This is the sixth and final restaurant in Emily's Home Sweet Home. After Emily and Patrick now owned a place, Sharon is done with Emily and Patrick, as well as Martin.

Level 51 - Bigger Than Required

  • Emily looks around the place.
  • Emily: I can't believe it!
  • Emily: I have my own restaurant again!
  • Patrick and Paige enter the restaurant.
  • Emily spins and gave a kiss to Patrick!
  • Patrick: I told you this restaurant has great service.
  • Emily: Sit! I want you two to be my first customers!
  • Patrick and Paige are now customers.
  • Emily: So I was thinking.. now that we have the house done...
  • Emily serves Patrick and Paige the food.
  • Emily: about a SMALL housewarming party?
  • Emily: Just family and a FEW friends - what do you say?
  • Patrick: A 'small' party, huh?
  • Patrick: I think it's a great idea.
  • Patrick: We'll talk more when I get back from the flower store.
  • Emily and Patrick gave a kiss again before Patrick leaves.
  • Emily cleans the table, and Paige goes back to main room.


  • Angela enters the place with a present.
  • Angela slowly walks to Emily.
  • Emily is stunning around!
  • Emily: Are you already leaving? We've hardly ever seen such other while you were here.
  • Angela: I think you had other things to deal with.
  • Angela: Here, a little housewarming present.
  • Angela gives a housewarming present to Emily.
  • Emily gives a present to Angela.
  • Emily: I got you something too, for your new place in the Big City.
  • Angela: Should we do this now or later?
  • Emily and Angela open the presents.
  • Angela: An easy-clean egg beater... how practical.
  • Emily: A chic designer spoon rest... how trendy.
  • Angela and Emily: I'll think of you every time I use it!
  • Exchanging Gifts with Emily and Angela
  • Evelyn enters the place.
  • Evelyn: Hello, girls!
  • Emily: Can you stay with us a little longer and chat like we used to?
  • Angela: I'd like to, but I should really get the rest of all my things together before tomorrow.
  • Emily: Just for a bit - I'll pour you some too.
  • A while later...
  • After that, they're happy!

Level 52 - Looking for Paige

  • Moon Blossom, Sun Lotus and Hemingway enter the place.
  • Emily gave Moon Blossom a hug!
  • Moon Blossom: Emily - Sun Lotus and I are having a bliss ceremony!
  • Emily: That's great!
  • Emily: Er... what's a bliss ceremony?
  • Sun Lotus: Moon Blossom and I will profess out devotion to each other before the rising sun.
  • Moon Blossom: Then we'll sing and dance until nightfall - and repeat them before the ascending moon.
  • Paige hides!
  • Moon Blossom: I was hoping you'd be my spirit maiden.
  • Emily: I don't know what that is, but I can't wait.
  • Emily and Lotus gave a hug again. Hemingway is looking for Paige.
  • Emily: So how's the parenting going?
  • Moon Blossom: See for yourself!
  • Paige shows from the table.
  • Sun Lotus: C'mon, Hemingway! Let's go slide down the hill on some cardboard!
  • Hemingway, Sun Lotus, and Moon Blossom leave the place.
  • Paige goes to the living room.

During the level

  • Emily finds Paige!


  • Emily and Patrick are in the new bedroom.
  • Emily: Patrick, now that we're both working again, I think we'll need to hire a part-time nanny.
  • Patrick: I thought you didn't want to have a nanny?
  • Emily: Well, it's getting harder to keep Paige busy throughout the morning.
  • Emily: Plus it could be good for her to get out of the house while we're working.
  • Patrick: I don't know... What about your parents? Your dad? My mom?
  • Emily: For part of the week, sure, but they are also helping in the restaurant.
  • Emily; Maybe I'll go through an agency - get lots of references...
  • Emily: ...I'll do a thorough interview, okay?
  • Emily gets a lay hug to Patrick.

