This is the first restaurant for Emily's Home Sweet Home. After Emily and Patrick moved to this farmhouse, her family decided to remodel into their dream home.

Level 1 - Mini-MarathonEdit

  • Once upon a time, there was a new home, containing a really messy home.
  • Emily, Evelyn, Edward and Paige enter the place.
  • Evelyn, Edward and Paige go inside the place. Patrick enters the place with a box delivered.
  • Edward: So... you're sure this place is your dream house?
  • Emily: I know it's a fixer upper, but we couldn't afford a house like this otherwise!
  • Patrick: You're just not seeing it in the right light, Paige?
  • Paige tries to flip the light switch. There was a sudden electric shock!
  • It led to the chandeliers shaking and falling down!
  • Patrick: Let's add it to the to-do list...
  • They leave to the garden to investigate.
  • Mr. Henriques: But Councilwoman, I merely thought the other girl...
  • Sharon: The problem is you're still trying to convince me that Grace wasn't the best girl in that pageant...
  • Sharon: ...I don't trust your judgement anymore and you will no longer be needed on the Council.
  • Mr. Henriques: You'd really make me jobless, because I didn't vote for your kid!?
  • Sharon: The last person that made my daughter cry ended up much worse than that!
  • Sharon: You know what they say: The children are our future!
  • Sharon goes to Emily.
  • Sharon: Sorry you had to see that, awful business...
  • Sharon gives a business card to Emily.
  • Sharon: Sharon Stepford - Councilwoman, President of the Snuggford Hills Neighborhood Association and your neighbor.
  • Emily: Hello, I'm-
  • Sharon: You're Emily O'Malley, yes - I know all about you.
  • Sharon: It's why I picked you to manage concessions for this year's Delicious Foundation Fundraiser.
  • Paige goes to play with Grace.
  • Emily: Err... fundraiser?
  • Sharon: My office sent you this week's itinerary, didn't they?
  • Sharon: Well, not to worry, the delivery people should be here soon, so I'll get out of your way.
  • Sharon leaves the place - telling Grace.
  • Sharon: Come, Grace - we don't want to get dirty before dance lessons...
  • Meeting Grace - This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.
  • Sharon and Grace leave the place.
  • Emily: Well, It IS a great way to meet our new neighbors...
  • Some time later...
  • Emily: I'm actually pretty nervous.
  • Patrick: Relax - it's going to go great.
  • Emily: It's our first tome meeting out neighbors...
  • Emily: ...I just want everything to be perfect.
  • Patrick: You want to practice on me before the fundraiser starts?

If you click Yes, play the practice tutorial. If you clock No, skip ahead.

  • Emily: I might be a little rusty, but I ought to be able to handle a glorified block party just fine.
  • Emily: Go get started on the house while I meet our new neighbors.


  • Emily carries Paige. Sharon and Grace enter the place.
  • Emily and Paige play. Then she places down. Paige runs to Grace.
  • Sharon: Hmm... a little drab, no?
  • Sharon: I was hoping you'd spruce things up a little.
  • Emily: I've been a little busy.
  • Sharon: Like my mother used to say, there's no excuse for excuses!
  • Sharon: Anyhow, gotta buzz - Grace Frances - time for voice lessons!
  • Grace: Wanna stay! STAY!

Level 2 - Decoration CentralEdit

  • Patrick comes out from inside.
  • Patrick: It's wood rot!
  • Patrick: That's why the chandelier fell through the floor so easily.
  • Patrick: Don't worry, even though it'll cost some money, I'll fix it!
  • Patrick: I will... umm... need the debit card to order some supplies.
  • Emily: Any excuse to buy new tools.
  • Patrick: I'm sorry, who was it that bought an X-ray pancake griddle?
  • Emily: Hey, I have NEVER undercooked a pancake with that thing.
  • Emily gives the debit card to Patrick. Patrick goes inside.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily puts up all the decorations!


