This is the fifth restaurant in Emily's Home Sweet Home.

Level 41 - Ski Retrieval

  • Emily enters he Lounge. She looks for Aaron and Marissa.
  • Aaron and Marissa enter the lounge.
  • Aaron: Morning, Emily! You're really helping us out by running this lace during training season.
  • Aaron: If you want, you can join in for the morning season tomorrow.
  • Emily: Me? Thanks, but no, I need all the sleep I can get these days.
  • Aaron: Marissa and I get up at 4 a.m. today to hit the fresh powder.
  • Aaron: She's going to take the Skate High School Slalom Championship this year.
  • Aaron: Isn't that right, sweetheart?
  • Marissa: It's mine to lose!
  • Aaron: Okay, grab some Power Water and let's head back out.
  • Aaron and Marissa leave the lounge.


  • Back in Emily's Restaurant...
  • Patrick: Okay Patrick, this is Emily's dream restaurant...
  • Patrick: can do this!
  • Patrick: You might not sleep for the next week and a half, but you can do this.
  • Emily and Paige enter the place.
  • Emily and Patrick kiss!
  • Emily: It's finally happening...
  • Emily: My own quaint little bistro!
  • Emily: You sure you have time for this AND bring the rest of the house up to code?
  • Patrick: There's NO WAY I'm letting Sharon ruin on our parade.
  • Patrick: Emily's Place AND the house will both be ready in time.
  • Paige claps her hands.

Level 42 - Snow Package

  • Aaron: I don't understand it.
  • Emily enters the lounge.
  • Aaron: We're consistently a half second off your best time.
  • Emily: That doesn't sound like a lot.
  • Aaron: In slalom racing it's the different between first place and no place.
  • Aaron: Well, I don't want you to lose any sleep over it.
  • Marissa: Really?
  • Aaron: That's right, because I already have the solution.
  • Aaron: I was going to have it be a surprise BUT...
  • Aaron: I bought you some top-of-the-line gear!
  • Marissa: Dad?! I thought you said money was fight?
  • Aaron: Not with the State Championship on the line, it isn't!
  • Aaron: Emily, please be on the lookout for some packages, would you?
  • Emily: Of course.
  • Aaron and Marissa leave the lounge.

During the level

  • Emily receives packages containing ski-equipment.


  • Angela enters the lounge!
  • Emily: ANGELA! Oh, my gosh!
  • Angela gave Emily a hug!
  • Francois: Hey, stranger!
  • Emily: Wow! You look amazing!
  • Angela spins!
  • Angela: This ol' thing? It's one of my own.
  • Emily: Good to see the Big City hasn't changed you.
  • Emily: Where's Jimmy?
  • Angela: Oh, um... you know! Work... stuff... things.
  • Francois: Jimmy works?
  • Emily hit her face... Luckily, Angela gave Emily a hug again!
  • Emily: I'll see you at Mom and Dad's house...
  • Emily: We'll catch up then.

Level 43 - Type-Cast

  • Sharon with Grace enter the lounge. Emily places Paige.
  • Emily: We're not open yet.
  • Sharon: Oh, I didn't come to ski...
  • Sharon: I've always found this particular resort to be a little on the 'cheap' side.
  • Sharon gives a note to Emily.
  • Sharon: The town hall meeting about expanding the freeway is scheduled.
  • Sharon: Is up to code yet? Because demolishing a condemned house is a real no-brainer."
  • Francois: Speaking of no-brainers...
  • Emily: It says here the meeting is 'on-site'...
  • Emily: ..guess you'll have to see for yourself how we're doing.
  • Sharon: Come on Grace, let's leave before we get food poisoning.
  • Grace gave Paige a hug.
  • Sharon: I said LET'S GO! You're late for piano!
  • Sharon takes Grace and leave.
  • Angela takes Paige and leave the lounge.


