This is the fourth restaurant in Emily's Home Sweet Home.

Level 31 - Bonus-FrenzyEdit

  • Emily enters the market.
  • Moon Blossom: Oh, wow! Hey! You're finally here1
  • Moon Blossom: What was your name again?
  • Emily: Emily?
  • Moon Blossom: Oh, yeah! Emily, you're here to help with fall harvest season!
  • Moon Blossom: Okay, Hemingway - let's put your pine cone bird feeder on the tree.
  • Hemingway puts a cone to bird feeder.
  • Emily: Your market is beautiful, I had no idea this was here!
  • Moon Blossom: Thanks! It's so nice to be outside and align yourself with nature, you know.
  • The bird flies to Hemingway!
  • Moon Blossom: Oh, my gosh!
  • Moon Blossom scares the bird away.
  • Moon Blossom: Quick, go find Mommy's thyme all hand cleaner!
  • Moon Blossom: Birds carry a lot of germs and diseases, you know.
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway leave the market.


  • Back inside Emily's House, Antonio enters the place.
  • Antonio: Patrick, please know I was just trying to help...
  • Patrick: What are you talking about?
  • A senior visits the place.
  • "GASP! What are you doing?!"
  • Patrick: Pounding a nail?
  • "Stop! in the name of history!"
  • "We're from the Snuggford Hills Historical Preservation Society."
  • "We're meeting with the City Council in one week.
  • "And upon our recommendation, this house will become a historical landmark."
  • Patrick: You had something to do with this?
  • Antonio: I found out this house used to belong to an astronomer named Gekko Flasker...
  • "Geikensfleischer!"
  • Antonio: What I said, and if the house was a landmark the city couldn't possible flutten it.
  • Antonio: It just come with some small print, I didn't see.,,
  • Patrick: Like what?!
  • Antonio: Like the need to restore EVERYTHING to the way it was back then...
  • "That's not all, we have a pamphlet describing the rules regarding landmarks."
  • A senior gives a pamphlet to Patrick.

Level 32 - Tent-alizingEdit

  • Moon Blossom sets up the tent.
  • Emily enters the market.
  • Moon Blossom: Hey, are you okay?
  • Emily: Ugh. I'm having a lot of house stress at the moment.
  • Moon Blossom: Oh man, what a bummer.
  • Moon Blossom: Do you want some de-stressing lavender too?
  • Emily: Maybe later... What do you have going on here?
  • Moon Blossom: It's this toxin-free play tent I bought for Hemingway.
  • Moon Blossom: It's SUPER complicated.
  • Emily: Here - let me give it a shot.
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway leave the market.

During the levelEdit

Emily puts up the play tent.


  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway enter the market and go into the tent.
  • The tent's moving.
  • Moon Blossom: Huh? The zipper's stuck.
  • The tent keeps moving. Sun Lotus visits the market.
  • Moon Blossom[: Major bummer, man!
  • Sun Lotus: Moon Blossom?
  • Moon Blossom: Oh! Heyyyy, Sun Lotus!
  • Sun Lotus: Do you need any help?
  • Moon Blossom: Err... me? No, I was just uh... testing.
  • Sun Lotus: Okay, well uh... I made you something.
  • Moon Blossom: Great, thanks! Just leave it outside.
  • Sun Lotus places a decoration.
  • The tent moves again!
  • Sun Lotus goes to tent to see.
  • Moon Blossom: Grrrrr!!!
  • Sun Lotus: Moon Blossom?
  • Sun Lotus: I was wondering if you wanted to go grab some coffee?
  • Moon Blossom: Now?
  • Moon Blossom: Err... can't sorry. I really need to get my chakras in line.
  • Sun Lotus leaves the market. Emily unzips the tent.
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway come out of the tent.
  • Moon Blossom: ...Thanks!
  • Moon Blossom picks it up.