  • Edward and Evelyn enter the place.
  • Edward: Hello, there little kitten-biscuit!
  • Emily: What'cha got there Dad?
  • Edward: Just a little housewarming present for my favorite grandchild.
  • Edward does a magic trick! He makes a rabbit! Paige is happy!
  • Emily: Dad!
  • Edward: Now, now - don't worry.
  • Edward: I made sure he was the sweetest of the - OW!
  • Edward lets go of the rabbit to Paige. Paige's so happy with the new rabbit!
  • Paige: Daisy stay!
  • Emily: Okay, but "Daisy" MUST stay in her cage, understand?
  • Paige understands.

Level 3 - Speedy ServiceEdit

  • Francois enters the place.
  • Emily: Francois!
  • Emily gives Francois a hug!
  • Emily: I thought you'd moved to the big city for good this time?
  • Francois: Ugh... being a tour guide was NOT for me.
  • Francois: Nothing but complaint after complaint...
  • Francois: 'When do we eat?'
  • Francois: 'Why are we locked in this emergency stairwell?'
  • Francois: 'You wan out of gas AGAIN?'
  • Francois: Besides, your mom told me how stressed you were so I came to help.
  • Emily: I'm sorry it didn't work out, Francois...
  • Emily: ...but you have NO idea how glad I am to have my BFF back!
  • Emily: You talk to my mom?
  • Francois: We use face-chat every Wednesday night.


  • Paige dance! Emily looks at Paige. Grace and Sharon enter the place.
  • Sharon: Emily - LOVE the buxx I'm hearing on the decorations.
  • Emily: Why thank you, Sharon. We worked really...
  • Paige goes to Grace.
  • Sharon: Sure, but that means we can finally tackle the safety issues...
  • Emily: Safety issues?
  • Paige and Grace go to Daisy's cage.
  • Grace opens the cage letting Daisy out. They play.
  • Emily: Sharon, I take safety VERY seriously. I assure you-
  • Daisy takes Grace a bite1
  • Grace: OWIE! OWIE, OWIE, OW, OW, OW!!!
  • Sharon: Oh, my goodness! My little princess was mauled by that vermin!
  • Emily: Paige - you promised to keep Daisy in his cage!?
  • Sharon takes Grace.
  • Sharon: Little Creek Clinic? I need a rabies specialist, plastic surgeon and a trauma team standing by!
  • Sharon with Grace leave the place.

Level 4 - Tool TimeEdit

  • Emily comes outside to up the number.
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway enter the place.
  • Moon Blossom: Hi! We live in the neighborhood - my name's Moon Blossom and this is my son, Hemingway.
  • Emily: Hi, there!
  • Moon Blossom: Umm, Hemingway's been a little... umm... constipated lately...
  • Moon Blossom: you have any gluten-free, non=GMO, for trade vegan corn dogs?
  • Emily: Err... no, sorry.
  • Moon Blossom: How about organic, cruelty-free, shade-grown dried seaweed?
  • Emily: I didn't even know such a thing existed.
  • Emily: I could pick something from my garden?
  • Moon Blossom: Hmmm, maybe some after time, but I do appreciate the effort!
  • Moon Blossom: You should come by the Farmers Market, we sell the freshest bio-produce around.
  • Emily: I would love to!
  • Moon Blossom: Just make sure you come before fall...
  • Moon Blossom: Fall is completely insane...
  • Moon Blossom: Would you be up for some non-exploitive temp work in the fall?
  • Emily: Honestly, it couldn't come at a better time.
  • Moon Blossom: Groovy!
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway leave the place.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily accepts 3 deliveries.


  • Inside the house, there was a hole on the wood floor.
  • Patrick: I've tried to fix it twice now. Any ideas?
  • Edward: For now, I'd just screw a baseboard over the hole and put down some laminate.
  • Antonio: That'll give you the time to find a perfect match for the wood flooring.
  • Patrick: That was MY fault. I should have checked the wiring sooner.
  • Antonio: Hey, it's a big job kid, fixing up a house like this.
  • Patrick: Maybe... but Paige and Emily deserve the best.
  • Patrick: Thanks anyway guys, but I'm going to fix the floor good as new - no substitutions.
  • They think and have ideas.