  • Meanwhile at Emily's Restaurant...
  • Mr. Henriques checks the restaurant.
  • Mr. Henriques: Tsk-tsk-tsk. A commercial restaurant in a residential neighborhood?
  • Patrick: We've got all the right permits! What's the problem?
  • Mr. Henriques: The PROBLEM, Mr. O'Malley...
  • Mr. Henriques: that those permits were for a restaurant in a COMMERCIAL neighborhood.
  • Mr. Henriques: RESIDENTIAL is a very different matter.
  • Patrick: I think the PROBLEM is that you're trying to stay on Councilwoman Stepford's good side.
  • Mr. Henriques: Mr. O'Malley, I deeply resent the accusation!
  • Mr. Henriques gave paperwork to Patrick.
  • Mr. Henriques: Now, if you cannot bring this restaurant up to the additional standards in time...
  • Mr. Henriques: ...the entire facility will be permanently condemned.
  • Patrick: You tell Sharon I won't quit, you hear?
  • Patrick: This bistro is going to be so perfect, it'll be booked throughout the year.
  • Mr. Henriques leave.
  • Patrick: And don't think you'll get a reservation!

Level 44 - Tangled

  • Emily enters the lounge to see Marissa attempts to untangle skis.
  • Marissa: Ugh!
  • Emily: Everything okay?
  • Marissa: Why wouldn't it be?
  • Emily: Okay, I'll leave you be then.
  • Marissa: Wait, I'm sorry.
  • Marissa: It's just... I'm having trouble with these new bindings.
  • Marissa: I know my dad, he'll want them to be perfect.
  • Emily: Wait, I'm no skiing expert but...
  • Emily: Well, lately I've had a LOT of experience assembling things.
  • Emily: How about some help?
  • Marissa: That'd be great!
  • Marissa leaves the lounge.

During the level

  • Emily untangles the skis.


  • Back in the attic bedroom, Paige continues drawing.
  • Emily: *sigh*...
  • Emily: Looks like Daddy's working late again...
  • Paige: I gonna cheer Daddy up!
  • Emily: Daddy does love your drawings - is that the house?
  • Paige: Uh-huh!
  • Emily looks at Paige drawing.
  • Emily: Sweetey Petey - why don't you use a brown crayon for the floors?
  • Emily: You know how proud Daddy is of his hardwood floors.
  • Paige: Nuh-uh!
  • Emily: Don't you want it to look nice?
  • Paige stops drawing.

Level 45 - Dessert Storm

  • Emily calls.
  • Emily: Yes, My Mulholland - it's Emily O'Malley.
  • Emily: You signed our petition against Measure 21.
  • Emily: I was hoping you could come to a town hall meeting Friday to voice your opposition in person.
  • Emily: I understand.
  • Emily: It's just, I would mean a lot to us if you could voice your opinion in person.
  • Emily: You changed your mind?!
  • Emily: You LIKE the idea of expanding the road?
  • Emily: Oh, well, enjoy your trip to the cardboard boat museum in Ohio then.
  • Emily: You only live once!
  • Emily hangs up.
  • Emily: I'll call the rest of those later.


  • Meanwhile in Emily's Restaurant...
  • Emily: Fantastic! You've already started on my new restaurant!
  • Emily and Patrick kiss at the moment.
  • Almost done
  • Emily: You sure you're not stretched too thin?
  • Patrick: No worries! I got it covered.
  • Paige: Daddy! Here!
  • Paige gives the finished drawing to Patrick.
  • Patrick sees the drawing.
  • Patrick: Is that Daddy working on the house?
  • Paige: Uh-huh!
  • Patrick: It's PERFECT, Kitten-Cake! Just perfect!
  • Paige: I make you more!
  • Emily: Yesterday I criticized her for using the 'wrong' color of all things.
  • Patrick: We're all under a lot of stress.
  • Patrick: Besides, I think red, yellow and aqua marine floors might not be such a bad idea...
  • Emily and Patrick agreed with an idea!

Level 46 - Food-Training

  • During Emily works at counter, Marissa and Aaron enter the lounge.
  • Marissa: I eat healthy, Dad!
  • Aaron: Healthy isn't enough!
  • Aaron: If you're going to take home that trophy you need to eat what winners eat!
  • Aaron: Remember - second place is the first loser.
  • Aaron: C'mon, fuel up session - let's feed the tiger.
  • Aaron: Emily - we're going take breakfast now, get ready!
  • Aaron and Marissa sit at the table to order.

During the level

  • Emily serves Aaron and Marissa.


