This is the fourth restaurant in Emily's Honeymoon Cruise.

Episode 4: Entertaining PossibilitiesEdit

Level 1Edit

  • Target: 1200; Expert: 1400
  • Emily: Mom?! Dad?! Does everyone I know work on this ship?
  • Edward: It's only temporary, dear.
  • Edward: Jimmy has some staff issues and we all jumped in.
  • Patrick: Leave it to Jimmy to buy a cruise ship without a staff.
  • Evelyn: Actually, it's been a fun project for your Father and me.
  • Evelyn: We've been fixing up. Haven't we, dear?
  • Edward: Mostly, I've been fixing, and you've been passing.
  • Evelyn: That's your Father. Always the joker.
  • Evelyn: Sit, relax. We'll get you some food.

Level 2Edit

  • Target: 1200; Expert: 1400
  • Emily and Patrick enter the lounge.
  • Evelyn: Hey darlings, what can I get for you today?
  • Emily: Who are you? And what have you done with my mother?
  • Evelyn: Very funny, I'm just happy, is that okay with you?

During the levelEdit

  • Emily and Patrick do a little dance by the magic! Take a picture!


  • Emily: What's up with Mom? She's acting weird.
  • Edward: *Sigh* She found out John Tones will be coming here to perform.
  • Emily: John Tones! The singer?!
  • Edward: The one and only.
  • Edward: Or to quote your mother, John Tones! the most amazing singer in the world!
  • Emily: Didn't she date him? I mean, before he was famous?
  • Emily: Well, and before she fell in love with you?
  • Edward: Wait? What? She's in love with me? Would you do me a favor and remind her?

Level 3Edit

  • Target: 2000; Expert: 2450
  • Patrick enters the lounge.
  • Patrick: Ten roses for our tenth day of marriage.
  • Emily: Has it been ten days already? You're so sweet.
  • Evelyn: TESTING!!! 1 2 3!!!
  • The roses are scattered.
  • Evelyn: Oh! I didn't mean to startle you. Don't worry. I'll find them all!

During the levelEdit

  • Evelyn has to find 10 roses for Emily and Patrick.


  • Evelyn: Here you go, sweetie.
  • Evelyn: Try to hold onto your wife a little tighter than you held onto those roses.
  • Emily: Oh, Mom! He knows I'm not going anywhere.
  • Emily: Though...
  • Emily: You're so thoughtful, and I didn't get you anything.
  • Patrick: I've got you. What else do I need?
  • Emily and Patrick kiss.
  • Emily: Oh, Mom! He knows I'm not going anywhere.
  • Evelyn: Give it another 30 years, honey.

Level 4Edit

  • Target: 2200; Expert: 2700
  • Evelyn: Oh. He's going to hate this place.
  • Edward: Honey, I'm sure everything will be just fine.
  • Evelyn: Edward! He isn't the kid we knew: singing in bars and at retirement parties...
  • Evelyn: This is John Tones! He plays Vegas and Atlantic City!
  • Evelyn: I heard the Queen of England asked for a private show.
  • Evelyn: The Queen, Edward!
  • Edward: I'm sure he knows the Queen won't be on this cruise.
  • Evelyn: Edward! Just look at this place! He'll think we're bumpkins.
  • Evelyn: I'm sorry, Edward, I just want everything to be perfect.
  • Edward: I know, dear. I know.
  • Edward: Let me fix the welcome sign on stage.

During the dayEdit

  • Edward has to build a welcome sign.


  • Emily: Wow, Dad, you really improved the look of this place.
  • Edward: Thanks, Darling. It wasn't easy but things are starting to shape up.
  • Evelyn: HEY! I helped too, I...
  • Evelyn: I... Are you sure it looks okay, Emily?
  • Emily: Mom. Trust me, you guys did an amazing job.
  • Evelyn: John Tones. After all these years! I wonder if he remembers me.

