This is the third restaurant in Emily's Home Sweet Home.

Level 21 - Let Me Entertain YouEdit

  • Billy Junior jump skating the land.
  • Emily enters the land.
  • Billy: EMILY! We are SO EXCITED to have you onboard!
  • Billy: Isn't that right kids?
  • Samantha: Best day of my life.
  • Billy Jr.: Yeah, sure Dad, whatever.
  • Billy: The end of the summer is our BUSIEST time of year!
  • Billy: And this year we're going out with a BANG!
  • Billy: Thanks to Happy Funtime Land's first ever End of Summer-Bration!
  • Samantha: Gee, can't wait to spend the end of summer working ALL WEEKEND.
  • Billy: As you can see, there's a lot to prepare.
  • Billy: Good luck!
  • Billy leaves the land, while Billy Jr. wears a penguin outfit, and Samantha is the cleaner.


  • Billy takes off the Penguin costume, while Samantha drops something. They leave.


  • While Patrick fixes the wall, one tourist visits the place.
  • One inspector checks the house.
  • Patrick: Err... Hello?
  • "Hello!"
  • Patrick: Can I help you with something?
  • "Oh, I'd love some coffee if you have some thanks."
  • Patrick: Who are you and why are you in my home!?
  • "Forgive me - I thought you'd been notified."
  • A businessman gave a letter to Patrick.
  • "The city wants greater highway access for the neighborhood.
  • "This house will be demolished to make room for the new road.
  • "Well, have a good day!"
  • A businessman leave.
  • Patrick: Aargh!... SHARON!

Level 22 - Food FightEdit

  • Billy Jr. throws a burger in food fight.
  • Samantha throws the burger back to Billy Jr.
  • Emily enters the land. What a scary food fight!
  • Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Guys!
  • Billy Jr. throws the burger father past Samantha.
  • Emily: Guys!
  • Samantha throws a burger past Billy Jr.
  • Emily: GUYS!
  • Emily: Billy, Samantha - I need you guys to get with the program.
  • Billy Jr.: Like how?
  • Emily: First of all, no food fights.
  • Emily: Also, tables could be cleaned a little faster...
  • Emily: ...and much ore thoroughly.
  • Samantha: Our dad never complained.
  • Emily: I understand, but he's left me in charge.
  • Emily: I KNOW you guys can do better.
  • Emily: So let's put this behind us and work together, okay?
  • Emily, Billy Jr. and Samantha go back to work

During the levelEdit

  • Emily picks up the food remains from food fight.


  • Back in Emily's Garden...
  • Maggie: Sharon has the Council under her thumb.
  • Maggie: The highway access measure is likely to pass.
  • Maggie: If you can collect enough signatures from all the Snuggfordians...
  • Paige and Daisy follow.
  • Maggie: ...the measure will be postponed until the city can hold a town hall meeting.
  • Emily: How many signatures would we need?
  • Maggie: You'll need a thousand.
  • Patrick gets up from a table.
  • Patrick: Then we better get started.

Level 23 - Sugar RushEdit

  • While Emily works at cash register, Billy enters the place.
  • Billy: Emily! Thought I'd stop by and see how it was going!
  • Emily: Things could be a lot better, Billy.
  • Billy: Oh, err... actually, do you mind if we take this up later?
  • Billy: Someone let a pig loose in the House of Mirrors.
  • Emily: The kids aren't really doing their best, Billy...
  • Emily: ...and yesterday they had a food fight which I had to clean up.
  • Billy: Kids! Come here, okay?
  • Billy: What's this I hear about a food fight?
  • Billy Jr.: It's not our fault!
  • Samantha: Yeah - it's SO boring in here.
  • Billy: Now, now - no harm done, just don't do it again.
  • Billy: Here's a little advance on your paychecks so you can have some fun, later.
  • Billy gives paychecks to Samantha and Billy Jr.
  • Billy: See! Problem solved.
  • Billy leaves the place.


