This is the third restaurant in Emily's Hopes and Fears. During Patrick's journey, Emily lets Paige stay home.

Level 21 - Having A Ball!Edit

  • The kids swim in the pool.
  • Snuggford Radio: Hey, hey! Marty Party here... LOVE from Snuggford's ONLY "Mayhem in the A.M." Morning Zoo Radio Hour!
  • Snuggford Radio: You know I heard it's so hot out there the cows are giving powdered milk! Yuk, yuk!
  • Snuggford Radio: Here Martha Reeves & the Vandellas with Heatwave! "Whenever I'm with him..."
  • Brigid: Ugh! I swear that radio station gets more insufferable by the day.
  • Paige: Wanna go swimming!
  • Emily: You will, Paige- once you get better, I promise.
  • Kids leave the pool.
  • "Don't get too close to her - she's got blueberry-it is!
  • Brigid: Why those little-
  • Evelyn: Easy!
  • Grace comes to the place.
  • Grace: Can Paige play?
  • Emily: Paige would love that, Grace.
  • Emily: Though she's not up for any running around.
  • Grace: Maybe she can watch me play with my ball?
  • Brigid: That sounds wonderful, dear...
  • Brigid: …just keep the ball out of my son's flower beds!
  • Grace's throwing a ball.
  • Evelyn goes inside, and Brigid leaves the place.

During the levelEdit

  • Grace throws the ball.


  • Grace: Look at my ball, Paige!
  • Paige: Cooool!
  • Grace throws a ball.
  • Grace: Huh-uh. My mommy bought it just for me!
  • Grace: Mommy said I can play wif it as much as I want as long as I don't get dirty or take it outside.
  • Paige: Can I hold it?
  • Grace: NO! It's mine!
  • Sharon enters the place to warn Grace.

Level 22 - Combo Crazy!Edit

  • Sharon: You march home RIGHT this instant, young lady.
  • Grace: NO! I wanna stay with Paige!
  • Sharon: It would be just my luck to have her get blue dots all over her face during pageant season.
  • Emily: Oh, it isn't contagious - none of us have gotten sick.
  • Sharon: Oh... well... that may be, dear...
  • Sharon: …but if the other parents even THINK Grace is carrying something...
  • Sharon: …they'll use it as excuse to ban her from competition.
  • Sharon: You know how those "pageant moms" can be.
  • Sharon: Grace Miriam don't you DARE ruin your French manicure!
  • Sharon and Grace leave the place.


  • Grace enter the place.
  • Grace: Look, Paige! I drew a picture of you!
  • Emily: Oh... why it's Paige, with blue dots on her face...
  • Emily: That's a lovely finger-painting, Grace. Thank you!
  • Sharon enters the place.
  • Sharon: Grace, are you finger-painting WITHOUT supervision from your art tutor?
  • Grace drops the picture.
  • Sharon: Gasp! That's an Alberto Gaulier original! Do you know how hard it will be to CLEAN?!
  • Francois climbs to the pool.
  • Francois jumps into the pool and splash!
  • Emily: Er… At least the dress is clean?
  • Sharon leaves the place.

Level 23 - Ice Cream FrenzyEdit

  • Emily: She's been feeling much better lately...
  • Emily: Any sign it'll go away on its own?
  • Allison: If it's virus, then yes, that's possible.
  • Allison: If it's not... well... we just need to find the right treatment.
  • Grace enters the place.
  • Allison: The good news is that it's not getting worse - and I can confirm that it's not contagious.
  • Grace places the drawing.
  • Grace: Then Paige and I can have a sleepover!
  • Emily: Well... um...
  • Emily: Let me talk to your mom about it, okay hon?
  • Grace goes to Paige.
  • Paige: My daddy's gonna bring me a flower treat that's gonna make me all better!
  • Emily sobs again.
  • Evelyn: There, there dear.
  • Allison: Fathers often feel helpless in these situations...
  • Allison: Patrick's flower is likely a valid goose chase, but his heart is in the right place.
  • Allison: Then again, most medications DO derive from plants.
  • Grace and Allison leave the place.


  • Paige throws the ball, Francois is laying over the pool and Antonio enters the place. Antonio waters the flowers.
  • Chuck delivers the present.
  • Chuck: Is... Is there... a Paige O'Malley here?
  • Emily: Right over there.
  • Chuck: Of course she'd love to be bed-ridden.
  • Chuck pushes to the left.
  • Evelyn: Go on, Paige. Open it!
  • Paige opens the present.
  • Edward: Surpriiiiiise!
  • Edward places a gift for Paige.
  • Paige opens the jack-in-the-box.
  • Paige: Wow! Thank you, Grappa!
  • Grace: I got a ball!
  • Edward: Why that's very pretty, Grace!
  • Edward: Here you are, Paige, let me show how to it make it play music!