Level 33 - Smile MoreEdit

  • Moon Blossom gets Hemingway to calm. Emily enters the market.
  • Emily: Wow, that sun catcher is beautiful.
  • Moon Blossom: Isn't it? Sun Lotus made it himself - he's a total genius.
  • Emily: I think he has a crush on you, too.
  • Moon Blossom: He keeps asking me out... and I keep making excuses.
  • Moon Blossom: Between the Farmers Market and Hemingway...
  • Moon Blossom: I have like, no time to groove with anyone.
  • Emily: I know how that goes, but can't you just get a sitter?
  • Moon Blossom: I don't know, I never tried.
  • Moon Blossom: I haven't left Hemingway's side for more than a few minutes since he was born.
  • Moon Blossom: I know it would be good for both of us, but I just can't bring myself to do it.
  • Moon Blossom: Uh-oh! The sun's UV rays are hitting their peak. C'mon, Hemingway!
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway get into the tent.


  • Back in Emily's House...
  • Edward: Johannes Geikensfleischer! My, my, the two of you are lucky!
  • Emily: 'Lucky' is not exactly the word I'd use.
  • Patrick: If the house becomes a landmark we might not even be able to live in it.
  • Patrick: What's so special about Geikensfleischer, anyway?
  • Edward: He was a famous astronomer. I believe he discovered Geikensfleischer's comet, but I'm not sure...
  • Emily: It's a pretty safe bet.
  • Edward: GASP! Possibly from this very house!
  • Edward: I'm guessing he spent a lot time in that attic of yours.
  • Paige tries to open the cage.
  • Paige: Attik! Wanna go attik!
  • Emily picks up Paige.
  • Emily: Not now, Paige. Stairs are off-limits.

Level 34 - Don't WorryEdit

  • Emily: Moon Blossom, I have an idea!
  • Emily: How about you leave Hemingway with me?
  • Emily: Just for ten minutes at a time, let's say.
  • Emily: Enough to get a coffee, maybe browse a bookstore...
  • Moon Blossom: Coffee is high in hydrochloric acid.
  • Emily: ...or two, whatever it is you'd like to do.
  • Emily: Just enough time to get used to the idea of leaving Hemingway with someone else.
  • Moon Blossom: Okay... let's give it a try!
  • Heming way go into tent, and Moon Blossom leaves the market.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily reassures Moon Blossom.


  • Back in the attic bedroom was a nighttime.
  • Emily: I'VE GOT IT!
  • Emily: Apparently, Johannes' father was a bit of a hypochondriac.
  • Emily: Johannes was confined to his attic bedroom a lot.
  • Emily: That's why he spent too much time looking at the stars.
  • Emily: There's even a picture - look!
  • Patrick: Sooo... you want to lock the Snuggford Hills Preservation Society in our attic?
  • Emily: Good idea, but no.
  • Emily: But what if we preserved some of it.
  • Emily: Get an antique telescope, keep the original woodwork...
  • Emily: Maybe the preservationists would back off if they thought we look the history of this house seriously.

Level 35 - Out Of StockEdit

  • Hemingway attempts to climb the tree.
  • Moon Blossom: Now, now Hemingway! You know the rule about climbing trees!
  • Moon Blossom: How about we make another dreamcatcher instead?
  • Emily enters the market.
  • Emily: Feeling better about leaving Hemingway with a sitter?
  • Moon Blossom: You know what? I am thanks to you.
  • Moon Blossom: Next time Sun Lotus asks me to groove, I'm going to say 'yes'!
  • Moon Blossom: Err... that is if you don't mind watching Hemingway for me for thirty minutes.
  • Emily: Let's make it forty-five. You want him to ask for a second date.
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway leave the market.


Level 36 - The Danger ZoneEdit

  • Emily enters the market.
  • Emily: Hey, Moon Blossom. What's going on here?
  • Moon Blossom: Oh, hey Emily. Just building a safety gate around this tree.
  • Emily: Are you sure that's necessary?
  • Moon Blossom: Absolutely, imagine the terrible things that could happen if Hemingway fell from the tree...
  • Moon Blossom: UNFORTUNATELY, he decided to hide all the parts AND my tools.
  • Moon Blossom: I don't know that I could relax on my date without a safety fence.
  • Emily: Don't worry, I'll help you out.
  • Hemingway goes into tent.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily hands Moon Blossom tools.


