This is the 3rd episode of Emily's Childhood Memories. After the 1980s, Emily and her family going back to 1990s.


  • Emily: Awww.
  • Emily and Angela gave a hug.
  • Emily: Is that really one of your favorite memories?
  • Angela: What, trick or treating with you? Oh yeah, that was fun.
  • Angela: But actually I was talking about when I let the rabbits out of their cages and you had to chase them.
  • Evelyn: Speaking of herdling rabbits.
  • Evelyn: The Chamber of Commerce is having their awards bouquet here later.
  • Emily: Wow, they still come here?
  • Evelyn: Every year, even though the first one was a small disaster, do you remember?
  • Evelyn: It was one of the campground we used to have behind the barn.
  • Edward: ...during prom, if I remember correctly...

Day 1Edit

  • Target: 1,390; Expert: 1,610
  • The time is going back to the 1990s.
  • Edward: Can you believe it, Evelyn? Our Emily is going to the prom!
  • Evelyn: Emily, I want you to have the best of everything!
  • Emily: Thanks Mon, but I want to pay my own way.
  • Emily: Besides, I already have the dress on layaway.
  • Evelyn: Oh, don't worry about it, dear!
  • Evelyn: This bouquet I have booked for next week is going to make us a fortune!
  • Evelyn and Edward leave.

Before the eventEdit

  • Francois enters the campsite.
  • Francois: Well, Becky decided to go to the prom with Lonnie after all, even though he got a mohawk.
  • Francois: Lynette is definitely NOT going with Kyle, because she found out he kissed Patty!
  • Francois: And I just got word from my sources that Hunter is planning on asking you!
  • Francois: He'a playing ball next door with friends. All we have to do is wait.
  • Something happens.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to catch Baseball 4 times.


  • Francois hides from Emily.
  • Hunter: "Hey, Emily. Uh... how's it going?"
  • Emily: Hi, Hunter! Good!
  • Hunter: Emily, I was wondering um... er...
  • Francois and Angela is looking at Emily and Hunter.
  • Hunter: Er... um... do you like bread?
  • Emily: Uh... yes. Yes, I like bread.
  • Hunter: That's good. I'll talk to you later, okay?
  • "Emily's first crush."
  • Francois: Look at this way: at least you have a lot in common!

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 1,430; Expert: 1,590
  • Francois: ...all it needed was some power.
  • Francois: Okay, Emily. Let's start with a dance excerise that'll help you with your stage fright.
  • Francois: How funky is your monkey?!
  • Francois: How loose is your goose?!
  • Francois: So come on everybody...
  • Francois: and shake your caboose!
  • Emily: I thought you were going to teach me to slow dance?
  • Francois: First we need to cover hip-hop, New Wave and hair metal ballads.
  • Francois: You know what, check out the way the customers dance during the day...
  • Francois: ...and then we'll practice dancing later.
  • Francois leaves the campsite, letting Emily go.


  • Francois goes to the records.
  • Francois: Okay, Emily. Let's skip to the good part-where Hunter sweeps you off your feet.
  • Emily and Francois dance.
  • Emily accidentally step on Francois' foot, making him hurt.
  • Emily: I'm sorry!
  • Francois: Don't worry about it. By the time prom comes we'll have you floating on air.
  • Emily: Do you really think Hunter will ask me?
  • Francois: I'm positive. Don't worry. C'mon, let's get some more practice.
  • "Emily's learning to dance"

Day 3Edit

  • Target: 1,630; Expert: 1,800
  • Evelyn and Stacy enter the campsite.
  • Evelyn: Emily! This is Stacy, she's going to help serve at t he banquet while you're at prom.
  • Evelyn: I'll need you to show her ropes, okay? Call me if you need me.
  • Emily: Hey, I've seen you around at school. You're a senior, right?
  • Stacy: Yep. You're a junior, right?
  • Emily: You're not going to the prom?
  • Stacy: I really need the money for the college.
  • Emily: Okay... wel... let's get started, eh?
  • Emily works the counter, but Stacy accidentally make the ice cream machine shake.
  • The machine splashed the liquid.
  • Stacy: Oh, no!
  • Stacy: Help! It's possessed!
  • Emily hits the machine.
  • But Stacy slips and falls down to the floor.
  • Stacy: I am so sorry, Emily!
  • Emily: Go ahead and clean yourself up. I'll take care of the mess
  • Stacy leaves the campsite, letting Emily clean up the mess.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to clean up the mess (8 spots).



  • Stacy comes back to the campsite.
  • Stacy: Thanks for being so cool earlier, Emily. I have terrible luck with machines.
  • Emily: Hey, Stacy. I could stick around a bit on the day of the banquet and help get you guys started...
  • Emily: the time people are done with the main course...
  • Emily: could probably skip out early and still make prom.
  • Stacy: Thanks, Emily... actually, I really can't afford it...
  • Stacy: But it's cool! I'd probably just trip all over myself anyhow.
  • Stacy: At least this way I'll get paid for it.

Day 4Edit

  • Target: 1,600; Expert: 1,780
  • Stacy: Let's hope today I can actually get some work done...
  • Emily: Don't worry about it...
  • Emily: If you clean the tables, I'll concentrate on the customers
  • Stacy: Smart! That way I don't have to be near any of the machines...