Level 24 - Hide and SeekEdit

  • Grace enters the place.
  • Sharon: Gra-aaaace!
  • Grace ran to Paige before Sharon enters.
  • Sharon: Grace?
  • Emily: I haven't seen her, Sharon.
  • Sharon: Well... if you do, will you send her over?
  • Sharon: She has a full schedule today and can't afford to waste any more time cheering up Paige.
  • Sharon leaves the place.
  • Brigid: Why that little-
  • Evelyn: Easy!

During the levelEdit

  • Emily finds Grace!


  • Grace is shown. She plays with Paige.
  • Grace: Look, now I'm sick, too!
  • Grace has blue spots!
  • Sharon: Gra-aaaace!
  • Grace hides quick!
  • Emily: You still haven't found her?
  • Sharon: No... of course, she has been known to run off.
  • Francois: Who can blame her?
  • Sharon: Excuse me?

Level 25 - All Or NothingEdit

  • Sharon enters.
  • Sharon: Graaa-aace!
  • Sharon: Ugh! Where is that girl?*Grace reveals.
  • Sharon: Grace - come with me RIGHT NOW!
  • Grace come to Sharon.
  • Allison: Everyone - FREEZE!
  • Allison: Your daughter is showing the same symptoms as Paige.
  • Emily: But... but I thought it wasn't contagious.
  • Allison: We did too...
  • Allison: …but right now both girls must be kept away from other people.
  • Allison: I'll be back later to run some tests.
  • Sharon: But... but...
  • Allison leaves the place.
  • Grace: Mommy, will I get presents now, too?
  • Sharon calls.
  • Sharon: Yes, I need a lawyer who specializes in civil disputes involving MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE.
  • Sharon leaves the place.
  • Evelyn: It's not your fault, Emily.
  • Emily: Oh, why isn't Patrick HERE?
  • Grace, Evelyn and Paige go inside.


  • Sharon enters to warn them.
  • Sharon: This is YOUR fault!
  • Emily: I am SO sorry, Sharon.
  • Emily: The doctors told me there was no chance of Paige passing to on.
  • Sharon: HOW is she going to enter pageants with BLUE DOTS on her face?
  • Francois: Well... she'd be a shoe-in at the Little Ms. Snuggford Blueberry Festival pageant.
  • Emily: I feel Terrible for Grace... but I didn't even know she was here!
  • Sharon: Of course not! You never pay attention to anything!
  • Emily: ME? She's YOUR daughter.
  • Sharon: And aren't you JEALOUS! THAT'S why you let her get sick!
  • Sharon: You couldn't stand Grace getting all the attention, the accolades - admit it!
  • Emily: The only people I'm jealous of are people who don't have to live near you!
  • Sharon: Well I NEVER!
  • Sharon leaves away.
  • Emily: Sharon, wait!!

Level 26 - Edward the MagicianEdit

  • Francois jumps into the pool! He gets off the pool and tries to do it again.
  • Emily: Okay, girls... the other children will be here soon.
  • Emily: We need to get you inside.
  • Paige: Pleeeease, Mommy! Just one more Francois splishy splash!
  • Edward comes outside.
  • Francois splashes into the pool. He gets off the pool and tries to do again.
  • Grace and Paige go off the bed. Allison enters the place.
  • Allison: Mrs. Stepford, I'd like to run some tests on Grace, with your permission.
  • Sharon: Of course.
  • Allison: We can't assume she got this from Paige...
  • Allison: …there may be another source of contagion out there.
  • Allison: Testing will take hours, maybe days. Be prepared for...
  • It splashes, and it washed away Grace's blue spots!
  • Allison does a facepalm.
  • Allison: OR we can just douse her with water...
  • Grace: Yay! I'm cured!
  • Washing away the spots
  • Sharon: You are in SO much trouble, young lady!
  • Sharon leaves anyway.
  • Allison: Er… do you mins if we don't mention this to my supervising physician?
  • Paige: Is Grace's mommy mad at Paige?
  • Edward: No... No... that's just how she always looks...
  • Edward: Uhm… You wanna see a trick? I just have to find these... uhm…

During the levelEdit

  • Emily hands Edward the feathers.


  • Grace throws a ball.
  • Paige: Can I see your ball?
  • Grace: I told you, "no"! It's MINE!
  • Sharon comes.
  • Sharon: Come along, Grace!
  • Grace: Why? I don't want to go home!
  • Sharon: You know why!
  • Sharon: As a matter of fact I FORBID you to come to this house EVER again!

Level 27 - Limited SpaceEdit

  • Antonio dances.
  • Antonio: Oooh, ooh, ah, ah, ah! Ee ee ee!
  • Edward: Watch this, Pumpkin - crazy dance!
  • Edward dances and fell.
  • Francois does the juggle.
  • Until the balloon splashes to Francois' head.
  • Emily: She's been like this all morning...
  • Emily: I swear her illness is getting worse since Grace stopped coming over.
  • Edward: We need to find a way to get her spirits up.
  • Brigid: Leave it to me.
  • Antonio, Edward and Francois: YOU?!
  • Brigid: Yes ME. Why not?
  • Antonio: Well, no offense sweetheart, but as people go you're not exactly the uh… er… um...
  • Francois: "Nicest"?
  • Antonio: I was going to say "lighthearted".
  • Brigid: I'm going to make a phone call.
  • Brigid, Edward and Antonio go inside.


