This is the fourth restaurant in Emily's Honeymoon Cruise.

Episode 4: Entertaining Possibilities

Level 1

  • Emily: Mom?! Dad?! Does everyone I know work on this ship?
  • Edward: It's only temporary, dear.
  • Edward: Jimmy has some staff issues and we all jumped in.
  • Patrick: Leave it to Jimmy to buy a cruise ship without a staff.
  • Evelyn: Actually, it's been a fun project for your Father and me.
  • Evelyn: We've been fixing up. Haven't we, dear?
  • Edward: Mostly, I've been fixing, and you've been passing.
  • Evelyn: That's your Father. Always the joker.
  • Evelyn: Sit, relax. We'll get you some food.

Level 2

  • Emily and Patrick enter the lounge.
  • Evelyn: Hey darlings, what can I get for you today?
  • Emily: Who are you? And what have you done with my mother?
  • Evelyn: Very funny, I'm just happy, is that okay with you?

During the level

  • Emily and Patrick do a little dance by the magic! Take a picture!


  • Emily: What's up with Mom? She's acting weird.
  • Edward: *Sigh* She found out John Tones will be coming here to perform.
  • Emily: John Tones! The singer?!
  • Edward: The one and only.
  • Edward: Or to quote your mother, John Tones! the most amazing singer in the world!
  • Emily: Didn't she date him? I mean, before he was famous?
  • Emily: Well, and before she fell in love with you?
  • Edward: Wait? What? She's in love with me? Would you do me a favor and remind her?

Level 3

  • Patrick enters the lounge.
  • Patrick: Ten roses for our tenth day of marriage.
  • Emily: Has it been ten days already? You're so sweet.
  • Evelyn: TESTING!!! 1 2 3!!!
  • The roses are scattered.
  • Evelyn: Oh! I didn't mean to startle you. Don't worry. I'll find them all!

During the level

  • Evelyn has to find 10 roses for Emily and Patrick.


  • Evelyn: Here you go, sweetie.
  • Evelyn: Try to hold onto your wife a little tighter than you held onto those roses.
  • Emily: Oh, Mom! He knows I'm not going anywhere.
  • Emily: Though...
  • Emily: You're so thoughtful, and I didn't get you anything.
  • Patrick: I've got you. What else do I need?
  • Emily and Patrick kiss.
  • Emily: Oh, Mom! He knows I'm not going anywhere.
  • Evelyn: Give it another 30 years, honey.

Level 4

  • Evelyn: Oh. He's going to hate this place.
  • Edward: Honey, I'm sure everything will be just fine.
  • Evelyn: Edward! He isn't the kid we knew: singing in bars and at retirement parties...
  • Evelyn: This is John Tones! He plays Vegas and Atlantic City!
  • Evelyn: I heard the Queen of England asked for a private show.
  • Evelyn: The Queen, Edward!
  • Edward: I'm sure he knows the Queen won't be on this cruise.
  • Evelyn: Edward! Just look at this place! He'll think we're bumpkins.
  • Evelyn: I'm sorry, Edward, I just want everything to be perfect.
  • Edward: I know, dear. I know.
  • Edward: Let me fix the welcome sign on stage.

During the day

  • Edward has to build a welcome sign.


  • Emily: Wow, Dad, you really improved the look of this place.
  • Edward: Thanks, Darling. It wasn't easy but things are starting to shape up.
  • Evelyn: HEY! I helped too, I...
  • Evelyn: I... Are you sure it looks okay, Emily?
  • Emily: Mom. Trust me, you guys did an amazing job.
  • Evelyn: John Tones. After all these years! I wonder if he remembers me.

Level 5

  • Evelyn and Edward enter the lounge.
  • Evelyn: John! You're really here!
  • John: I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage, beautiful. You are?
  • Evelyn: It's me, Evelyn!
  • Edward: And me, Edward. We worked together at that rundown restaurant. Senior year, remember?
  • John thinks.
  • John: Edward! Hey! Great to see you again!
  • Evelyn: John! You remember Edward, but not me?!
  • Evelyn: I was your girlfriend! You told me I had the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen!
  • John: Oh! Evelyn! Of course!
  • John: Wow, you're still as beautiful as the day we met.
  • Evelyn: Oh, stop.
  • John Tones left.


  • John Tones returns. He and Evelyn look at the sign.
  • Evelyn: Oh, John! Stop it!
  • Emily: Are you all right, Dad?
  • Edward: I'm fine. It's just the idea of looking at those two the entire trip. *sigh*
  • Evelyn: John!
  • Edward: But Emily, are YOU all right? You aren't as chipper as you usually are.
  • Emily: Dad. You always know, don't you?
  • Emily: It's Patrick. Everything is great, but it's like he's got our whole lives planned out.
  • Edward: And you don't? You've always been my girl with the plan!
  • Edward: Patrick is a reasonable guy.
  • Edward: If something's bothering you, just find a quiet place and talk to him.
  • Evelyn: Oh, John!
  • Emily: Oh Dad!
  • Emily goes into the kitchen.
  • Emily: Thanks, Dad. You're the best.
  • Emily kisses her dad.


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