This is the sixth and final restaurant in Emily's Home Sweet Home. After Emily and Patrick now owned a place, Sharon is done with Emily and Patrick, as well as Martin.

Level 51 - Bigger Than Required

  • Emily looks around the place.
  • Emily: I can't believe it!
  • Emily: I have my own restaurant again!
  • Patrick and Paige enter the restaurant.
  • Emily spins and gave a kiss to Patrick!
  • Patrick: I told you this restaurant has great service.
  • Emily: Sit! I want you two to be my first customers!
  • Patrick and Paige are now customers.
  • Emily: So I was thinking.. now that we have the house done...
  • Emily serves Patrick and Paige the food.
  • Emily: about a SMALL housewarming party?
  • Emily: Just family and a FEW friends - what do you say?
  • Patrick: A 'small' party, huh?
  • Patrick: I think it's a great idea.
  • Patrick: We'll talk more when I get back from the flower store.
  • Emily and Patrick gave a kiss again before Patrick leaves.
  • Emily cleans the table, and Paige goes back to main room.


  • Angela enters the place with a present.
  • Angela slowly walks to Emily.
  • Emily is stunning around!
  • Emily: Are you already leaving? We've hardly ever seen such other while you were here.
  • Angela: I think you had other things to deal with.
  • Angela: Here, a little housewarming present.
  • Angela gives a housewarming present to Emily.
  • Emily gives a present to Angela.
  • Emily: I got you something too, for your new place in the Big City.
  • Angela: Should we do this now or later?
  • Emily and Angela open the presents.
  • Angela: An easy-clean egg beater... how practical.
  • Emily: A chic designer spoon rest... how trendy.
  • Angela and Emily: I'll think of you every time I use it!
  • Exchanging Gifts with Emily and Angela
  • Evelyn enters the place.
  • Evelyn: Hello, girls!
  • Emily: Can you stay with us a little longer and chat like we used to?
  • Angela: I'd like to, but I should really get the rest of all my things together before tomorrow.
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