Level 5 - Efficiency Above AllEdit

  • Emily goes outside to update the count, during Francois go outside too.
  • The Happy Fun Time Staff enter the place.
  • Billy: Goooooood morning - Billy Beauford!
  • Francois: Billy Beauford, Snuggford’s Roller Coaster King?!
  • Billy: Life's a roller coaster!
  • Billy: This is my boy, Billy Junior.
  • Billy: Watch out for Billy here, he's a charmer, just like his old man.
  • Billy: Ain't that right, Billy?
  • Billy Jr.: Yeah... sure... I guess so?
  • Billy: Anyhow, we've been helping out with the fundraiser for years.
  • Billy: Billy here knows all kinds of skate tricks - he's a natural born entertainer, aren't you son?
  • Billy Jr.: Sure... I guess... maybe?
  • Billy: Just stay here and help out, dazzle them with your tricks!
  • Billy leaves the place.


  • Now Billy Jr. leaves the place, Sharon and Grace enter the place.
  • Sharon: You're going to the mack pageant and that's final!
  • Grace comes to play.
  • Sharon: Emily, now that we have a handle on safety, let's talk about your cleanliness situation.
  • Emily: WHAT cleanliness situation?!
  • Sharon: Em, the foundation committee is going to be meeting here tomorrow...
  • Sharon:'s VERY important that everything will be perfect.
  • Francois falls down to grab Grace! He is muddy!
  • Emily: Sharon - if there's ONE thing I take seriously it's cleanliness...
  • Emily: NO ONE runs a cleaner, more sanitary restaurant in Snuggford than I do.
  • Francois sees Grace chews and spits into the air! Grace is happy!
  • Sharon: Well, I can see my help is - GASP!!
  • Emily: Oh my gosh - PAIGE!!
  • Sharon: This dress was a JEWEL JACOBS ORIGINAL!
  • Now, Grace is dirty! Sharon and Grave left the place.
  • Francois: If you ask me it was a little tight around the neck, anyway.

Level 6 - Food By CommitteeEdit

  • Patrick: I'm such a fool! They don't match at all in this light.
  • Emily: Maybe you can just stain them again with a different color?
  • Patrick: I'm going to rip them out and do it again.
  • Emily: Patrick, no! It's barely noticeable.
  • Patrick: I'd notice it, every time I walked in this room.
  • Patrick: We're going to be here for a long time. Who knows? Maybe forever.
  • Patrick: I want everything to be just right.
  • Emily: We've already spent most of the money I made selling out to Wu.
  • Emily: I've got to get ready for Sharon's committee meeting.
  • Emily: We'll talk later, okay?
  • Emily and Patrick kiss each other.

Before the levelEdit

  • Sharon, The Yuppies, came to the place to eat.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily feeds the committee.


  • Sharon and the Yuppie leave after eating.
  • Francois: Sorry about the thing with Sharon, the mud and the dress, Emily.
  • Emily: That wasn't your fault, Francois...
  • Emily: I just feel like I'm failing most of the time...
  • Francois: Are you kidding? I think you guys are doing great!
  • Francois: You're married, got a house, a kid, a career.
  • Daisy hops onto Francois!
  • Paige: Fran-swan funny!
  • Francois: You, Angela - everyone's settled and I'm still drifting.
  • Francois: What are my passions? What am I good at?
  • Francois: What's my TALENT?
  • Paige: Fran-swan funny! Fran-swan funny!
  • Emily O'Malley: You'll figure out something, Francois. I know you will.
  • Emily updates the count.

