This is the second restaurant in Emily's Home Sweet Home.

Level 11 - Keep 'em HappyEdit

  • Back in home was unpublished.
  • Patrick: We have 120 days to bring the house up to code...
  • Patrick: ...r the city will have the house demolished!
  • Emily: 120 days? That's hardly any time at all!
  • Patrick: We can do it. I've got this!
  • Antonio: You can count on us to help.
  • Edward: Absolutely!
  • Evelyn: In the meantime, you can stay with us.
  • Paige walks around to Evelyn.
  • Emily: For 120 days? That seems like such a long time...
  • Emily: Umm... I have to get to work at the scout camp...
  • Emily: Luckily I can start today, we're going to need that money.
  • Emily and Patrick kiss again.


  • Earnest and Enid enter the camp.
  • Earnest:: Emily! Glad to see you hit the ground running.
  • Emily: Absolutely - these scouts are a great bunch of kids.
  • Earnest: They really are...
  • Earnest: ...but only ONE can win the 'Super Scout' award for the summer!
  • Earnest: Eh, Enid? Eh?
  • Enid: Uh... yeah, Dad. I've got the 'eye of the tiger'.
  • Earnest: Hahaha! That's my girl1
  • Earnest: Oh, one more thing, Emily...
  • Earnest: ...the camp awards a bonus to the restaurant manager for hitting revenue goals.
  • Earnest: A little incentive to keep the camp in the black!
  • Earnest: Well - see you tomorrow!

Level 12 - BackpackingEdit

  • Enid: Dad, PLEASE. I HATE adventure camping.
  • Earnest: That's ridiculous! It's what being a Snuggford Scout is all about.
  • Earnest: Besides, you can't win the 'Super Scout' award without teaching an overnighter.
  • Enid: But... the other scouts don't listen to me.
  • Earnest: Then you'll just have to make them!
  • Emily enters the camp.
  • Earnest: Emily, I'll meed you to pack provisions in Enid's backpack here...
  • Earnest: ...ten scouts - snacks, dinner and breakfast.
  • Earnest: Don't forget the bug juice!
  • Earnest: Hehe. Little camp humor.
  • Earnest and Enid leave the camp.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily repacks Enid's backpack.


  • Emily and Patrick are silent.
  • Paige goes inside.
  • Paige: Gubwurk Gan do it again!
  • Evelyn goes inside. Paige walks to a pet.
  • Emily: Mom, Paige isn't getting any screen time while I'm at work, is she?
  • Evelyn: Absolutely, not - no reason time, just like you asked.
  • Mayor Maggie enter the place.
  • Emily: Mayor Tyler - any news?
  • Maggie: Sharon pushed a new resolution through City Council...
  • Maggie: ...any house as old as yours with serious plumbing issues...
  • Maggie: ...can be declared a public health risk...
  • Maggie: ...and be demolished two weeks after being condemned!
  • Emily: Is there anything you can do for us, Mayor?
  • Maggie: I wish I could - but this is Sharon we're talking about.
  • Patrick: Looks like I've got some research to do.

Level 13 - New York MinuteEdit

  • The scouts carry Enid to the camp. Then they leave.
  • Emily: Are you okay?
  • Enid: I fell into a creek...
  • Enid: ...after having an allergic reaction to some rye grass...
  • Enid: ...after getting us lost...
  • Francois: Well... at least you weren't eaten by mountain lions!
  • Enid: No... but I can't say the same for my backpack.
  • Earnest enters the camp.
  • Earnest: Om... Enid sweetheart, can I talk to you about your hike for a minute?
  • Earnest leaves and Enid slowly leaves.


  • Enid slowly enters to the table.
  • Emily: Hey there, can I get you something?
  • Enid: No, thank you.
  • Emily: I'm guessing you're not crazy about this scout stuff, huh?
  • Enid: Oh, no - I am. Really.
  • Enid: I mean, some of it.
  • Enid: I LOVE the technical stuff, science, construction, even crafts...
  • Enid: ...but as far as my dad's concerned, scouting is all about the adventure stuff.
  • Enid: Hmm... mind if I take a look through your handbook?
  • Enid: Knock yourself out.

Level 14 - A Different SpecimenEdit

  • Emily reads the book.
  • Emily: Enid, the handbook says activities need to be supervised by a stuff member...
  • Enid: Yeah... unfortunately, my dad is busy leading all the nature hikes this week.
  • Emily: Well, I'M a staff member.
  • Emily: While you're recovering, why don't I supervise you?
  • Emily: What do YOU want to do?
  • Enid: Ooh! What about botany?
  • Enid: I'd need a lot of samples, though...
  • Enid: ...and my ankle still hurts.
  • Emily: No worries - I'll find then for you.
  • Enid gets up and sits at a rock.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily finds the plants for Enid.


  • Back at Emily's House, in the bathroom.
  • Patrick: Ready?
  • Patrick turns on the water. Suddenly, the leak is about to begin! The sink is overflowing!
  • The sinks bursting out! Water splat!
  • Patrick fell down by a bottom!
  • Emily caught by splat! She fells down by a bottom too!
  • Patrick closes up the water.
  • Patrick: I'd throw in the towel, but it's soaking wet.
  • Patrick: We need to hire a professional.
  • Emily: Think we can find one that will work for s'mores?
  • Emily: Because I can get my hands on plenty of these.