  • Samantha: Yeah, um... so there's this horror convention happening tomorrow.
  • Samantha: So I, like, need the day off.
  • Billy Jr.: I was going to ask first!
  • Emily: Guys, I'd love to say 'yes' but we are REALLY busy.
  • Emily: We need at least ONE of you here at any given time.
  • Emily: How about you work up a schedule together?
  • Emily: That way you can both have half a day?
  • Billy Jr. and Samantha leave the land.
  • Patrick and Paige enter the land.
  • Emily: How's the signature gathering going?
  • Patrick: Harder than I thought! I should probably get back out there.
  • Patrick: It's been a stressful day, let's take a break and have some fun!
  • Emily and Patrick kiss.
  • Paige: Treat! Treat!
  • Emily: Hmmm... Alright.
  • Emily makes an ice cream and gives to Paige. Paige tastes it.
  • Paige throws the ice cream.
  • Emily: Paige, remember what we said about wasting food?
  • Paige shook "yes".
  • Emily: Okay, good. Now, let's go find the horsie carousel!
  • Paige quickly leaves, and Emily and Patrick leave the land.

Level 24 - A Great MemoryEdit

  • A land worker finishes the Ferris Wheel and removes the road closed sign.
  • Emily enters the land. She looks around.
  • Emily: Billy! Samantha?!
  • Emily: Are you kidding me?
  • Evelyn and Paige enter the land.
  • Evelyn: She was missing Mommy.
  • Emily grabs Paige and looks at her. Emily gives a kiss to Paige. Then she places Paige down.
  • Emily: Say... it looks like they fixed the Ferris wheel in tine for the big Summer-Bration!
  • Emily: Would you like to ride it with Nana?
  • Paige shooks "yes".
  • Emily: Good! Because we would like some nice pictures of you and Nana!
  • Evelyn and Paige enter the Ferris Wheel.
  • Emily places a camera.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily takes pictures of Evelyn and Paige ridding the Ferris Wheel.


  • Back at Emily and Patrick's bedroom, Patrick and Paige fell asleep.
  • Emily goes upstairs to attic bedroom.
  • Emily and Patrick: I had the WORST day!
  • Patrick: You first.
  • Emily: Billy's kids do NOT want to work there...
  • Emily: ...and I can't get Billy to so anything about his kids awful attitudes...
  • Emily: ...besides having him reward them for their poor behavior, that is.
  • Emily: I'm starting to dread this big Summer-Bration more than they are.
  • Emily: How was your day?
  • Patrick: I spent all day downtown.
  • Patrick: Half the people I talk to LIKE the idea of more highway access...
  • Patrick: there are a lot of weird petitions competing for signatures.
  • Patrick: This one guy is CONVINCED the Statue of Liberty was meant for a gift for Snuggford...
  • Patrick: ...but that the French who brought it over were mugged in New York.
  • Emily fell asleep.
  • Emily and Patrick fell fast asleep. Take a picture.

Level 25 - I Need new SalesEdit

  • Billy: You didn't show up for work?
  • Billy: You know how important this time of year is.
  • Billy: Summer-Bration is almost here.
  • Billy: I need all the help from you two I can get.
  • Billy Jr.: You told us to have fun, remember?
  • Billy: I'm going to be out for the next few days...
  • Billy: Drumming up publicity for the big Summer-Bration.
  • Billy: EMILY is in charge while I'm gone.
  • Samantha: Dad, can we still have a sleepover with our friends in the haunted house after closing time?
  • Billy: Hmm... Okay...
  • Billy: But only on the condition that you work EXTRA hard for Emily while I'm gone.
  • Billy leave the place.


  • Paige, Brigid and Antonio enter the land.
  • Emily picks up Paige and plays. Then she kisses Paige.
  • Paige: Treat! Treat!
  • Emily: Paige sweetie, how would you like to EARN your treat?
  • Emily: Just like the kids in that cartoon you love, The Grubwork Gang.
  • Paige shooks "yes".
  • Emily: See that dirty table over there?
  • Emily: Come help Mommy clean it.
  • Emily and Paige clean the table.
  • Antonio: What a hard worker you are Paige!
  • Antonio: Just like your mother!
  • Emily and Paige are Cheerful!
  • Emily makes another ice cream for Paige.

