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*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: I'll start next week!
*[[Francois Truffaut|Francois]]: I'll start next week!
==Level 59 - Sole-Searching==
==Level 59 - Sole-Searching==
*Billy, Billy Jr. and Samantha enter the place.
*[[Billy Beauford|Billy]]: Emily! We just came by to see how you were doing...
*[[Billy Beauford|Billy]]: ...and give you these coupons to hand to your customers.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: I thought the park was closed for the season?
*[[Billy Beauford|Billy]]: Normally, that's the case...
*[[Billy Beauford|Billy]]: ...but Billy Jr. and Samantha have an EXCELLENT idea for a promotion...
*[[Billy Beauford|Billy]]: Happy Funtime Land's Ghouliday Season Spooktacular!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Sounds great! Patrick and I will DEFINITELY be there.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Oh! And you have to come to my party Friday.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Err... maybe leave the giant spider at home.
*[[Billy Beauford|Billy]]: If you insist!
*Billy, Billy Jr. and Samantha leave the place.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Oh, why didn't I listen to you?
*[[Patrick O'Malley|Patrick]]: Our 'small' party spiraling out of control, is it?
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: I've invited practically EVERYBODY.
*[[Patrick O'Malley|Patrick]]: No kidding... I've had three strangers come up to me and ask me what to bring.
*[[Patrick O'Malley|Patrick]]: Look, it'll all work out, I promise.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Really? It might get a little messy...
*[[Patrick O'Malley|Patrick]]: Messy is our way of life.
*[[Patrick O'Malley|Patrick]]: And after what we've been through?
*[[Patrick O'Malley|Patrick]]: I believe we can do ANYTHING.
*Emily gave Patrick a lay hug.
==Level 60 - Everything Is Everything==
*Emily goes to the restaurant.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: What's all this?
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: You don't think we'd leave you to do all the work for the party festival?
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Evelyn and I will clean while Antonio cooks...
*[[Brigid Duffy|Brigid]]: And I'll be watching him to make sure he doesn't burn the place down... AGAIN.
*[[Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: Just leave everything to us, dear.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Thank you, guys!
*Emily gives a kiss to Patrick.
*Evelyn goes to main room. Antonio, Brigid and Patrick leave the place.
*Antonio and Brigid finalizes the party. Patrick and Paige enter the restaurant.
*Everybody visited Emily's Place!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Hello everyone! Patrick and I are so glad you could all make it.
*[[Antonio Napoli|Antonio]]: Speech! Speech!
*This includes Sharon and Grace!
*[[Sharon Stepford|Sharon]]: Pardon me for being late...
*Emily goes to Sharon.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: I uh... took the liberty of buying you some new curtains.
*Sharon gives curtains to Emily.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: They really are lovely, thank you!
*Emily puts away the curtains.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: Patrick and I... we wouldn't be here without many of you...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: ...and this house - our dream house - wouldn't be here.
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: We're extremely lucky to know so many wonderful people...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: ...in one way or another, you have all touched our lives...
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]]: ...from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
*[[Billy Beauford|Billy]]: Thank YOU, Emily!
*[[Earnest Templeton|Earnest]]: Yes, thank you!
*[[Moon Blossom]]: Thank you for everything, Emily.
*[[Aaron Mahoney|Aaron]]: We're in YOUR debt!
*[[Aaron Mahoney|Aaron]]: To Emily!
*[[Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Now c'mon everyone, let's PARTY!!
*The disco is on!
*'''Now playing: [[Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise]] - The Boutique.'''
*Everybody's dancing!
*Francois is the first to jump!
*[[Brigid Duffy]] dances!
*[[Antonio Napoli]] dances too!
*[[Enid Templeton]] and [[Earnest Templeton]] dance!
*[[Billy Beauford]] dances and does magic trick!
*[[Moon Blossom]] and [[Sun Lotus]] dance!
*[[Aaron Mahoney]] dances!
*[[Paige O'Malley|Paige]], [[Grace Stepford|Grace]] and [[Hemingway]] dance together!
*[[Evelyn Napoli]] dances!
*[[Edward Napoli]] dances the trick!
*[[Emily O'Malley|Emily]] and [[Angela Napoli|Angela]] dance together!
*and... Patrick! Emily and Patrick final dance!
*Thanks for playing [[Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home]]!
*'''THE END'''
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