Level 15 - CharredEdit

  • Patrick wakes up.
  • Patrick: I'll make Paige breakfast.
  • Emily: My parents are taking her out for pancakes.
  • Emily: I can't believe we're living at my parents' house...
  • Patrick: Don't worry, we'll be out of here in no time.
  • Patrick: Shouldn't you get up for work?
  • Emily: I'm good - Ernest said the campers are having late start today.
  • Emily and Patrick go back to sleep. They wake up again!
  • Emily and Patrick kiss! Paige crawls upstairs to attic bedroom.
  • Paige: Gunwurk Gan do it agaaaaain!
  • Paige gets on the bed by Emily and Patrick move.
  • Edward enters the attic.
  • Edward: Just wanted to let you know I'll be taking Paige an another outing tonight.
  • Emily: Dad, where is she picking up this 'gubwurk' stuff from?
  • Edward: Hehe - who knows where kids get this stuff, eh?
  • Edward: Well, we better get going - bye!


  • Enid enters the place with equipment. Earnest enters the place.
  • Earnest: Enid! Guess what?
  • Earnest: I volunteered you to go a skit tomorrow!
  • Enid: Dad, please! No!
  • Earnest: It'll be good for you, Enid.
  • Earnest: Besides, no one wins the 'Super Scout' award without doing one.
  • Earnest: You'll do great, I know you will.
  • Earnest kisses Enid, then Earnest leave.
  • Francois: Leave this one to me, Enid.
  • Emily: You have a plan, Francois?
  • Francois: Always!
  • Francois: Err... okay, not always...
  • Francois: ...but this time for sure!

Level 16 - Building UpEdit

  • Enid setting up the hike.
  • Emily: Ah - hydrology, eh?
  • Enid: I'm working on my engineering badge.
  • Enid: It helps me take my mind off the set.
  • Francois: No worries - just keep working on what you want.
  • Francois: I'll handle the skit.
  • Emily: Hmm... I think we have most of these things laying around the camp...
  • Emily: Let me know when you need something and I'll find it for you.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily hands Enid the parts she needs.


  • Scouts enter the camp.
  • Francois: Mm hmm. Okay. Not bad... maybe tweak a few of these punchlines...
  • Brigid, Paige and Earnest enters the camp.
  • Francois: ...change up the delivery...
  • Enid: Francois! What do we do?
  • Francois: Relax and follow my lead.
  • Francois: Say, Enid - how do GHOSTS like their COFFEE?
  • Enid: Err... um... I- I don't know Francois... How?
  • Francois: With extra SCREAM and sugar!
  • They're happy!
  • Francois: Say, Enid - what did the buffalo say to his son when he left for camp?
  • Enid: What DID the buffalo say to his son, Francois?
  • Francois: BISON.
  • Some time later...
  • Enid and Francois clean up the kitchen.
  • Earnest enters the camp.
  • Earnest: Enid - GREAT job! The whole camp is talking about it!
  • Earnest: Bison' Hahahaha!!
  • Earnest leaves the camp.
  • Enid and Francois gave a hug!
  • Best friends forever! Take a picture!

Level 17 - Bigger Than RequiredEdit

  • While Enid is working, Emily and Francois enter the camp.
  • Emily: Wow, Enid - that's really impressive.
  • Enid: I just wish I could do this kind of stuff at camp all the time.
  • Earnest and scouts enter the camp.
  • Earnest: Announcements, announcements, annouuuuuuncements!
  • Earnest: Drum roll please, Elliot.
  • Elliot: Brbrrbrrbrrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbr!
  • Earnest: Emily O'Malley! The numbers are in and... you've got your bonus!
  • Earnest gave a bonus letter to Emily.
  • Emily: That is GREAT news!
  • Francois: Er... and you know what ELSE is great news?
  • Francois: Brbrrbrrbrrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbrrbr!
  • Francois jump spins!
  • Francois: Enid earned her hydrology badge today!
  • Earnest: Yes, lots of time on your hands I see...
  • Earnest: No worries - we'll have you back to real scouting in no time.
  • Earnest and scouts leave the camp. Enid leaves the camp.


  • Back in Emily's Place...
  • Emily plays with Paige.
  • Patrick: Well, that's it - I've called every plumber in town!
  • Patrick: None of them will take the job - they're all too scared of Sharon.
  • Emily: Why?
  • Patrick: She's threatened city contracts, business licenses, work permits...
  • Patrick: Look, don't stress. I'll keep trying.

Level 18 - Cleaning OCDEdit

  • Earnest: Announcements, announcements, annouuuuuuncements!
  • Earnest: Okay, campers! Your votes are in...
  • Earnest: Your SUPER SCOUT for the summer is...
  • Earnest: Marta Mariotta?
  • Marta pulls from Earnest. She earns an award!
  • Earnest: Err... well done, Marta. I'm sure there were many worthy runner-ups.
  • Scouts leave the camp.
  • Enid: I'm sorry Dad.
  • Earnest: Next year, okay?
  • Earnest: We'll work EXTRA hard during the school year on our outdoor skills.
  • Earnest: Let's get started, right away, follow me!
  • Earnest and Enid leave the camp.