Level 53 - Efficiency Above All

  • Emily works at counter, while Francois enters the place.
  • Francois: Emily - I was just helping out over at Patrick's flower store.
  • Emily: You help out at Patrick's flower store!?
  • Francois: Of course!
  • Francois: I also help out with Brigid's spa...
  • Francois: ...Uncle Antonio's duck decay carving - although that's more of a side business...
  • Francois: and your dad's...
  • Francois: ...Well, whatever your dad does.
  • Emily: Wow, I thought you... well, preferred not to work...
  • Francois: I'm just looking for something I love to do.
  • Emily: You know, I'm still looking for a part-time nanny...
  • Emily: Maybe you can fill in until I found someone!
  • Paige goes to Francois and he picks her up.
  • Francois: Oh, alright.
  • Then Francois places Paige down.
  • Francois and Paige go to living room.


  • In the Paige's bedroom, Francois and Paige are speaking.
  • Francois: Okay, Paige. What should we do today?
  • Paige gets toys.
  • Francois: Barbara Dolls, huh? Alright... I'll be Kent.
  • Francois: Hey there, too-fine mama! Come here often?
  • Paige throws the doll.
  • Francois: Hey!
  • Francois: Okay, let's try something else.
  • Francois places a toy on the bed.
  • Francois: Whoa! I recognize these!
  • Francois: There were Emily's toys when WE were kids.
  • Paige takes the plane from Francois.
  • Paige: Pew! Pew! Pew pew pew!
  • Francois uses the plane.
  • Francois: Pew pew pew!
  • Francois: Man, two year olds have the life!
  • Paige: Vrooooooom!

Level 54 - Re-Suppky

  • Emily: But you said my order would be here two days ago!
  • Sharon and Grace enter the place.
  • Grace comes to play.
  • Emily: SATURDAY? I'm having a party on Friday!
  • Emily: Mr. Pulizo, please - isn't there anything you can-
  • Sharon takes the phone from EMily.
  • Sharon: Is this Mr. Pulizo Sr. from Pulizo & Sons Distributing?
  • Sharon: This is Councilwoman Stepford.
  • Sharon: Thank you! I'll let her know.
  • Sharon: He apologizes and says your order will be here soon.
  • Sharon: I'll pick up Grace at four.
  • Sharon tries to leave.
  • Emily: Sharon...
  • Emily: Thank you!
  • Sharon leaves the place. Chuck enters the place for a delivery.
  • Francois, Paige and Grace come into the living room.
  • Emily picks up the delivery.
  • Chuck leaves the place.

During the level

  • Emily receives the supplies from deliveries.


  • In Emily's Main Place, Sharon enters the house to pick up Grace.
  • Sharon: Come, Grace!
  • Sharon: I trust everything you need for your party arrived?
  • Emily: Yes, thanks again - I really appreciate it.
  • Emily: W-would you like to come?
  • Sharon: That's very sweet - I'll have to check my schedule.
  • Sharon: Fridays are a bit hectic.
  • Emily: Naturally...
  • Sharon and Grace leave the place.

Level 55 - One Wrong Move

  • Aaron and Marissa enter the place.
  • Emily: Hey, you two! Cool board!
  • Aaron: Turns out Marissa's a natural born grommel.
  • Marissa: That's 'grommel', Dad.
  • Aaron: Sorry, surfer lingo is a lot different than ski slope slang.
  • Emily: How's the coaching doing?
  • Aaron: Well... Marissa's thriving under her surfing coach.
  • Aaron: Apparently she doesn't believe in competitions...
  • Marissa: Surfing is intended to be on outlet for anxiety and an idiot for self-nurturing.
  • Aaron: Umm... yeah... well, I still LOVE being a ski coach - my youth race harm is undefeated!
  • Emily: Hey! You're both coming to my housewarming party Friday, right?
  • Aaron: Sounds gnarl-toe-fungus!
  • Marissa: It's 'Gnarlatious', Dad.
  • Emily is happy!
  • Marissa and Aaron leave the place.


