This is the third chapter in Emily's Christmas Carol. The Napoli-O'Malley family is going on an adventure!

Level 21 Edit

  • The music plays in the train.
  • All you need are magic sprinkles
  • Falala
  • So the world around you twinkles
  • Falala
  • Reindeer stuck, why don't they fly
  • No more enchantment in the sky
  • All you need are magic sprinkles
  • Falala
  • The music finishes.
  • Edward: Relax, Evelyn - enjoy the ride. We made it!
  • Paige: Daddy, what if we don't find Mary?
  • Patrick: Don't worry, sweetheart - she'll be on the train somewhere.
  • Emily: I don't see ANYONE working in the dining car.
  • Emily: C'mon, Francois - these passengers are gonna get hungry soon.
  • Francois: ARGH! I knew it!
  • Francois: I'll check the supplies.
  • Edward and Evelyn leaves to the left.
  • Francois, Patrick and Paige leave to the right.

After the levelEdit

  • Evelyn enters the car and sits.
  • Patrick and Paige enter the car, with her present.
  • Paige: We're going to find Mary!
  • Amanda enters the car.
  • Patrick and Paige leave to the left.
  • Evelyn: Pardon me, but, how long until we arrive?
  • Amanda: Well, I'm not exactly sure! It's my first time on this train.
  • Evelyn: What?
  • Amanda: I got on just before we hit the depot, ma'am.
  • Amanda: Before this, I was a trainee.
  • Evelyn: Stop the train! Stop the train right now!

Level 22Edit

  • Evelyn: What if we run out of gas?
  • Evelyn: What if we're stopped by a herd of water buffalo?
  • Evelyn: What if we get lost? I think it's better to turn back. NOW!
  • Amanda: Ma'am, first - this is a steam engine...
  • Patrick and Paige enter the car.
  • Amanda: ...Second, there are no water buffalo within a thousand miles of here.
  • Amanda: Though if you're lucky, you might get to see some reindeer.
  • Amanda: But if there's one guarantee I can make, it's that we will NOT get lost.
  • Paige: We just have to follow the Christmas Star!
  • Amanda leaves to the right. Paige climbs the Evelyn.
  • Evelyn: Well that's a relief... The Christmas Star... Why didn't I think of that...?
  • Paige climbs down and brings present to the right.
  • Patrick and Evelyn leave to the right.

After the levelEdit

  • Patrick, Paige and Evelyn ether the car.
  • Amanda enters the car.
  • Amanda: My, what a pretty outfit you have on. Are you an angel?
  • Paige disagrees.
  • Paige: I wanted to be...
  • Paige: ...but Mrs. McGrady wants me to be the Christmas Star...
  • Amanda: You know, when I was young, I played with trains all day long...
  • Amanda: When I got older, people told me I couldn't operate a train like this one.
  • Amanda: Just because I'm a girl.
  • Amanda: But I didn't listen - because I BELIEVED that I could do it.
  • Amanda: And here I am!
  • Amanda: If you believe in yourself, you can do ANYTHING - even being an angel. Remember that.
  • Paige agrees.

Level 23Edit

  • Francois interacts with the wine. He places on the table and sits there.
  • Evelyn enters the car.
  • Evelyn: Francois - I want to talk to you.
  • Francois: Evelyn, I can explain...
  • Evelyn: I know how much you enjoy Christmas, Francois.
  • Francois: I do! IT's the most wonderful time of the year!
  • Evelyn: I'm just a bit worried that you won't be able to have a proper Christmas...
  • Evelyn: ...if we don't arrive on time.
  • Francois: What do you mean? We're together, aren't we? What more could we wish for?
  • Evelyn: Well, I'm just saying. If you do change your mind...
  • Evelyn: ...we can always try to convince the rest to go back.
  • Evelyn: It's up to you.
  • Evelyn leaves to the right, and Francois takes the glass and leaves to the left. Emily goes back to work. Amanda enters.
  • Amanda: We'll be picking up some extra passengers soon, so let's clear these suitcases today.
  • Amanda leaves.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily gets rid of the suitcases and bags for the new passengers.

After the levelEdit

  • After clearing, Emily leaves to the right.
  • Francois enters the car and takes a rest.
  • Evelyn enters.
  • Evelyn: So...?
  • Francois: So what, Evelyn?
  • Evelyn: Well, did you think about what I said?
  • Evelyn: I don't want to rush you, but I'd understand. You know that, right?
  • Francois: I know you mean well, Evelyn. But don't you think it would break Paige's heart if we want back?
  • Evelyn: Have you seen Patrick when he's dressed like Santa? No one could tell the difference...
  • Francois: The difference? Patrick isn't the real Santa now is he?
  • Evelyn: Well, I hate to break it you Francois, but...
  • Evelyn: ...Aaah… never mind.