Level 26 - The Repairman ScareEdit

  • The repairman visits the land to repair roller coaster.
  • Emily enters the place.
  • A repairman opens and the tools are scattered!
  • Emily: Are you two finished?
  • Emily: Because we need to talk.
  • Emily: New rule - You don't do your jobs, you don't get paid.
  • Samantha: You can't do that - that's like... slavery.
  • Emily: Unfortunately, Samantha, that's how the real world works.
  • Emily: ALSO in the real world - if you work REALLY hard...
  • Emily: get rewarded with a bonus.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily hands the tools scattered to the repairman.


  • Emily places something to the counter.
  • Emily: Guys! You ROCKED today!
  • Billy Jr.: Did we get a bonus?
  • Emily: No.
  • Emily: You EARNED a bonus.
  • Emily: Your hard work made a difference today.
  • Emily gives a bonus to Samantha.
  • Samantha and Billy Jr. leave the land. Emily puts the money back in the register.
  • Samantha and Billy Jr. come back for another thing.
  • Samantha: Hey, um... Emily?
  • Samantha: Thanks.
  • Now Samantha and Billy Jr. leave again.

Level 27 - Fully LoadedEdit

  • Billy enters the land.
  • Billy: Hey, hey guys!
  • I have been ALL OVER Snuggford!
  • Billy: EVERYONE is talking about our big Summer-Bration Spectacular!
  • Samantha: Yeah - talking about how lame it is.
  • Billy: Guys - PLEASE, this is HUGE for us.
  • Samantha: Dad, please! We don't want to work ALL weekend.
  • Samantha: It's the last weekend of summer!
  • Billy: I'll make it up to you both, I PROMISE.
  • Billy tries to leave.
  • Emily: Billy - your kids really turned things around while you were gone.
  • Billy: Well... naturally. I'm not at all surprised!
  • Billy leaves the land.


  • Back in Emily's Garden, a worker boards the house. Patrick and Emily enters the garden.
  • Patrick: What in the world do you think you're doing?
  • "Sorry pal - just following orders."
  • Worker gave a notice to Patrick.
  • "I'd lose my job, ya' know?"
  • Emily: But the City Council hasn't even voted on the highway measure!
  • "Sometimes they like to get a head start on these things..."
  • "...especially with these condemned houses."
  • A worker gets back to board.
  • Emily: How many signatures are we up to?
  • Patrick: Not really enough...
  • Patrick: We'll get the signatures we need in time.
  • Patrick: I don't know how, but we'll get them.
  • Patrick and Emily gave a hug.

Level 28 - Filled With Hot AirEdit

  • Emily enters the land.
  • Billy Jr.: Hey Emily - you okay?
  • Emily: *sigh*... I've got a neighbor from hell who happens to be a councilwoman...
  • Emily: ...if we don't get enough signatures in time she's going to demolish my house...
  • Emily: ...which part of me things isn't a bad idea because the house is a money pit...
  • Emily: ...except then I'll be living with my parents until I'm sixty.
  • Billy Jr.: Man... being an adult sounds like it sucks.
  • Billy Jr.: Maybe we should call it off?
  • What for? She gets paid either way.
  • Samantha: Besides, do you want to work like a mule the last weekend of summer?
  • Samantha: Dad said you're supposed to assemble the inflatable dancing guy for us.
  • Samantha: Says he doesn't trust us not to break it.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily blows up the wacky waving inflatable arm man.