Level 5Edit

  • Target: 2100; Expert: 2500
  • Evelyn and Edward enter the lounge.
  • Evelyn: John! You're really here!
  • John: I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage, beautiful. You are?
  • Evelyn: It's me, Evelyn!
  • Edward: And me, Edward. We worked together at that rundown restaurant. Senior year, remember?
  • John thinks.
  • John: Edward! Hey! Great to see you again!
  • Evelyn: John! You remember Edward, but not me?!
  • Evelyn: I was your girlfriend! You told me I had the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen!
  • John: Oh! Evelyn! Of course!
  • John: Wow, you're still as beautiful as the day we met.
  • Evelyn: Oh, stop.
  • John Tones left.


  • John Tones returns. He and Evelyn look at the sign.
  • Evelyn: Oh, John! Stop it!
  • Emily: Are you all right, Dad?
  • Edward: I'm fine. It's just the idea of looking at those two the entire trip. *sigh*
  • Evelyn: John!
  • Edward: But Emily, are YOU all right? You aren't as chipper as you usually are.
  • Emily: Dad. You always know, don't you?
  • Emily: It's Patrick. Everything is great, but it's like he's got our whole lives planned out.
  • Edward: And you don't? You've always been my girl with the plan!
  • Edward: Patrick is a reasonable guy.
  • Edward: If something's bothering you, just find a quiet place and talk to him.
  • Evelyn: Oh, John!
  • Emily: Oh Dad!
  • Emily goes into the kitchen.
  • Emily: Thanks, Dad. You're the best.
  • Emily kisses her dad.

Episode 7: Not EntertainedEdit

Level 1Edit

  • Target: 1600; Expert: 1800
  • Back in Piano Lounge...
  • Emily: Dad! I tried to talk to him, I really did.
  • Emily: I just don't understand his obsession with kids.
  • Emily: Were you in a hurry to start a family when you and Mom got married?
  • Edward: That's very nice, dear...
  • Emily: DAD!
  • Edward: I'm sorry, Emily, my mind is kind of preoccupied...


  • Emily: Mom. Can we talk about something?
  • Emily: I tried to talk to Dad, but his head is someplace else.
  • John: This song goes out to a certain redhead with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.
  • Evelyn: He is quite dreamy, isn't he?
  • Emily: Mom?! Didn't you hear a word I said?
  • Evelyn: Yes dear. Go ask your father.
  • Emily leaves the lounge.

Level 2Edit

  • Target: 2000; Expert: 2450
  • Emily enters the lounge.
  • She's looking for her mother.
  • Emily: Dad? Where's Mom?
  • Edward: Isn't that the million dollar question?
  • Edward: Our old friend, John said something about finding some "decent grub on this lousy little boat".
  • Edward: Your mother volunteered to help him track down some supplies that are up to his standards.
  • Emily: Well, I know that Jimmy picked up some supplies when we went back to the beach.
  • Edward thought: Along with a lot more passengers. I have a bad feeling about tonight.
  • Edward: Were you trying to tell me something earlier, sweetie?
  • Emily: I... er... It can wait. How about I hang out and see if Mom comes back?
  • Edward: Yeah. Do that. It'd be nice to have some company.

During the levelEdit

  • Edward has to receive 8 packages.


  • Evelyn and John enter the lounge.
  • Edward: Found everything you needed down there?
  • John: Not really, but beggars can't be choosers.
  • John: No offense, but the grub around here isn't exactly up to my standards.
  • Evelyn: We sent up everything decent we could find. Did you get it all?
  • Edward: I remember when you were happy with a greasy burger and a cheap drink.
  • John: That was a long time ago. I only eat Wagyu beef now, and I prefer Dom Perignon.
  • Edward: Yeah. Well, I'm sure Jimmy wasn't expecting such a big... shot like you.
  • John: We'll just have to make due.