Level 24Edit

  • Paige runs around.
  • Patrick: Look at her... She's SO Happy.
  • Amanda enters the car.
  • Paige: Amanda! Amanda! Can I come with you?
  • Emily: Paige, let her get some breakfast first.
  • Amanda: It's no bother. I'll have her back in a few.
  • Emily: I'll have someone bring you your breakfast then.
  • Paige follows Amanda.
  • Patrick: Does ANYONE work here besides you?
  • Emily: This was such a great idea.
  • Emily: Reminds me when I took the train to Paris.
  • Patrick: Yes, we'll always have Paris...
  • Emily: You know... it made me realize you were the one for me, silly.
  • Emily and Patrick kiss. Then Patrick leaves to the right.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily has to take the machinist, Amanda, her breakfast.

After the levelEdit

  • Emily sits down at table. Francois makes wine to serve Emily the wine. Francois sits down.
  • Amanda enters the car. Paige enters with present.
  • Amanda: My, that IS big present you have there. Who's it for?
  • Paige: It belongs to Mary! Do you know her?
  • Amanda: Not exactly. I've never met her, but I think I know who she is...
  • Amanda: You mean Santa's wife?
  • Amanda: I don't think she's on the train, though. She never travels by train...
  • Paige: Santa's wife? You mean... Mary is SANTA'S WIFE??

Level 25Edit

  • Paige sees the reindeer.
  • Paige: Granny! Granny!!
  • Evelyn: What is it, dear?
  • Paige: WOW! Reindeers in the sky... I think.
  • Paige: Lots and LOTS of reindeers...
  • Evelyn: Uh-huh.
  • Paige: They're running faster than we are!
  • Evelyn: That's nice, sweetheart.
  • Paige continues drawing. The reindeer flying faster!
  • Evelyn and Paige leave to the left. Francois and Emily go back to work.

During the levelEdit

  • Paige counts the reindeer!

After the levelEdit

  • Evelyn and Paige enter the car. There's another reindeer!
  • Paige: Mommy! Look! Flying reindeers in the sky!
  • The reindeers fly!
  • Evelyn: Don't you just love children?
  • Evelyn: SUCH imaginations!

Level 26Edit

  • Evelyn: Patrick, you do have the tickets, don't you?
  • Evelyn: I- I mean, I just don't want us to get thrown off the train.
  • Edward: Evelyn! We all know how badly you want to see Santa! Of COURSE he has the tickets!
  • Edward: Now, would you PLEASE Stop being so negative and start to live in the moment a little for gosh sake!
  • Evelyn: I just want to be careful, that's all. Train travel can be unpredictable.
  • Edward: For the last time - NOTHING is going to happen to the train!
  • The plate moves when the train stops!
  • The stuff in the train collapsed!
  • Evelyn: My blouse!
  • Evelyn: OH? NOTHING is going to happen?!
  • Evelyn leaves the car.
  • Patrick: I, er… I'll go see why we stopped.
  • Patrick leaves to the left.
  • Edward: I'll go with you!
  • Edward runs to follow Patrick.
  • Emily and Francois go in to see what happened!
  • Emily: What happened?!
  • Francois: I wonder why we stopped...
  • Emily goes to the cart to make it stand up.

During the levelEdit

  • Emily picks up everything that fell.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois leaves to the left, and Evelyn enters the car to sit.
  • Emily: Mom? Mom, what's wrong?
  • Evelyn: Ooh... Most of my clothes are in my suitcase, which is buries in the luggage car.
  • Evelyn: I have NOTHING to change into.
  • Emily: I'm sure we can figure something out, Mom.
  • Paige enters.
  • Paige: Granny! Granny! The train stopped!
  • Paige: That means we're at Santa's house!
  • Evelyn: Come here, you...
  • Paige goes to Evelyn.

Level 27Edit

  • Paige and Patrick enter the car.
  • Paige: Santa! Santa! I want to see Santa!
  • Emily: Paige, sweetie - I don't think we're there yet.
  • Evelyn: Then WHY have we stopped? We're not even at a station.
  • Evelyn's mad and left! Edward leaves to get Evelyn!
  • Francois enters the car.
  • Patrick and Paige leave to the left.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois goes to clean the table while Patrick and Paige enter the car.
  • Emily goes to kiss Patrick. Evelyn, Edward and Amanda enter the car.
  • Amanda: Hey, folks. I've got good news and bad news...
  • Evelyn: I'll say there's bad news! My blouse is ruined and I can't get to my suitcase!
  • Francois: We may want to get the bad news out of the way first for 'You-know-who's' sake.
  • Evelyn: Watch it!
  • Amanda: The good news is, we're very close!
  • Amanda: The bad news is, there's a herd of reindeer blocking the tracks.
  • Paige: WIW! Real reindeers? See, Granny? I did see them!
  • Emily: Isn't there something we can do?
  • Amanda: We've tried everything we can think of, but they're refusing to move.
  • Amanda: All we can do now is pray... and wait for Holly to get here.
  • Emily: Holly? Who's Holly?

