.
  • Mack: How can you be so sure?
  • Rusty: Because his little girl is counting on him.


  1. Yellows (Dandelions)
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