Level 3Edit

  • Target: 2500; Expert: 2800
  • John: Hey, Eddie, old chum.
  • Edward: Edward...
  • John: Yeah. Look Eddie. We picked up some of my entourage when we swung by the beach.
  • John: Be sure they're properly taken care of, would you?
  • Edward: Like I do for every customer, you mean?
  • John: They're bigshots, Eddie! I'm sure you know how to handle them!

During the levelEdit

  • Edward has to serve friends.


  • Emily left.
  • John: Hey Eddie. You didn't do too shabby.
  • John: Keep it up, and maybe someday you can get a real job.
  • John: Evelyn, baby! Come meet the gang!
  • Evelyn: Hi everyone!!!
  • "Nice, John. But don't you normally like then younger?"
  • Edward: Excuse me, but I think you insulted my wife.
  • "You telling me this foxy momma is your wife?"
  • "Now that makes more sense, an old broad for an old loser."
  • Edward gets angry, and he slaps his face.
  • Evelyn: Edward!
  • John: Look at my old friend. Keep that up, and someone might actually mistake you for a man.

Level 4Edit

  • Target: 1500; Expert: 1850
  • Emily enters.
  • Emily: I heard about your little outburst.
  • Edward: Outburst? Emily. I punched a guy.
  • Emily: Do you want to talk about it?
  • Edward: I don't know what happened. I'm usually so calm and logical.
  • Edward: John! He acts like everyone exists for his amusement.
  • Edward: And the way he talks to your mother...
  • Edward: I can't believe I let those jerks get to me.
  • Emily: It sounds to me like you were defending Mom's honor.
  • Edward: Yeah. I'm not sure she sees it that way. She isn't speaking to me.
  • Edward: Sorry, Emily. I know I haven't been much help to you these last few days.
  • Emily: I'm a big girl now. I shouldn't run to my dad whenever something goes wrong.
  • Emily kisses Edward.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily uses a magic hat to do a magic trick with a suit! Take a picture!


  • John Tones left.
  • Emily: Hey, Mom. You gonna stay mad at Dad forever?
  • Evelyn: Of course not. He's my husband. Besides you and your sister, there's no one I love more in the world.
  • Emily: You mean, you don't wish you married John Tones?
  • Evelyn: That kind of freedom only seems appealing on the surface.
  • Evelyn: At the end of the day, your dad might not be that glamorous,
  • Evelyn: but he's glamorous enough for me...
  • Evelyn: There's no one in the world who even comes close.
  • Emily: So, when are you going to let Dad know that?
  • Evelyn: I know he should suffer a little longer. After all, he hit a man!
  • Evelyn: Your dad! I never know he had it in him!
  • Emily: You're really something, you know that, Mom?

Level 5Edit

  • Target: 2200; Expert: 2400
  • Evelyn: Sweetheart. You look like you have something on your mind.
  • Evelyn: Is it Patrick? Wait. Where is Patrick?
  • Emily cries!
  • Emily: Oh Mom! We had a huge fight!
  • Emily: He said he wanted to start a family and I just lost it!
  • Evelyn: There, there, dear.
  • Evelyn: When your Dad and I got married, all he could talk about was kids.
  • Emily: Really? What did you want?
  • Evelyn: We were so young! I wanted to party!
  • Emily: But he changed your mind?
  • Evelyn: Not really. One day it was the last thing I wanted. The next, I could think of nothing better.
  • Evelyn: You'll see. These things have a way of working themselves out.
  • Emily: First, we both have to be in the same room. I wonder where he is.
  • Evelyn: Maybe he went to talk to his mom like you?
  • Emily: Could be, now I just need to figure out what to say.