  • While Patrick is making a window door, Emily comes to the attic and warns Patrick.
  • Emily: Honey? They're coming up, right now!
  • Emily quickly go downstairs, during Patrick's still working.
  • After Patrick finishes with glue, Patrick puts it up.
  • The seniors and Emily enter the attic.
  • "Is this the original window?"
  • Patrick: Absolutely! I've repointed the frame, but it's the original glass.
  • "This telescope, it's really quite marvelous!"
  • Emily: It's a replica, but we plan to buy an antique once we can afford it.
  • Patrick: We just wanted to show you...
  • Patrick: This house doesn't have to be a landmark for us to respect its history!
  • "Hmmm, you did really capture the original look..."
  • Patrick: Why don't we go downstairs and talk.
  • After walking, the wood fell down and break!
  • *BANG!*

Level 37 - Stay PreparedEdit

  • Back in Emily's House...
  • Emily: Do you think the preservation society will hold off their recommendation to the city?
  • Patrick: Hard to say...
  • Patrick: Lucking, even if they choose not to make the house a landmark, Sharon could still flatten it...
  • Emily: You're such an optimist.
  • Paige: A-tik! A-tik!
  • Emily: These stairs sure are tempting, aren't they?
  • Emily: How about you climb them while Mommy walks behind you?
  • Paige shook "yes".
  • Emily opens the gate.
  • Paige climbs the stairs while Emily walks behind her.
  • Paige and Emily enter the attic.
  • Emily: What a big girl you are!
  • Paige: What that?
  • Emily: That's a telescope. Paige, you can look through it and see stars are very far away.
  • Paige: Paige see stars?
  • Emily: Well, it's day-time now, honey, so there are no stars...
  • Paige: Paige see stars1
  • Emily: We can see the stars tonight, if you want...
  • Paige: HMPF!


  • The seniors visit the place.
  • "Let's just come out and say it..."
  • "I'm sorry, guys, but we're still going to recommend the house becomes a landmark!"
  • "We just can't convince the rest of the society..."
  • "...that your proposal would be in the best interest of Geikensfleischer's memory."
  • "And in the end, protecting his memory is our side purpose."
  • "Again we're very sorry..."
  • Now they leave.
  • Paige:Paige see stars?
  • Emily: After Daddy has brushed your teeth, I'm sure it'll be dark enough to see some stars.
  • Emily: Then that telescope is at least good for something...
  • Emily and Paige enter the attic. It's nighttime.
  • Emily: Come here, Paige.
  • Emily grabs Paige during Patrick comes to the attic.
  • Emily: Look through this hole...
  • Paige: Stars! Mommy! Stars!
  • Paige: One... two... six... four... eight...
  • Twinkle twinkle...

Level 38 - Save The DateEdit

  • Emily enters the market.
  • Moon Blossom: Oh, hey Emily - everything cool?
  • Emily: Not exactly...
  • Emily: ...but hey, don't let me get in the way of your big afternoon!
  • Moon Blossom: Yeah... about that.
  • Sun Lotus enters the market.
  • Sun Lotus: Hey Moon Blossom, you ready for our date?
  • Moon Blossom: You bet I am!
  • Sun Lotus: Great! Where would you like to go? Movies? Park? Yoga studio?
  • Moon Blossom: Err... How about right here!
  • Moon Blossom: I mean - what better place is there, right?
  • Sun Lotus: I guess I was hoping it might just be the two of us.
  • Moon Blossom: Of course it will! We'll be just like any other customers, right Emily?
  • Emily: Of course!
  • Moon Blossom and Sun Lotus sit at the table.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily serve Moon Blossom and Sun Lotus.


  • Sun Lotus: This was... um.. yeah...
  • Moon Blossom: Fun? Romantic? Groovy? Special?
  • Sun Lotus: Different, it was different.
  • Back in Attic Bedroom, Patrick and Paige were sleeping.
  • Emily: I don't know, Patrick, maybe the historical landmark is a good thing.
  • Emily: Sharon couldn't demolish it if it were protected.
  • Patrick: Having the house be a historical landmark would prevent it form being destroyed, yes.
  • Patrick: But even IF we were about to move in somehow...
  • Patrick: ...we couldn't remodel or upgrade anything, no matter what changes our family went through.
  • Patrick: It'd be like living in a museum.
  • They sleep. except Emily.
  • Emily: I'VE GOT IT!
  • Patrick still awake!
  • Patrick: I think I just found someone who agrees with you, Patrick.
  • Emily: Someone the Snuggford Hills Preservation Society just might listen to