  • Aaron and Marissa gets up from the table.
  • Aaron: Okay, now that you're full of rocket fuel...
  • Aaron: ...take a half hour to rest and meet me on the course.
  • Aaron leaves the lounge.
  • Emily: Your dad's pretty excited about the Skate Slalom Championship...
  • Marissa: Pfffft! You'd think it was HIM competing in the stupid race.
  • Emily: You don't much like racing, do you?
  • Marissa: You won't say anything to my dad?
  • Emily: No, of course not.
  • Marissa: I HATE it. ALL of it.
  • Marissa: I hate the hours, the stupid diets...
  • Marissa: ...I hate my dad being my catch all the time.
  • Marissa: I just want it to be over - but at the same time I'm scared...
  • Marissa: ...what if I lose?
  • Marissa cries.

Level 47 - Speedy Service II

  • Meanwhile in Emiy's Restaurant...
  • Patrick: My BRICKS are too thin?
  • Mr. Henriques: For indoor use, certainly.
  • Mr. Henriques: This fireplace has 'fire hazard' written all over it.
  • Patrick: Is that ALL?
  • Sharon: The city is prepared to make you a generous offer...
  • Patrick: This is half of what we paid for it.
  • Sharon: Which is still quite a bit more than zero, Mr. O'Malley.
  • Sharon: Which is exactly what you'll get it this wreck is permanently condemned...
  • Sharon: ..even if it's not, the voters will see the wisdom in my road expansion measure.
  • Sharon: Take the money, Mr. O'Malley, you can't win here.
  • Patrick: THIS restaurant... THIS house, will be perfect before the deadline.
  • Patrick: ...and as you noted earlier, COUNCILWOMAN...
  • Patrick: ...elections are right around the corner.
  • Sharon and Mr. Henriques leave.
  • Patrick: Oh, man... what did I just do?


  • Emily puts the money in register, before Aaron enters the lounge.
  • Aaron: Emily, have you seen Marissa?!
  • Emily: not since yesterday. Why?
  • Aaron: She's been missing since after dinner last night.
  • Aaron: No text, no phone call...
  • Emily: I'm sure she's just... blowing off steam or something.
  • Emily: You know teenagers.
  • Aaron: No, no - she's missed TWO training sessions.
  • Aaron: That's not like her at ALL.
  • Emily: I'll keep an eye out for her, okay?
  • Aaron: I'll search the slopes.
  • Aaron leaves the lounge.

Level 48 - Garbage Explosion

  • Aaron enters the lounge.
  • Emily: Any word?
  • Aaron: Nothing!
  • Aaron: My employees just told me they had a small avalanche late last night.
  • Aaron: The course was closed to the public - but Marissa and I train there a lot.
  • Emily: I'm sure she wasn't there.
  • Aaron: How can you be so sure? Marissa's VERY focused on winning that race.
  • Aaron: We're going to search the slope, just in case.
  • Emily: I'll come with you.
  • Aaron: No, no - you'd better stay here in case she turns up.
  • Aaron: Call me on the radio if you see her?
  • Emily: Of course.
  • Aaron leaves the lounge.

During the level

  • Emily cleans up the restaurant.


  • Marissa comes out under the counter.
  • Emily: Marissa?
  • Emily: Your father is going out of his mind with worry.
  • Marissa: You won't tell him I'm here, will you?
  • Aaron enters the lounge to see Marissa.
  • Upon arrival, Aaron gave Marissa a hug!
  • Aaron: Marissa- I was worried SICK! Where WERE you?
  • Marissa: I- I...
  • Emily: You can tell him, Marissa.
  • Marissa: I- I don't want to race.
  • Aaron: But... but... we've been training for this all year!
  • Marissa: I know... Dad, it's just...
  • Marissa: I could tell you wanted this SO bad, I didn't want to hurt your feelings...
  • Marissa: But you're SO focused on me winning first place.
  • Marissa: I can't deal with the pleasure.
  • Aaron: Marissa, I'm sorry...
  • Aaron: I just wanted you to feel confident in yourself.
  • Aaron: Like you could do ANYTHING, you know?
  • Aaron and Marissa gave a hug again,
  • Aaron: Don't worry about the race, okay?
  • Marissa: It's not what most important.

Level 49 - A Few Angry Men


  • Sharon enters the place to look for Grace.
  • She walks to scaffold.
  • She unholds the scaffold.
  • Sharon: 'Perfect', huh?
  • Sharon: Let's see how YOU like breaking an arm when YOU can least afford it.

