This is the fourth restaurant in Emily's Hopes and Fears.

Level 31 - QUICKLY!Edit

  • Patrick walks slowly because he's cold.
  • Patrick: Fell... through... the ice...
  • Tapeesa carries Patrick.
  • Patrick is inside the hut.
  • Tapeesa: HOW did you get here?
  • Tapeesa: We have not seen a qallunaat like you in years.
  • Patrick: Flower...
  • Patrick fell down to sit.
  • Tapeesa puts the blanket on Patrick.


  • Patrick: Where am I?
  • Tapeesa: Ipasak… you fell through the ice. You're lucky to be alive.
  • Patrick: Ipasak!... I read about this place in my grandfather's journal.
  • Patrick: I have to get out of here... I'm on a mission...
  • Patrick tries to get up, but he can't.
  • Patrick: Oof!
  • Tapeesa: Even the mighty eagle cannot soar until it has slept.
  • Patrick: Water was so-so-so cold...
  • Patrick: N-n-never want to feel anything that c-c-cold again... It f-f-feels like a th-th-thousand knives...
  • Tapeesa puts a blanket to Patrick. He's still shaking.
  • Tapeesa leans on Patrick.

Level 32 - Patrick's StuffEdit

  • One person leaves the hut after taking the Jacket.
  • Chief: I do not like having a qallunaat in this sacred place.
  • Tapeesa: Father... this man is very sick...
  • Tapeesa: He has the Ilguk in him... if he is not cleansed I am afraid he will die.
  • Chief: Hmph! Most cheechakos do not have what it takes to go on a vision quest...
  • Chief: …but it will be as you say.
  • Chief: Come... the smoke is not good for nutaralak.
  • Chief and Tapeesha leave the hut after set a fire.
  • Patrick: Cough! Cough!
  • Patrick: Wha- what's that?
  • There was a golden flower.
  • Paige comes into the dream.
  • Paige: Daddy!
  • Patrick: Paige?!
  • Emily appears into the dream.
  • Patrick: Emily!
  • Emily: Come home, Patrick. We need you!
  • Patrick: I can't yet, Emily! I have to find the flower for Paige.
  • Lovely hallucinations
  • Patrick: Paige! You look all better, Pumpkin!
  • Patrick gave a hug to Emily and Paige.
  • Emily: Patrick!
  • Emily: Patrick! Patrick!
  • Then disappeared form the dream and Tapeesa is here.
  • Tapeesa: Patrick! It's me, Tapeesa.

During the levelEdit

  • Tapeesa collects Patrick's stuff.


  • Patrick walks slowly.
  • Patrick: Water!
  • Tapeesa delivers water to Patrick.
  • Patrick: Tapeesa, right? Thank you...
  • Tapeesa: You remembered my name.
  • Patrick: You saved my life.
  • Tapeesa: You fell through the ice...
  • Tapeesa: That's because more and more common here for some reason.
  • Patrick: Global warming.
  • Tapeesa: Is there global warming where you are from?
  • Patrick: Yes... but we don't live on the ice… so it just gets hot...
  • Tapeesa: I would like my baby to grow up somewhere warm.
  • Patrick: You're pregnant.
  • Patrick: I have a daughter, back home in Snuggford. I- I have to...
  • Tapeesa: You must rest.
  • Tapeesa carries Patrick into the hut.
  • Then she puts him her blanket.

Level 33 - Burned Through My BootsEdit

  • Chief: I thought you had sent the cheechako away.
  • Tapeesa: He is not yet well to travel, Father.
  • Tapeesa: In fact... I thought that when he returns to hish ome, I would go with him.
  • Tapeesa: Er... To make sure he doesn't fall through the ice!
  • Chief: You would abandon your people? Our ways?
  • Tapeesa: Never... They would always remain in my heart.
  • Patrick: Het, Chief!
  • Chief: I will not speak about this in front of HIM.
  • Chief leaves.


  • At the big hut, Tapeesa enters.
  • Tapeesa: Father...?
  • Tapeesa: Father, you said you would not talk in front of this qallunaat...

Tapeesa: So I came to talk to you here.

  • Chief: What of my grandchild, would you really have him be raised a cheechako?
  • Tapeesa: In the city he would have a chance at a better life.
  • Chief: I have seen the city. THIS. This is better.
  • Tapeesa: THIS is ENDING, Father, melting before our eyes-
  • Chief: Yes, and we have the CITY to thank for that.
  • Tapeesa: -and if we don't leave our traditions, our history will die here with us.
  • Chief: Enough! We will speak no more of this.
  • Tapeesa tries to leave.
  • Chief: The white man leaves in the morning.