  • Evelyn: John, I really need to apologize for Edward's behavior.
  • Evelyn: He's not violent. Ever. He's always told me logic is the only way to solve problems.
  • Evelyn: I'm just... I'm not sure what happened. I'm sorry.
  • Edward enters.
  • John: Want to make it up to me?
  • Evelyn: Of course!
  • John: Give me some sugar, baby.
  • John and Evelyn gave a kiss!
  • Evelyn did something to John.
  • John: ...
  • Evelyn: I'll deal with you later!
  • Evelyn: Edward! Edward!
  • John: I think I might have misread some signals here...
  • John and they leave.

Episode 17: End-ertainmentEdit

Level 1Edit

  • Target: 2300; Expert: 2800
  • Emily and Patrick are back in the lounge.
  • Emily: Mom? What happened? I thought you weren't mad at Dad.
  • Evelyn: I wasn't. I'm not.
  • Evelyn: John kissed me and your father saw it.
  • Emily: Mom!! How could you do such a thing?!
  • Jimmy: Sorry to butt in, toots, but I think she said John kissed her, not the other way around.
  • Jimmy: Although I could have seen that coming a mile away.
  • Emily: Are you okay? Do you want us to go look for him?
  • Evelyn: I've looked everywhere.
  • Evelyn: To be honest, I could really use some help with the talent show.
  • Emily: Of course! It'll be just like old times!
  • Jimmy leaves the lounge.
  • Emily is now the cleaner!

During the levelEdit

  • Evelyn has to receive 6 packages from Chuck,.


  • Jimmy enters the lounge. He opens the packages.
  • Some time later...
  • Evelyn: Wow, Jimmy. You sure are expecting a lot of people for the talent show.
  • Jimmy: We said a ton of tickets and lots a people have signed up with an act.
  • Jimmy: It's going to be quite the show. You wouldn't want to miss it.
  • Evelyn: No, but it looks like Edward will. Where could he be hiding?
  • Emily: It's a pretty big ship, Mom. He could be anywhere.
  • Patrick: I'm going to go look for him. Leave it to me!
  • Emily: My hero!

Level 2Edit

  • Target: 1900; Expert: 2150
  • Evelyn: So, did you and Patrick get a chance to talk?
  • Emily: It's more complicated than ever. He got a job offer!
  • Evelyn: That's wonderful. Isn't it?
  • Emily: Yes? No? I don't know. Mom, I'm so confused.
  • Evelyn: I'll let you in on a little secret, darling. So is everybody.
  • Jimmy, Francois and all others enter the stage.
  • Jimmy: Ladies and Gents, thanks for coming out for the first annual cruise ship passenger talent show!
  • Evelyn: That's quite the mouthful.
  • Jimmy: First up, Francois and Josh with some medieval sword fighting.

Before the levelEdit

  • Sword fighting is again! There are 2 sequences instead of 3!
    • First: Yellow, Yellow, Yellow
    • Last: Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red


  • Francois dies!
  • Jimmy: That was cool, wasn't it? But the fun doesn't stop there.
  • Francois revives!
  • Francois, Jimmy, and others leave the lounge.
  • Emily and Patrick kiss.
  • Evelyn: Well? Did you find him?
  • Patrick: No. And I looked everywhere. If he's hiding, he found a good spot.
  • Emily: It's a cruise ship. How many places are there to hide?
  • Patrick: Emily, it's crazy out there. The hallway is full of people rehearsing.
  • Patrick: On top of that, one of the lifeboats is missing, so your Dad doesn't even have to be on the boat...

Level 3Edit

  • Target: 2150; Expert: 2300
  • And now for another show!
  • Jimmy, and others enter the place.
  • Jimmy: Next up... well, would you look at that.
  • Jimmy: It's my lovely wife showing off her fashion sense.
  • Angela and others enter the lounge.
  • Jimmy steps off the stage.
  • Angela: Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present my newest fashion line: 'Sailing the Seven Seas'.

During the levelEdit

  • Angela has to photo 6 pictures.


