This is the 2nd episode of Emily's Holiday Season.

Day 1

  • Emily and Francois arrive at the Winter Fair.
  • Francois: Really? They said that?
  • Emily: Yes! I'm not some kind of trophy to fight over...
  • Francois: Well, if there was such a think, you'd make a great prize, but...
  • Francois: Who needs those guys anyway? We're perfectly fine on our own.
  • Francois: Right, Emily?
  • Emily: ...
  • Francois: Well, at least they've got ten more days to work it out.
  • Jacob: Ma'am?
  • Jacob: Can you help me build a snowman?
  • Emily: What?
  • Jacob: Can you help me build a snowman?
  • Emily: Sure, but I'll have to do it inbetween my chores.

During the day

  • Emily helps Jacob build a snowman.


  • Emily: And now, add a few things, coals and a carrot.
  • Emily: All finished.
  • Jacob: Wow, it's so cool!
  • Jacob: Thank you, ma'am!

Day 2

  • There was a snowstorm coming to Francois.
  • Francois shakes during that weather.
  • Francois: Emily...?
  • Emily: Francois...?
  • Francois: I can hardly see you, it's snowing so hard!
  • Emily: Yes, it pretty bad today?
  • Emily: Would you help me run the fair?
  • Francois: This helping, it wouldn't be cleaning the tables, would it?
  • Emily: Maybe...
  • Francois: I thought so.
  • Francois: Sure, I'll help out.
  • Emily: Thanks, Francois. You're a true friend.
  • Francois is now a "cleaner".

During the day

  • Today, the weather has gone bad - Snowstorm! The screen turns bright - white.


  • Elvis enters the fair.
  • Elvis: Hamburger?
  • Emily: I'm afrad we don't have any hamburgers.
  • Elvis: NO HAMBURGER?!
  • Elvis: STORM?!
  • Elvis: NO HAMBURGER?!
  • Elvis leaves the fair.

Day 3

  • Charles: Hey, Emily.
  • Emily: Santa?
  • Charles: No, although he was the one who asked me to help out.
  • Charles: It's me, Charles.
  • Emily: Wow, you look so real!
  • Charles: That's because this is actually Santa's spare suit.
  • Charles: I also have this elf's costume...
  • Charles: ... Matthew was going to wear it, but he'd planned a small vacation.
  • Emily: I know someon who has about the same size.
  • Francois: Why are you looking at me?
  • Francois: I can't do it, who would clean the tables?
  • Jacob: I'll clean the tables.
  • Jacob Miller is the cleaner.
  • Francois: Thanks, kid...
  • Francois: Oh no, I am not going to wear this!
  • Francois: Why do I always get talked into each things?
  • Later on...
  • Francois: There's no way I'm coming out.
  • Emily: Come on Francois, it can't be that bad.
  • Emily: Do I have to come and get you?
  • Francois: You can try...

During the day

  • Emily has to get Francois out 6 times.


Day 4

  • These kids are trying to fight with the snowball.
  • Paul enters the fair.
  • Paul: Um... Emily...
  • Emily: Hey, Paul.
  • "He hit me with a snowball!"
  • Emily: Buy you've been throwing that at each other all day...
  • "He HIT ME with a SNOWBALL!"
  • Jacob: She was throwing at me, too!
  • Paul: Can I try something?
  • Emily: Sure.
  • Paul: What if, instead of throwing snowballs at each other...
  • Paul: try and throw them at me?
  • The kids stand in the distance to Paul, to throw the snow.

During the day

  • Emily has to clean Paul 5 times from snowball.
  • This requres 50 wipes per clean (250 total).


  • Emily: Okay, that's enough.
  • Emily: Shall we let Paul warm up with a cup of soup?
  • "Okay."
  • Jacob: Thank you, Paul.
  • They run and leave the fair.
  • Emily makes the soup and delivers to Paul.
  • Paul: I... I... still... need to say... sorry... about...
  • Emily: It's fine, totally forgotten.
  • Paul stops shaking and leaves the fair.

Day 5

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