Level 34 - Keeping WarmEdit

  • Tapeesa knits a blanket.
  • Patrick: That's a beautiful blanket you're knitting.
  • Tapeesa: Thank you... it's for my baby.
  • Patrick: Can I ask you something?
  • Patrick: According to my grandfather's journal...
  • Patrick: "I need to wait for a dazzling display of light that occurs only at night..."
  • Patrick: That sounds like the Northern Lights, correct?
  • Tapeesa: Aurora borealis.
  • Tapeesa: But we have not had a serious geomagnetic storm in quite some time...
  • Tapeesa: ...and the sunlit evenings make it very hard to see.
  • Tapeesa: We have books here, too, silly.
  • Patrick: Okay, so - when will the sun stop shining at night up here?
  • Tapeesa: Hmm... one month.
  • Patrick: What? I've GOT to get up north before then!
  • Tapeesa pauses knitting.

During the levelEdit

  • Tapeesa knits a baby blanket.


  • Chief visits.
  • Chief: You look well, Patrick, son of O'Malley...
  • Chief: ...well enough to return to where you came.
  • Patrick: I know you don't like me being here, Chief...
  • Patrick: ...please believe me that I will leave as soon as I can...
  • Patrick: ...but I won't go home. I MUST go north, to find a very rare and special flower...
  • Patrick: may be the ONLY chance my daughter has for a cure - and I intend to find it.
  • Chief: The cheechako is brave to do such a thing for his daughter-
  • Tapeesa: He wishes to save his child.
  • Chief: Brave but foolish.
  • Chief leaves.

Level 35 - ChocolatierEdit

  • The kids visit the place.
  • Patrick gets up.
  • Patrick: Okay... but no more chocolate for now, understand?
  • Tapeesa: Atakata nuva, atakata nuva...
  • Tapeesa: Hey missah day missah doe oah misah daaaay...
  • Patrick: That's a lovely song, Tapeesa - what's it about?
  • Tapeesa: It's about a woman who looks back at her life and doesn't regret a single thing...
  • Inuit people visit.
  • "Tell us again about pic-nics..."
  • Patrick: Oooh... One thing I love about picnics? POPSICLES!
  • Chief walks into the place.
  • Patrick: Flowered ice - cherry, grape, lime. Nothing better on a hot summer day.
  • "Wait a monute..."
  • "Ice comes in flavors!?!"

During the levelEdit

  • Tapeesa gives the kids chocolate.


  • "Tell us again about Hush Puppies."
  • Patrick: Oh, well... uh, it's

like I said.

  • Patrick: It's the chain of fast food restaurants where you can order fish and chips...
  • "Those are fried potatoes, right?"
  • Patrick: ...let's see, they have fried shrimp baskets, clam strips - even lobster.
  • Patrick: Any seafood you could want, all you have to do is tell the waitress.
  • "Sounds like Heaven!"
  • Chief enters.
  • Chief: He looks well.
  • Tapeesa: He wishes not to go home, but to go north.
  • Patrick and the Inuit People leave the place.
  • Chief: He will not survive.
  • Tapeesa: IF he does not try, it is his daughter who may not live.
  • Chief: Then he will surely die and so will his daughter.
  • CHief: Better he go home to have another child with his wife.
  • Chief: Either way, he leaves tomorrow morning.
  • Chief leaves.

Level 36 - No Weapons!Edit

  • Chief visits while Patrick reads.
  • Chief: It is time for you to return home.
  • Chief: The way north is too dangerous. Even for us.
  • Patrick: I don't care - I'm going north to find the monastery my grandfather found.
  • PatrickL As soon as I can find the way.
  • Chief: I thought as much... I will guide you, then.
  • Patrick: You will?
  • Chief: Rather than have you remain here and poison my village, yes.
  • Chief: Besides, I am old. It is nearly my time.
  • Patrick: I don't want anyone else to risk their lives for me.
  • Chief: You have put more than that at risk by coming here.
  • Chief: Our culture, our traditions, our language - everything we are trying to save...
  • Patrick: ...will fall through the ice unless you move from this place.
  • Patrick: Tapeesa just wants to do right by her child, can't you see that?
  • Chief: I will give you some time to say your goodbyes to Tapeesa, then we leave.
  • Chief leaves.


  • Patrick continues reading.
  • The kids visit*Patrick gives the kids chocolate.
  • Chief enter.
  • Kid 1: "Mmmm, choco-late!"
  • Patrick: I haven't seen Tapeesa all day - is there time for me to say goodbye still?
  • Kid 1: "Tapeesa has gone."
  • Kid 2: "She was worried about the cheechako falling through the soft ice."
  • Kid 2: So she went scouting for safe passage out of the village.
  • Chief: We must find her!
  • Tapeesa walks slowly on the ice, placing the flags.
  • Upon placing a flag, Tapeesa walks to the cracked ice, and fell into the water!
  • Tapeesa: Oh!
  • Tapeesa sinks into the ice ocean.
  • Patrick goes to rush to the ocean ice hole. The chief scared! Patrick jumps into the ice pool!
  • Patrick brings Tapeesa out of the ice ocean.
  • Then, Patrick swims up and brings Tapeesa to the surface.
  • Patrick takes Tapeesa.
  • Chief: Quickly! Take her to the sweat lodge!