  • Emily: So, Zoe, looks like you have some excellent experience...
  • Zoe: Yes, I love-
  • Francois: How are you with constant screaming?
  • Emily: Francois! Paige doesn't-
  • Emily: Zoe, can you excuse us for a minute...
  • Francois: Also, Paige is going through a MAJOR billing please.
  • Francois: Do you have all your shots?
  • Paige throws a pillow on Francois.
  • Zoe: On second thought, I think there's an upcoming at Bob's Discount Tire Warehouse.
  • Zoe leaves away.
  • Francois: Very nervous around children.

Level 56 - Mess Hall Queen

  • Earnest, Enid and scouts enter the place.
  • Earnest: Snuggford Scouts hall!
  • Earnest: Snuggford Scouts at ease!
  • Enid has a wooden stick.
  • Enid: We carved it ourselves.
  • Enid gives a stick to Emily.
  • Emily: I love it!
  • Emily: Snuggford Scouts report for breakfast!
  • Enid and scouts sit at a table for breakfast, which Earnest leaves the place.

During the level

  • Emily serves the scout group.


  • Earnest enters the place.
  • [{Earnest Templeton|Earnest]]: What do you say, guys?
  • Enid: May I use your bathroom, Emily?
  • Emily: Sure - Don't worry if you can't turn the faucet all the way off... It's leaking.
  • Enid goes to inner house.
  • Emily: Before I forget... you're all invited to my housewarming party this Friday.
  • Earnest We wouldn't miss it!
  • Earnest: By the way, I can't thank you enough for what you did for Enid.
  • Earnest: Her confidence is through the roof!
  • Earnest: The others really look to her for leadership.
  • Enid comes back to the restaurant.
  • Enid throws the faucet to Emily.
  • Enid: Fixed that faucet for you.
  • Enid: See what I mean?

Level 57 - Money Maker

  • The tourists enter the place.
  • Emily: Hi guys, did you come to check up on the place?
  • Emily: If you're upset about the chimney being replaced, it wasn't our decision.
  • "Oh no, we just come to eat."
  • "History is important, but not as important as a well-balanced breakfast."
  • Emily: Well in that case...
  • Emily gets a serving to the customers.
  • Emily: Here's a breakfast sandwich I'm thinking of adding to the menu...
  • Emily: I'm going to call it the 'Geikensfleischer'.
  • Emily serves 'Geikensfleischer' to the customers.
  • Emily: It's not QUITE the same as having a comet named after you...
  • "Maybe... then then again, he never had the pleasure of eating your cooking!"
  • Now the customers leave.


  • Emily: So... Shaniqua, what's your philosophy on discipline?
  • [{Shaniqua]]: Love and logic - I don't believe in spankings.
  • Francois: Quick question - how are you with haunted houses?
  • Shaniqua: Y-you don't mean the Geikensfleischer ghost, do you?
  • Emily: Of course not! Francois is just doing...
  • Emily: AREN'T YOU, Francois?
  • The caller summoned a ghost into the house!
  • Shaniqua: Aghh! The ghost of Johannes Geikensfleischer is real!
  • Shaniqua runs away!
  • Francois: Scared of children...
  • Emily: I think, Francois, I will handle these on my own from now on...

Level 58 - Housewarming

  • Patrick's searching.
  • Patrick: How's the search for a nanny going?
  • Emily: It's not. Francois keeps sabotaging my interviews.
  • Patrick: Well, Paige certainly doesn't seem to mind.
  • Emily: No, she doesn't does she...
  • Patrick: Need a hand with these... err, things?
  • Emily: No thanks, they're just decorations for the housewarming party.
  • Emily: Ehm, Patrick... the invitation list has grown a little.
  • Patrick: You're telling me...
  • Patrick: ...yesterday the Snuggford High Marching Band asked me at what time they should arrive.
  • Patrick: Also, the Snuggford Benevolent Order of the Antelope needs directions.
  • Patrick is happy!
  • Emily and Patrick kiss. Patrick leaves the place.

During the level

  • Emily puts up the decorations for housewarming party.