Level 39 - A Good Start IIEdit

  • Sun Lotus enters the market.
  • Moon Blossom: Hey Sun Lotus, this band is putting on a free concert later...
  • Emily enters the place.
  • Sun Lotus: Sorry, I can't.
  • Sun Lotus: In fact, I just came by to tell you I'm leaving.
  • Sun Lotus: Winter is almost here.
  • Sun Lotus: And there re not enough job opportunities in Snuggford to keep me here.
  • Sun Lotus: Anyhow, take care, Moon Blossom.
  • Sun Lotus and Moon Blossom gave a hug.
  • Sun Lotus leaves the market.
  • Emily: Are you okay?
  • Moon Blossom: He's such a great guy - maybe if I hadn't wilted so long, been a little forever...
  • Moon Blossom kicks the fence to break, allowing Hemingway to climb up the tree.
  • Hemingway sits on the tree.
  • Emily: That was a brave thing to do.
  • Moon Blossom: I'm still worried he might get hurt.
  • Emily: I don't think you can always prevent that.
  • Happy tree friend


  • Emily: On behalf of us, I want to thank you for being here today.
  • Emily: Before you appear before the City Council with your recommendation...
  • Emily: I thought you might want to hear what Johannes Geikensfleischer HIMSELF has to say about this house.
  • Emily: "My home, like all homes, was mo more or less than the people who lived in it."
  • Emily: "I was born the seventh of eight children - the sickliest among them."
  • Emily: "It was a happy home, filled with books, laughter, tears, joy and sorrow."
  • Emily: "Even confined to my bedchambers, no two days were the same..."
  • Emily: "...and I'm forever grateful for it."
  • Emily: "Is it the same for whoever lives there in the future, I can only hope."

Level 40 - Over-StockedEdit

  • "There she is!"
  • "Working at Snuggford's third oldest continuous farmers' market, no less!"
  • "Emily, we convinced the Council, through Geikensfleischer's words, not to register your home as a landmark."
  • Emily: Really? Thank you SO much!
  • "There is one condition however."
  • Emily: Name it!
  • "We'd like to replace the attic window with stained glass."
  • "It will be a tribute of sorts to Geikensfleischer."
  • "We'll be happy to pay for it - a craftsman will be by the house tomorrow."
  • Emily: Deal!
  • Now they leave.


  • Back in Emily's Garden, Paige and Patrick play with baseball.
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway enter the garden.
  • Emily: Glad you could make it.
  • Moon Blossom: Thanks for having us over.
  • Moon Blossom: The last couple of days have been a real bummer.
  • Moon Blossom: You must be Patrick.
  • Sun Lotus visits the garden.
  • Sun Lotus: Moon Blossom? What? How? I was coming to see you later...
  • Sun Lotus: I-I found a job in town!
  • Hemingway is running around, while Paige is chasing him.
  • Sun Lotus: I- I'm supposed to do it stained glass window for the owners of this house.
  • Emily: That's us!
  • Moon Blossom: It's fate, that's what it is! I'm so glad you haven't gone away.
  • Moon Blossom: Would you give me another chance?
  • Sun Lotus: I would love to, but right now I really have to get to work.
  • Emily: The window can wait! Why don't you two go enjoy yourselves while we watch Hemingway?
  • Moon Blossom andSum Lotus: Thanks, Emily!
  • Sun Lotus and Moon Blossom leave the garden, waving 'bye' to Hemingway.
  • In the Attic, Emily, Patrick, Paige, Hemingway, Sun Lotus, and Moon Blossom are in. The glass is stained!
  • In Emily's Restaurant, Sharon enters the place, looking around.
  • Sharon makes a call.
  • Sharon: Martin? It's me.
  • Sharon: Nevermind why I'm whispering!
  • Sharon: I need you to do some more research into building and restaurant codes.
  • Sharon: Well then dig deeper this time! I want to up the ante on our friends...
  • Sharon: long as I'm alive, this house will NEVER be a home.
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