Level 28Edit

  • Amanda: Holly runs a reindeer farm several miles north of here.
  • Amanda: Unfortunately, we haven't been able to establish contact with her - she must not be near her radio.
  • Paige: Daddy! I want to see the reindeers!
  • Patrick: Sweetie, I don't think that's a good idea.
  • Amanda: I don't see why not! They're harmless.
  • The O'Malley, Edward and Francois go see!
  • There are lots of reindeers!
  • Paige: WOW!
  • Evelyn comes out.
  • Evelyn: Shoo! Do you hear me! Shoo! You're ruining Christmas!
  • Reindeer: Mooo!
  • The reindeer bits Evelyn!
  • Evelyn: AGH! HEEELP!
  • Evelyn runs back into train.
  • Edward: Evelyn, wait!
  • Edward runs back into train.
  • Emily: C'mon, Paige - we'd better get back on the train.

After the levelEdit

  • Francois cleans the table while Patrick and Paige enter the car.
  • Emily and Patrick kiss while Evelyn and Edward enter the car.
  • Evelyn: I'm telling you, it attacked me!
  • Edward: Now, now Evelyn - I think he likes you!
  • Evelyn: They're as big as horses!
  • Paige runs off to get reindeer.
  • Evelyn: We need to make sure we keep Paige away from them!
  • Emily is surprised. She's looking for Paige.
  • Emily: GUYS!
  • Emily: Has anyone seen Paige?!

Level 29Edit

  • They go off the train to find Paige.
  • Emily: PAIGE!
  • Patrick: Paaaaaaaaige!
  • Edward: The reindeer!
  • They run to Paige.
  • Emily: PAIGE!
  • Patrick: Hold on sweetheart, daddy's coming!
  • Patrick was scared by reindeer.
  • Evelyn: I told you this would happen!
  • Paige: He's stuck!
  • Francois: She's just protecting her young.
  • Emily goes near reindeer.
  • Emily touches the reindeer.
  • Emily: Easy girl... Easy...
  • Reindeer allows Emily to go to Paige.
  • Emily: HHNNNG!
  • Emily tries to unstuck Paige!
  • Paige: He's hurt, mommy!
  • Patrick: Paige O'Malley, we are going back to the train and we are going to have a BIG talk!

After the levelEdit

  • Francois cleans the right table, while Patrick and Paige enter the car.
  • Paige: I'm sorry mommy...
  • Emily grabs Paige up and hugs.
  • Emily: Never again, young lady.
  • Amanda enters the car.
  • Francois: Any luck reaching this Holly person?
  • Amanda: None... I'm starting to worry about her.
  • Paige: I know! Maybe Santa could find her!
  • Amanda: I'm sure she's fine, Paige.

Level 30Edit

  • Paige enters the car.
  • Paige: Granny! Granny! I KNOW we're going to see Santa!
  • Evelyn: What do you mean, dear?
  • Paige: Well, Mary is married to Santa!
  • Paige: But Mary isn't on the train! That means we're going to see her when we see Santa!
  • Paige: The gift that Mary forgot, is really for Santa. SANTA!
  • Evelyn: So, I guess we really are going to see Santa...
  • Paige: What do you mean, Granny? You knew that already, right?
  • Evelyn: Let's just say Granny's a bit nervous about seeing Santa.
  • Paige: Me too!
  • Evelyn: Yes, but I've been on this train to see Santa before, you know.
  • Paige: Really?
  • Evelyn: Let's keep this our little secret shall we?
  • They agree.
  • Paige: OK!
  • Paige: And Granny... Don't be nervous.
  • Evelyn grabs Paige and a hug, then places down.
  • Evelyn and Paige leave to the left.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Patrick and Paige enter the car.
  • Patrick: C'mon, Emily! Let's go have a look at the reindeer.
  • Emily, Patrick and Paige leave the train.
  • Evelyn and Edward enter the car.
  • Francois: Maybe you're right, Evelyn. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all...
  • Francois: ...with all these delays, it'd be a miracle if get there on time.
  • Evelyn: Don't worry Francois. We'll get there.
  • Edward: I guess miracles do exist! Evelyn? What happened?
  • Evelyn: We could always-
  • The train continues!
  • Evelyn: Er, um... At least it was already stained...
  • The O'Malley enter the car.
  • Patrick: The reindeer, they're gone!
  • Paige: It's a miracle!
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