  • Patrick, Evelyn, and Emily watch the stage.
  • Jimmy: Isn't she something?
  • Angela is happy!
  • Jimmy, Angela and others leave the lounge.
  • Evelyn: I can't believe your Father missed that.
  • Evelyn: This is getting ridiculous.
  • Evelyn: I'm sorry, Edward! I'm sorry!

Level 4Edit

  • Target: 2200; Expert: 2500
  • Jimmy and others enter the lounge for the next show.
  • Jimmy: Now I have something really special for you.
  • Brigid and Antonio enter the lounge to stage.
  • Jimmy: Direct from the luxurious pools of our very own spa,
  • Jimmy: I give you Brigid and Antonio, playing, umm... the banjo and the harmonica?
  • Jimmy: Oh, who would have guessed it? A ho-down.
  • Brigid: It's a violin and a flute, you fool.
  • Jimmy: Oh! That makes much more sense.
  • Antonio: I guess music isn't his thing.
  • Brigid and Antonio start the music.

During the levelEdit

  • Francois' crazy snorkel adventure. Take a picture!


  • Emily and Evelyn continue watching. Jimmy enter the stage.
  • Jimmy: Wonderful! Such great artists!
  • Jimmy: Well, umm. Unless there's anyone else...
  • Jimmy: I could have swam...
  • Brigid and Antonio leave the lounge.
  • Jimmy: Aw yes! One more. And they could use a volunteer from the audience.
  • Jimmy: Evelyn? Could you come up here?
  • Evelyn enter the stage. Jimmy gives a ticket to Evelyn.
  • Evelyn reads.
  • Evelyn: E... Edward... and the Studs?
  • Elvis, Edward, and the Studs enter the lounge to stage.

Level 5Edit

  • Target: 2500; Expert: 2900
  • Edward and Evelyn enter the stage.
  • Edward: May I have this dance, milady?
  • Evelyn: But, you never dance!
  • Edward and Evelyn dance.

During the danceEdit

  • Follow the sequence.
    • First: Red, Yellow, Blue
    • Second: Yellow, Blue, Red, Red
    • Final: Red, Red, Red, Yellow, Blue


  • Elvis and the Studs leave the stage.
  • Edward and Evelyn kiss.
  • Evelyn: Oh Edward. I'm so sorry. The way I behaved with John...
  • Evelyn: What you saw... I never wanted him to kiss me.
  • Edward and Evelyn do the final dance.
  • Edward: Yeah. I figured that out when you hit him.
  • Evelyn: I wouldn't trade my life with you for anything in the world.
  • Edward: Are you sure? Not for fame and fortune?
  • Evelyn: Never.
  • Edward: Not even for someone like Elvis?
  • Evelyn: I think he's pretty happy with Betty.
  • Evelyn and Edward kiss again. Jimmy enters the lounge.
  • Jimmy: Nothing to see here folks. Thanks for being such a wonderful audience, and...
  • Edward and Evelyn step off the stage. Patrick stands up.
  • Patrick: Wait! One more act! Wait!
  • Jimmy: I guess we have another act...
  • Emma and Eric enter the lounge to stage.
  • Patrick: Emily... You and I were pretty surprised to find our entire family on this boat.
  • Patrick: Most couples get to go away from it all on their honeymoon?!
  • Patrick: Needless to say, things haven't exactly gone according to plan.
  • Patrick: You and I got in a huge fight.
  • Patrick: And I got stranded on an island.
  • Patrick: ...we both had to work during our honeymoon...
  • Patrick: ...on top of that I received a job offer that would mean I'd hardly see you...
  • Patrick: ...and that's only the things that happened to us.
  • Patrick: Emily? Will you join me up here?
  • Emma and Eric leave the stage.
  • Emily enters the stage.
  • Patrick: Still it was absolutely perfect to me, because I got to spend time with you.
  • Patrick: And that's why I'm turning down the WWFA. The only life I want is the one with you beside me.
  • Emily and Patrick gave their final kiss.
  • Josh: Land Ho! We've reached Snuggford!


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