  • Grace enters the place.
  • Grace: Can Paige play?
  • Emily: Grace... does your mom know you're over here?
  • Emily: I'm not sure it's a good idea right now, sweetheart.
  • Grace: Is it because I didn't share my ball!
  • Emily: Girls... it won't be forever, okay?
  • Grace leaves the place.
  • Paige: When's Daddy coming home with my flower?!
  • Paige: I want my daddy!
  • Paige cries.
  • Edward: She'll be alright, you'll see...
  • Edward: We just need to get her mind off things, that's all.

Level 28 - Cleaning FrenzyEdit

  • Emily: Pumpkin, would you like me to set up the projection screen by the pool?
  • Evelyn: That's a good idea! Are there any movies you'd like to see?
  • Brigid enters the place.
  • Brigid: Ooooh, Paige! There's someone here to see you!
  • Kate enters the place!
  • Paige: Auntie Kate!
  • Brigid: Told you I'd make her smile!
  • Kate: how are you, Pumpkin-Munchkin?
  • Paige: I'm sick.
  • Kate: I know... your dad and Nana Brigid told me...
  • Kate: …but I'm going to be here for a while so we can have some fun!
  • Kate: What do you say to that?
  • Paige: Yaaaaay!
  • Kate: Any word from my brother?
  • Emily: Nothing... Though I guess there aren't a lot of phones that for up north.
  • Kate: He'll come through, trust me.
  • Kate and Emily hug!
  • Kate, Edward and Brigid go inside.


  • Inside Emily's Place...
  • Kate goes downstairs to main room.
  • Emily: I just wish he were HERE right now, you know?
  • Kate: He got some of our grandpops in him, I guess.
  • Kate: But know this, Emily - Patrick loves you and Paige more than his own life.
  • Kate: If he's convinced leaving was the only thing he could do to help Paige...
  • Kate: …then he has his reasons.
  • Emily: I haven't gone this long without hearing his voice since we started dating.
  • Kate: He'll call or send word - as soon as he's able.
  • Kate: In the meantime, you can lean on us.
  • Emily leans on Kate.

Level 29 - Golden MinuteEdit

  • Snuggford Radio: Hey, hey! I got a letter from Antonio writing to his little niece Paige... my BIGGEST fan.
  • Snuggford Radio: Roses are red, Violets are blue
  • Grace enters the place.
  • Snuggford Radio: Hope you're getting better soon Paige, 'cause we all love you!
  • Brigid: Ooooh!
  • Snuggford Radio: Speaking of fans, is it hout out there? Because I just saw a chicken lay an omelet!
  • Grace sneaks in the garden. Antonio keeps watering.
  • Paige: Grace!
  • Emily: I'm sorry, sweetheart - but you still can't visit with Paige.
  • Emily: Now go find your mom, okay?
  • Grace leaves the place, Brigid and Kate go inside, especially Antonio.


  • Emily goes to kiss Paige.
  • Emily: I'm going to make you a snack inside, Pumpkin.
  • Emily: I'll be right back.
  • Grace enters the place.
  • Grace: Paige, psst!
  • Grace: I'm sorry I wouldn't let you play wif my ball.
  • Grace: It's why your mommy won't let us play wif each other, I think...
  • Grace: Here. You can keep this.
  • Emily: Okay, Paige! Time to wake up and eat.
  • Emily delivers food. There's a ball!

Level 30 - Entertainment FrenzyEdit

  • Grace enters the place. She comes to Paige. Then she lay and hug.
  • Paige and Grace BFFs
  • Sharon comes to the place. Emily goes to Sharon.
  • Emily: I'm sorry, Sharon, I didn't see her sneak into the yard.
  • Sharon: No... that's- that's okay.
  • Saron: Er… that is... I could possible free up some time in her schedule to be here.
  • Sharon: …if that's okay with you?
  • Emily: Paige would love that.
  • Sharon: Grace said something about Patrick leaving to find a flower flor Paige...
  • Sharon: …something about a cure, I believe?
  • Emily: Patrick thinks there might me some botanical cure.
  • Emily: He's gone way up north... he hasn't been able to call.
  • Sharon: I see.
  • Sharon thinks.
  • Sharon: That's a very brave thing for him to do.
  • Sharon leaves the place.


  • Francois goes to Paige, and Edward enter the place.
  • Edward: Any word yet from Patrick?
  • Emily: No... I'm starting to get really worried.
  • Edard: Patrick is smart and very capable - he'll be okay.
  • Emily: I know it's just... he can be so reckless sometimes.
  • Edward: "Spontaneous" is the word you used to use.
  • Emily: I did - didn't I?
  • Edward: He'll get word to you soon - a postcard, telegram, something.
  • Emily: I just wish I could have some kind of sign that he's okay.
  • Edward: Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that.
  • There was a truck surprise!
  • Truck *Whoomp Whoomp*
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