Level 50 - Tray Efficient

  • While Emily using cash register, Aaron and Marissa enter the lounge.
  • Emily: So you completed after all!
  • Marissa: Yeah, well... I did train pretty hard for it.
  • Marissa: Plus, once my dad chilled out it was pretty fun.
  • Aaron: She raced her heart out and got third place!
  • Aaron: I've never been so proud.
  • Marissa got a trophy!
  • Aaron: Why don't you get us some celebratory desserts?
  • Marissa leaves the lounge.
  • Aaron: I want to thank you... for being there for Marissa.
  • Emily: I'm just glad it all worked out.
  • Aaron: Anyhow, she's retiring... no more competitive skiing.
  • Emily: What about you?
  • Aaron: I'm going to moonlight as a private catch...
  • Aaron: pay for all that ski gear I bought.
  • Aaron leaves the place.


  • Now in Emily's Restaurant...
  • Patrick: I should really keep working on the chimney.
  • Emily: Final inspection isn't until tomorrow...
  • Emily: ...let's get through the meeting first.
  • Shaniqua, Moon Blossom, Sun Lotus, Earnest, Billy, Enid, senior society, Grace, and Sharon enter the place.
  • Francois: Boooo!
  • Sharon: Good evening, everyone - I'm Councilwoman Stepford, sponsor of Measure 21.
  • Sharon: Thank you for attending today's on-site community meeting.
  • Sharon: I've already heard from many of you - I assure you I take your feedback VERY seriously...
  • Sharon: ...but Snuggford Hills is growing 0 freeway access isn't a luxury but a necessity.
  • Sharon: The neighborhood needs better access to emergency services...
  • Sharon: ...and businesses here are suffering.
  • Emily: Businesses? What about MY business?
  • Sharon: This house is a danger to the public!
  • Sharon: My own daughter suffered a terrible injury here.
  • Emily: It was an ACCIDENT!
  • Grace: WE RUN AWAY!
  • Grace runs to the ladder while Paige is following Grace.
  • Grace climbs the ladder and it starts to shake!
  • Paige climbs the ladder.
  • Emily: Girls! Come down right now!
  • Patrick attempts to climb the ladder.
  • Sharon: WAIT! STOP!
  • Sharon: I threw away some of the bolts... last night.
  • Sharon: It wasn't bear any more weight - it'll fall apart!
  • Patrick cancels climbing the ladder.
  • Everybody look at Paige and Grace the scaffold shaking!
  • Emily takes the curtain off the window to save Grace and Paige.
  • Emily: Everyone grab hold!
  • Angela, Edward, Brigid and Antonio are volunteers to hold the trampoline.
  • Sharon is also a volunteer. Emily, Sharon, Angela, Brigid, Edward and Antonio are holding the curtain as trampoline!
  • Grace fell down to the trampoline and bounced to Patrick! Then Patrick gave Grace to Evelyn!
  • Sharon: Oh, my baby!
  • Paige fell down to the trampoline and bounced to Patrick! He holds Paige!
  • They let go of the curtain. The scaffold is collapsed!
  • Patrick: Where do you think you're going, Kitten-Cake?
  • Angela's ecstatic!
  • Some time later...
  • Mr. Henriques: This chimney is STILL a fire hazard...
  • Patrick: Yeah, well - your boss has a little something to do with that.
  • Mr. Henriques: I'm sorry, Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley, but you are out of time.
  • Sharon: Martin?
  • Mr. Henriques: Err... yes, Councilwoman?
  • Sharon: Buzz off.
  • Martin leaves the place.
  • Emily: Here to reschedule the meeting?
  • Sharon: There'll be no more meetings.
  • Sharon: And no more inspections - the house is no longer condemned.
  • Sharon gives a note to Emily.
  • Sharon: What I did to the scaffolding... it's inexcusable.
  • Emily: You could have seriously hurt someone, Sharon.
  • [[Sharon Stepford|Sharon[[: My little princess, I was so angry...
  • Sharon: And for what? A spoiled pageant season she doesn't even enjoy.
  • Sharon: Good luck with your restaurant, Emily, you deserve it!
  • Sharon goes before leaving.
  • Sharon: The curtains were a little drab, anyhow - weren't they?
  • Sharon now leaves the place.
  • Emily now owned a restaurant!
  • She looks around and... wow!
  • Emily: Look at our house...
  • Emily: It's perfect, Patrick.
  • Emily gave a kiss to Patrick. But the chandelier fell down!
  • Emily: My dad didn't put up the lights, didn't he?
  • Patrick: Yup.
  • Emily and Patrick are so excited for the brand new house!
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