This is the first chapter in Emily's Christmas Carol. The pre-Christmas is arrived, after the reunion!

Level 1: Opening

  • Delicious: Emily's Christmas Carol (A GameHouse Production)
  • Starring Emily O'Malley
  • And Paige with Patrick, Edward, Evelyn
  • And Francois, Grace: Sharon, Angela, Mary, George, Holly
  • Special Guest: Santa Claus
  • The music plays!
  • Once upon a cold December
  • Falala-lalala
  • full of moments to remember
  • Falala
  • hours of hope and silent fear, oh
  • will the angel still appear
  • In that freezing cold December
  • Falala
  • The music finishes.
  • Francois comes out to snow.
  • Francois: IT'S... SNOWING!
  • Francois watches the carol sings.
  • Emily and Paige come outside. Paige goes to Santa while Emily watches they sing.
  • Santa: Well hi there, little angel!
  • Paige runs to Emily.
  • Santa goes aside.
  • Emily: It's simply the most wonderful time of the year!
  • Patrick: That was magical!
Goosebumps every time.
  • Carol singers leave the place. Francois goes to pick up snow for snowballs.
  • Francois: Ah ha!
  • Emily: FRANCOIS!
  • Emily: Francois... Don't you dare... FRANCOIS!
  • Emily runs away and Francois begins to chase.
  • Patrick: And how was your first day at preschool today, young lady?
  • Patrick picks Paige up.
  • Paige: Daddy, daddy! Guess what?
  • Paige: I'm gonna-
  • Francois fells down on the snow!
  • Patrick: Watch out, Emily! It's the terrible snowman!
  • Francois clears the snow.
  • Francois and Paige go inside.
  • Patrick: And how are YOU doing, young lady?
  • Emily: Well... I couldn't have hoped Paige's first day of preschool could go any better!
  • They gave a kiss at snow.
  • Patrick: Do you want me to explain how this works again?
Yes (Tutorial) No (Skip)
Emily: I've done this once or twice, honey!
Emily: If you can take care of Paige, I got this!
Patrick goes inside, letting Emily start working.

After the level

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