  • Scouts carry Earnest to the camp. Enid enters the camp.
  • Earnest: Oooh... My stomach!?
  • Scouts leave the camp.
  • Emily: Oh, my goodness! What happened?
  • Enid: He was trying to demonstrate what berries were edible versus poisonous.
  • Enid: He accidentally ate some Western Yew berries which look very similar to Huckleberries.
  • Earnest and Francois walk slowly to the corner.
  • Earnest: Tho... Those wer... weren't Huckleberries? H... Ho... How can you tell?
  • Enid: The stems, Dad, now just be quiet while we fix you up...
  • Enid: He'll be okay - but I'll need your help.
  • Emily: Tell me what do!
  • Enid: I'm going to need as much liquid ad you have to dilute the irritant.
  • Some time later...
  • Earnest: I... I'm starting to feel better!
  • Enid: It's the liquid that...
  • Earnest: My little girl saved me!
  • Enid and Earnest gave a hug.
  • Enid: No matter the votes, you're a 'Super Scout' to me!

Level 19 - Taking A BreakEdit

  • Paige draws when Patrick calls every plumber around.
  • Emily: Still no luck?
  • Patrick: There's not a plumber in town who wants to cross Sharon...
  • Patrick: ...even if they could take on such a big job on short notice.
  • Edward goes up the attic to tell Paige.
  • Edward: Okay, Paige! Ready for another afternoon with Grandpa?
  • Edward drops something. Paige comes to Edward, Emily grabs!
  • Emily: The Grubwork Gang?!
  • Paige: Gubwurk Gan do it agaaaaaaain!
  • Emily: Dad, how many times have you taken Paige to see his movie?!
  • Edward: Err... just three or four times.
    • Makes Emily surprised!
  • Edward: ...five, maybe.
    • Makes Patrick happy!
  • Edward: It's a REALLY good movie I promise.
  • Edward: It's about a bunch of kids who solve problems where adults can't.
  • Edward: She loves it! Frankly, so do I.
  • Emily: Hmm...
  • Emily: Patrick - I just MIGHT have a solution to our problem.


  • Earnest, Enid and scouts enter the camp.
  • Earnest: The Scoutmasters?! What are you doing here?
  • "We got a call from Emily who told us we should really came and meet a certain scout!"
  • "Everyone gather around! Announcements, announcements, annouuuuuuncements!"
  • Some time later...
  • "And so, for her bravery and quick thinking..."
  • " is my pleasure to award Enid Templeton..."
  • "...the HIGHEST award in scouting..."
  • "...the Medal of Heroism!"
  • Scoutmaster leader places a medal on Enid.
  • Medal for heroism - What a SUPER SCOUT! Take a picture!
  • Emily, Francois and Earnest clap their hands.
  • "If the adults of tomorrow are half as wise as the youth of today..."
  • "...the future is bright indeed."
  • The scouts leave, Enid and Earnest hug!
  • Earnest: I'm so proud of you, sweetheart.
  • Earnest gave a kiss to Enid.
  • Earnest: Enid - we should send this story in to Snuggford Scout Magazine!
  • Earnest: Err... if that's what YOU want.
  • Enid: Sure thing Dad, why not?
  • Earnest, scoutmasters and Francois leave the camp.
  • Emily: Enid - can I ask you for a favor?
  • Enid: Anything!

Level 20 - The ReceiverEdit

  • Back at Emily's House, Patrick attempts to fix the sink.
  • Patrick: Please, please, please, PLEASE work.
  • The sink is fixed again! Enid and scouts enter the bathroom.
  • Patrick: If you're selling cookies, I'm sorry but I'm broke.
  • Enid: Emily sent us - we're here to help.
  • Patrick: You don't exactly look like plumbers.
  • Enid: No sir - we're Snuggford Scouts!
  • Enid: Okay squad - let's get behind the drywall, and see what we're dealing with.
  • Enid: And we'll need a volunteer to bring more supplies to and from camp.
  • "You got it, Enid!"

During the levelEdit

  • Emily receives the packages.


  • Back at Emily's House...
  • Sharon: 'Nothing!?' What do you mean you found 'mothing'!?
  • Mr. Henriques: Just what I said - the plumbing is newly replaced...
  • Mr. Henriques: is the sewer line.
  • Mr. Henriques: ...everything's working perfectly and up to code.
  • Sharon: Well, absolutely I'll have to try HARDER to keep Snuggford safe from this... this DEATHTRAP!
    • This makes Everybody Surprised and confused!
  • Sharon and Henriques leave.
  • Emily: You have no idea how grateful I am.
  • Emily and Enid gave a hug.
  • Enid: Ditto.
  • Enid: Will you come visit us at camp next summer?
  • Emily: Count on it!
  • Emily and Enid gave a hug again.
  • Paige: Snufur Scouts can do it agaaaaaaain!
  • They're happy!
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