Level 7 - A Good StartEdit

  • Aaron and Marissa enter the place.
  • Aaron: 'Sup! Name's Aaron Mahoney.
  • Aaron: This my daughter, Marissa Mahoney, future Winter Olympic gold medalist, 2022.
  • Marissa: Dad!
  • Aaron: You've gotta visualize it baby or it'll never happen.
  • Aaron: Anyhow, we live in the neighborhood...
  • Aaron: ...and since everyone's been talking about how gnarly the food is this year we thought we'd check it out.
  • Emily: 'Gnarly' ...that's good, right?
  • Aaron: Oh, totes magotes!
  • Marissa: He means 'yes'.
  • Aaron: I manage the ski resort where Marissa trains.
  • Aaron tastes Emily's food.
  • Aaron: These are amazing! You already have a place to work this winter?
  • Emily: Actually, no...
  • Aaron: Awesome! Well, you do now! Stay stoked!
  • Aaron and Marissa leave the place.


  • Again, Emily updates the count. Emily and Paige see butterflies.
  • Brigid and Antonio enter the place. Paige goes to Brigid
  • Brigid carries Paige.
  • Emily: Hey, lovebirds.
  • Emily: Oh, that's very sweet of you, Uncle Antonio.
  • Brigid: He didn't buy her that, I did.
  • Brigid: Don't forget, I was an ace softball pitcher in college.
  • Brigid takes Antonio's kit and has a baseball and bat.
  • Batter up Brigid - Take a photo.
  • Brigid: Here, watch. See that weathervane on the roof?
  • Brigid hits the ball with the bat.
  • Emily and Patrick's car: BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!
  • Emily: Is that a car alarm?
  • Antonio shushes down the car.

Level 8 - Hide and SeekEdit

  • The scouts enter the place.
  • Earnest: Halt!
  • Enid bumps into a scout.
  • Earnest: Enid!
  • Enid: Sorry, dad!
  • Earnest: Earnest Templeton, den leader, Snuggford Scouts Pack 167.
  • Emily: Emily O'Malley. Wife, Mom, Chef.
  • Earnest: Chef? We need a chef!
  • Earnest: Our camp season is coming up and we just lost our cook to this forest!
  • Emily: The forest?! What happened?!
  • Earnest: Ho joined the forest rangers... traitor...
  • Earnest: I'll warn you - we run a tight ship up at Camp Talon.
  • Earnest: We're in the business of shaping children into young adults - there's no room for shilly shallying up there.
  • Enid: SPIDER!!!
    • Scouts: AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
  • Scouts ran away and hide!
  • Earnest: Order! Order! Fall in!
  • Earnest leaves the place.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily finds all the scouts.


  • Grace and Sharon enter the place.
  • Sharon: Emily - I have just a few minutes before my council meeting.
  • Sharon: I want to let you know that revenues are steady against last years.
  • Emily: That's good, right?
  • Sharon: If you think 'mediocre' is 'good', sure.
  • Sharon: The way I see it, tips are our best bet for shattering last years totals.
  • Sharon: How about I give you some customer service pointers?
  • Emily: You!?
  • Grace spins with baseball bat! Paige falls down!
  • Emily: Sharon - with the possible exception of my mother-in-law, EVERYONE in my family is a people person.
  • Emily: Trust me, I learned from the best.
  • Paige steals the bat from Grace! Grace cries!
  • Emily: Paige O'Malley! We've talked about sharing your toys!
  • Sharon: People person, huh?
  • Sharon goes to pick up Grace. Then Sharon leave with Grace.

Level 9 - Happy DaysEdit

  • Emily: I know she's only two, but I still feel like she should be better behaved.
  • Emily: Like maybe I'm setting a bad example...
  • Emily: Or we're not strict enough, or we're too strict?
  • Patrick: WHY is this so hard?
  • Emily cires.
  • Patrick: Hey, hey, hey...c'mon.
  • Patrick: You set a GREAT example.
  • Emily: I do?
  • Patrick: Of course you do, you're a natural parent!
  • Patrick: ...the rest of our families, though...
  • Patrick: Pretty soon this fundraiser will be over, the house will be just the way we want it and everything will be okay.
  • Emily and Patrick kiss each other.