  • The kids and tourists are at the place while Billy leaves.
  • Samantha: Ready?
  • Samantha starts the inflatable man.
  • The scary surprise is here!
  • "AAAAAHH!!"
  • Everybody is scared!
  • Billy enters the land!
  • There was a dead thing on the roller coaster!
  • "WAAAAAAA!!!"
  • The spider descends.
  • he runs away!
  • "Oh, no! He's really scared of spiders."
  • Shge leaves.
  • " don't say!"
  • He leaves. Billy enters the land where haunted creatures present!
  • "Do you think this is funny?!"
  • Billy: I assure you, I do not.
  • "Just who is responsible for this!"
  • Billy: I- I- My...
  • Billy: I suppose ultimately... I am.
  • "I demanded a refund!"
  • Billy: Yes, of course. Please, follow me.
  • Billy leaves the land while they follow him.
  • Emily: I really hope that was worth it, guys.
  • Billy Jr. and Samantha were depressed.

Level 29 - Money MakerEdit

  • Emily enters the land.
  • Samantha: We feel really, really bad about yesterday.
  • Billy Jr.: We apologized to our dad - he says he forgives us...
  • Billy Jr.: ...but he can't even look us in the eye.
  • Emily: It's one thing to say you're sorry.
  • Emily: But you should try to make it right.
  • Samantha: How?
  • Emily: You're smart, creative kids, just like your dad.
  • Emily: If we work together, maybe we can turn this weekend around.
  • Billy Jr.: C'mon, Samantha - we can do this. For Dad!
  • Emily: I might even be able to help bring some bodies to the park.
  • Emily: Live ones, that is.


  • Billy walks in the land with sadness. He takes the money from register.
  • Billy: There - there must be some mistake!
  • Emily: No mistake.
  • Emily: Your kids wanted to make things right.
  • Emily: They worked as hard as any kitchen staff I've ever had.
  • Billy: I- I am VERY proud of you two.
  • Billy: This DEFINITELY calls for a SPECIAL reward!
  • Billy Jr.: No need, Dad.
  • Samantha: We already got our reward.
  • Billy Jr. Billy and Samantha gave a three big hug.

Level 30 - Keeping HealthyEdit

  • Emily enters the land.
  • Emily: Guys? What's going on?
  • Billy Jr.: We talked to our dad about your problem...
  • Samantha: Normally, he doesn't allow solicitors...
  • Samantha: ...but in your case, he INSISTED.
  • Billy Jr.: Anyhow, we've done the math,...
  • Samantha: AHEM.
  • Billy Jr.: Err... Samantha did the math.
  • Billy Jr.: ...there's a halfway decent chance you can get enough signatures be the end of today.
  • A little help from Emily's friends! Take a picture!
  • Patrick: READY?
  • Evelyn, Brigid and Antonio: BREAK! and Paige: BWEAK!
  • Now, Patrick, Paige, Evelyn, Edward, Brigid and Antonio leave the park.


  • Back in Emily's Garden was the demolish.
  • Sharon: Hang on, let me turn the auto=flash off.
  • Sharon: Okay! Five... four... three... two...
  • Emily, Patrick, Paige, Francois, Evelyn, Edward, Brigid, Antonio and Maggie enter the garden.
  • Maggie: Turn it off, Earl!
  • Earl the Worker turns it off.
  • Sharon: You've overstepped your bounds, Maggie!
  • Emily: I'm afraid it's YOU who's overstepped your bounds, Sharon.
  • Patrick gives the paperwork to Sharon.
  • Maggie: Emily has the right of it, Sharon.
  • Maggie: 1,000 signatures - all verified.
  • Maggie: Your motion has been tabled pending a town hall meeting.
  • Francois: Ha!
  • Elections aren't far off, Maggie...
  • Sharon:'d do well to remember whose voice it is that counts around here.
  • Sharon leaves the garden.
  • Billy Jr., Billy and Samantha enter the garden.
  • Billy: A little parking gift... we thought Paige might like it.
  • Emily: I don't how to thank you guys.
  • Billy: Nonsense. One good turn deserved another.
  • Billy Jr., Samantha, and Billy leave the garden.
  • Paige is very happy!
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