  • Emily stamps the paper.
  • Emily: Hmm... fifteen minutes late, not a good sign.
  • Francois enters the place.
  • Emily: Francois? I thought I told you I'd be meeting the candidates alone.
  • Francois: You are... I AM the candidate.
  • Emily: Hmmm... well, let's see here.
  • Emily: Name?
  • Francois: You KNOW my name.
  • Emily: Hmm... uncooperative.
  • Emily writes on paper.
  • Emily: What experience do you have that makes you think you're a fir nanny?
  • Francois: Your daughter loves me plus I'm your best friend!
  • Emily: Hmm... words favoritism, huh? Can't say I'm impressed.
  • Emily finishes the paper.
  • Emily: Francois, you know we love you, and I think you'd make a great nanny...
  • Emily: ...IF you set your mind to it.
  • Francois: I'll start next week!

Level 59 - Sole-Searching

  • Billy, Billy Jr. and Samantha enter the place.
  • Billy: Emily! We just came by to see how you were doing...
  • Billy: ...and give you these coupons to hand to your customers.
  • Emily: I thought the park was closed for the season?
  • Billy: Normally, that's the case...
  • Billy: ...but Billy Jr. and Samantha have an EXCELLENT idea for a promotion...
  • Billy: Happy Funtime Land's Ghouliday Season Spooktacular!
  • Emily: Sounds great! Patrick and I will DEFINITELY be there.
  • Emily: Oh! And you have to come to my party Friday.
  • Emily: Err... maybe leave the giant spider at home.
  • Billy: If you insist!
  • Billy, Billy Jr. and Samantha leave the place.


  • Emily: Oh, why didn't I listen to you?
  • Patrick: Our 'small' party spiraling out of control, is it?
  • Emily: I've invited practically EVERYBODY.
  • Patrick: No kidding... I've had three strangers come up to me and ask me what to bring.
  • Patrick: Look, it'll all work out, I promise.
  • Emily: Really? It might get a little messy...
  • Patrick: Messy is our way of life.
  • Patrick: And after what we've been through?
  • Patrick: I believe we can do ANYTHING.
  • Emily gave Patrick a lay hug.

Level 60 - Everything Is Everything

  • Emily goes to the restaurant.
  • Emily: What's all this?
  • Evelyn: You don't think we'd leave you to do all the work for the party festival?
  • Edward: Evelyn and I will clean while Antonio cooks...
  • Brigid: And I'll be watching him to make sure he doesn't burn the place down... AGAIN.
  • Evelyn: Just leave everything to us, dear.
  • Emily: Thank you, guys!
  • Emily gives a kiss to Patrick.
  • Evelyn goes to main room. Antonio, Brigid and Patrick leave the place.


  • Antonio and Brigid finalizes the party. Patrick and Paige enter the restaurant.
  • Everybody visited Emily's Place!
  • Emily: Hello everyone! Patrick and I are so glad you could all make it.
  • Antonio: Speech! Speech!
  • This includes Sharon and Grace!
  • Sharon: Pardon me for being late...
  • Emily goes to Sharon.
  • Emily: I uh... took the liberty of buying you some new curtains.
  • Sharon gives curtains to Emily.
  • Emily: They really are lovely, thank you!
  • Emily puts away the curtains.
  • Emily: Patrick and I... we wouldn't be here without many of you...
  • Emily: ...and this house - our dream house - wouldn't be here.
  • Emily: We're extremely lucky to know so many wonderful people...
  • Emily: one way or another, you have all touched our lives...
  • Emily: ...from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
  • Billy: Thank YOU, Emily!
  • Earnest: Yes, thank you!
  • Moon Blossom: Thank you for everything, Emily.
  • Aaron: We're in YOUR debt!
  • Aaron: To Emily!
  • All: TO EMILY!
  • Edward: Now c'mon everyone, let's PARTY!!
  • The disco is on!
  • Now playing: Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - The Boutique.
  • Everybody's dancing!


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