  • Sharon and Grace enter the place.
  • Sharon: Emily! Just the person I want to see.
  • Emily: Let me guess? Is it the menu?
  • Sharon: Nope.
  • Emily: The furnishings? Entertainment? Lack of organic, cruelty-free, dried seaweed?
  • Sharon: Nope, nope and definitely NOPE.
  • Sharon: It's the revenues, Emily, they're up fifteen percent over last year!
  • Paige: Play date!
  • Grace: Play date! Play date!
  • Sharon: Oh.. he he. Um...Sorry sweetheart. You've got swim and Spanish class today, remember?
  • EMily thinks.
  • Emily: How about tomorrow?
  • Sharon:
  • Sharon: Very well, tomorrow.
  • Paige cheers!

Level 10 - The Full OrderEdit

  • Emily, Paige, Evelyn and Edward came outside.
  • Sharon and Grace enter the place, with a delivery post mail.
  • Sharon gives the folder to Emily.
  • Sharon: ...that folder contains my itinerary for the day...
  • Sharon: well as a list of appropriate snacks and the times they're to be given.
  • Sharon: You know the fastest way to the nearest phlebotomist in case she needs emergency blood work done, don't you?
  • Sharon: It is tick season after all.
  • Evelyn: now, now - I'm sure we'll figure it out.
  • Sharon: It's just that pageant season starts tomorrow and Gracey is SOOOO excited, aren't you Grace?
  • Grace: NO!!
  • Sharon: I'll be back at four.
  • Sharon leaves the place. Evelyn, Edward, Paige and Grace also leave the place.


  • Paige, Evelyn, Edward and Grace enter the place.
  • Edward looks around. A senior visits the place.
  • "Excuse me, do you mind if I use your bathroom?
  • Emily: Not at all. Upstairs on your left.
  • A senior visits inside.
  • Emily: Thank goodness this fundraiser is finally over.
  • Patrick comes out and shuts the door.
  • Emily gives the drink to Patrick.
  • Edward takes a look again.
  • Emily: And? Is that hole in the floor finally covered up?
  • Senior left the place with door open.
  • Patrick: No, not yet, but don't worry I locked the door behind me.
  • Edward goes to Grace. Grace is scared and runs!
  • Emily: Was that before or after I let that customer use our bathroom?!
  • Paige follows Grace.
  • Patrick: Customer?
  • Evelyn: Grace! Grace, dear - let's stay outside, remember?
  • Grace runs inside the house before Paige!
  • Everybody was scared!
  • Emily, Patrick, Francois, Evelyn, or Edward: Grace!?
  • Grace approaches the hole and walks slowly into the hole. She can't balance herself!
  • Grace: AAAAAHH!!
  • Paige was scared!
  • Edward: Any word?
  • Patrick: None. Sharon woldn't even let us know which hospital she was going to.
  • Sharon beings Grace from hole to surface.
  • Emily: Sharon, I am SO-,
  • Sharon places handicapped Grace on the floor.
  • Sharon: Don't. You. DARE apologize.
  • Mr. Henriques enter the place.
  • Sharon: Do you know how much time and money in lessons and coaching is down the tubes because of you?
  • Emily: It was an accident, Sharon. Surely-
  • Sharon: Save your excuses! It was BAD PARENTING.
  • Patrick: Now wait just a minute.
  • The councilor checks around.
  • Sharon: I won't stand by and let this happen to someone else. Mr. Henriques?
  • Mr. Henriques: Yes...I'm afraid it is as bad you say, Sharon.
  • Patrick: What's going on? Who is this?
  • Mr. Henriques gives a letter.
  • Mr. Henriques: I'm sorry to say your home has been declared uninhabitable by the city.
  • Mr. Henriques: You have twenty four hours to vacate the premises.
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