Level 37 - Patrick the MidwifeEdit

  • In the big lodge, Tapeesa sleeps over.
  • Tapeesa: Ooooh...
  • "Her child has begun its journey. You must leave now."
  • "But stay alert, I might need your help!"
  • Chief: Come, Patrick.
  • Patrick and the Chief enter the place.
  • Patrick: Is... Is that-?
  • Chief: The Foxfires... Or Northern Lights, as you call them.
  • Chief: It is a good omen, for all of us.

During the levelEdit

  • Patrick collects the items for Tapeesa.


  • Patrick milks the cow.
  • Chief enters.
  • Patrick: Any word on Tapeesa?
  • Chief: My grandchild is stubborn, the midwife says.
  • Chief: Perhaps he does prefer to remain where it's warm.
  • Chief: Thank you for saving my daughter... and my grandchild.
  • Patrick: She did the same for me.
  • Patrick: You did a good job raising Tapeesa.
  • Patrick: I hope I have that same chance with Paige.
  • Chief: The way north is dangerous, but it can be crossed, even now.
  • Chief: I will consult the elders of the village... if there is a way, we will find it.

Level 38 - No time to waste...Edit

  • Chief: Her name is Patika!
  • "She would be returned to her mother now, who is also well."
  • They leave but Chief and Patrick.
  • Patrick: I'm glad Tapeesa and the baby are well...
  • Patrick: ...but the Northern Lights haven't given me any kind of clue...
  • Patrick: to where to find his monastery my grandfather talks about in his journal.
  • Chief: One of our sides had this map. It is very old - before even my time.
  • Chief: Perhaps it will help?
  • Patricki: Thank you...
  • Chief leaves.


  • Chief: I have given this much thought, brothers and sisters...
  • Chief: is time for us to leave this place.
  • "Leave our home?!"
  • "Our people have been here since the beginning times."
  • "How could we have? Where would we go?"
  • Chief: It will be difficult... but if we stay here, out culture, our ways, will surely die with the land.
  • "You are a wise chief, Tulimak..."
  • "...but we think you need to listen better to the spirits of our ancestors for guidance."
  • They leave.

Level 39 - Black-FishEdit

  • Chief: I've given it another thought and we're going.
  • "Our ancestors are buried here!"
  • Chief: Our ancestors LIVE... in our hearts.
  • Chief: If we remain here much longer then they really WILL die... with us.
  • "Chocolate, pleaaaaaase!"
  • Chief: But if we move... no one need fear falling through the ice again!
  • Chief: Tapeesa's husband...
  • Patrick gives chocolate.
  • Kids: YUMMMM!
  • "Mind if we try some?"
  • Patrick gives chocolate to each other.
  • "This is chocolate, eh?"
  • "Okay, we're convinced."
  • They leave and Chief does.


  • Patrick continued reading.
  • Tapeesa brought a baby.
  • Patrick: It's great to see you well again.
  • Tapeesa: Thanks to you...
  • Tapeesa kisses Patrick.
  • Patrick: Well, now we're even.
  • Tapeesa: You saved my child, too.
  • Patrick: Now, if I could only save my own.
  • Tapeesa: Have you seen the Northern Lights?
  • Patrick: Yes, but unfortunately they give me no clue as to where to find this monastery my grandfather wrote about.
  • Tapeesa: Things often look different by the light of the Foxfire. Come... bring your things.
  • Tapeesa and Patrick walk. Patrick reads the map.
  • Patrick: It IS beautiful...
  • Then the map revealed.
  • Patrick: Tapeesa! The map!
  • Patrick: The Northern Lights - they've revealed a trail to the monastery on the map!
  • Tapeesa: NOW we're even.
  • They're happy!

Level 40 - Catch of the DayEdit

  • Tapeesa enters.
  • Tapeesa: You leave tonight.
  • Patrick: Yes, when the ice will be harder...
  • Patrick: ...and your father has agreed to take me to the start of the trail.
  • Tapeesa gives a blanket.
  • Tapeesa: Here... for your daughter.
  • Patrick: Yapeesa... I couldn't-
  • Tapeesa: I want your daughter to have it- so you can tell her our story, so you will never forget us.
  • Patrick: We'll treasure it always, I promise.
  • Patrick puts away, and Tapeesa leaves the place.
  • Chief enters.
  • Chief: I am ready, Patrick.
  • Tapeesa enters the place.
  • Tapeesa and Patrick gave a final hug before leave.
  • Tapeesa: Your wife is very lucky. She must be very proud of you.
  • Back in Emily's Place...
  • Emily tries to fix the faucet.
  • Emily: Oh, please. Oh, please. This is NOT the time for plumbing problems.
  • After the pipe and the faucet, Emily doesn't fix the problem, now she throws the wrench!
  • Emily: Patrick!! Where are YOU?!
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