Day 5Edit

  • Target: 1,960; Expert: 2,130
  • Stacy: So you really like Hunter, huh?
  • Emily: Sooooo much... I even wrote out names together like a hundred times on my diary.
  • Emily: Oh my gosh! My diary!
  • Emily: I has it out here earlier! Now I can't find it!
  • Stacy: Relax. It'll turn up. What's the worst that could happen?
  • Hunter: Uh... hey Emily...
  • Hunter: Your dad's paying me to trim the shrubs around the restaurant. Okay if I get to work?
  • Emily: Oh, totally!
  • Hutner leaves the campsite oing to trim the shrubs.
  • Emily: We have to find that diary!
  • "Lost Emily's diary"

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to find her diary. It's in the plant inside the disco.


  • Emily: Whew, that was close...


  • Hunter: Um... hey, Emily?
  • Francois and Angela enter the campsite.
  • Emily: Yes, Hunter?
  • Hunter: I really like... I really like...
  • Hunter: ...your dad's hedge trimmer.
  • Hunter tries to leave.
  • Hunter thought: Argh! I'm so stupid!

Day 6Edit

  • Target: 1,670; Expert: 1,870
  • Angela is dancing, while Stacy and Emily enter the campsite.
  • Francois: Allegro... allegro... Now arabesque! ARABESQUE! Aaaand adagio!
  • Emily: What's all this about?
  • Francois: You don't think you're my only project around here do you?
  • Francois: Today Angela is going to entertain your customers by showing off her ballet...
  • Francois: ...if she can get her alignment right, that is.
  • Angela is the entertainer.

Day 7Edit

  • Target: 1,900; Expert: 2,250
  • Evelyn enters the campsite.
  • Evelyn: Emily, do you know where the...
  • Evelyn: ...Oh my word, a spider!
  • Francois jumps to Evelyn.
  • Evelyn: Emily! If these people see a spider during their banquet it'll be a disaster!
  • Evelyn: I've already spent their entire deposit
  • Emily: I'll take care if it, Mom. Relax.
  • Emily: Francois and I will get rid of them, I promise.
  • Francois: Oh, no! You can do that all by yourself!
  • Evelyn and Francois leave, letting Emily catch the spiders.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to catch 5 spiders.


  • Angela leaves the campsite.
  • Francois enters the campsite to chat with Emily.
  • Francois jumps to Emily to make her catch him. Ther was another spider.
  • Emily and Francois fell down to the floor and sat.
  • Hunter enters the campsite.
  • Hunter: Uh... is this a bad time?
  • Emily: No! That's okay!
  • Francois and Angela hide.
  • Hunter: Hunter: Okay, cool... um... Emily? I was wondering...
  • Hunter: dy you... do you... think 'Mystic Tiger' is a cool name for my band?
  • Emily: Uh... yeah. Sure. Why not?
  • Hunter tries to leave again.
  • Hunter thought: Stupid!

Day 8Edit

  • Target: 2,300; Expert: 2,480
  • Francois enters the campsite with a briefcase.
  • Francois: Emily! Make up time!
  • Emily: Sorry, Francois. I've got a lot to do around here.
  • Francois: Emily! You don't expect me to do your makeup on prom night without a practice run, do you?
  • Emily: I'll try to sit down with you whenever I can, ok?

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to do the make-up.


  • Francois is doing the final make-up for Emily.
  • Francois: Oh my gosh! You look AMAZING!
  • Emily: Thanks, Francois. I just hope I have a dress to wear with it. Prom is coming up fast.
  • Emily and Francois and others leave.

Day 9Edit

  • Target: 1,910; Expert: 2,170
  • Stacy enter the campsite.
  • Emily: Hey, Stacy! What's wrong?
  • Stacy: Sorry... I guess I am a little bummed to be missing prom after all.
  • Emily: Tell you what. No prom talk today, okay?
  • Stacy: Ok.
  • Emily: Can you start by restocking the soda for me?
  • Stacy gets the box of soda and accidentally made a mess in the campsite.
  • Stacy: Sigh.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to find 8 cans scattered around.


  • Evelyn and Francois enter the campsite.
  • Evelyn: Emily! These banquet people are driving me crazy. I don't know what...
  • Evelyn accidentally steps on the can, making her foot roll, and she fell down to the ground and sat, so Evelyn got her feet hurting her. She has her heels.
  • Emily: Mom!
  • Evelyn: Oh, no! I think it might be broken.
  • "Evelyn breaking her leg."

Day 10Edit

  • Target: 2,350; Expert: 2,570
  • Evelyn has the handicapped walking.
  • Edward: Uh... where are the Popsicles again?
  • Evelyn: That's it! I'm cancelling the banquet.
  • Evelyn cancel the banquet.
  • Emily: Mom, no!
  • Evelyn: Better we refund their deposit so they can go someplace else than ruin their event.
  • Emily: Mom... I'll work.
  • Evelyn: Absolutely not!
  • Emily: I don't even have a date. Plus I can go next year. It's not that big a deal, I promise.
  • Evelyn: I am so sorry, Emily. Mark my words we will make this up to you.
  • Evelyn (handicapped) and Edward leave the campsite.

Before the eventEdit

  • Francois and Stacy enter the campsite.
  • Francois: Emily! Hurry! We've got to get your hair done, makeup-
  • Emily: Francois... I'm not going.
  • Emily: My parents have a lot riding on tonight and my mom really needs me.
  • Francois: Bu- bu- what about your dress?
  • Emily: I want Stacy to have it.
  • Emily: Stacy, this is your last prom. Just take the dress, take Francois and have a great time.
  • Stacy: Thank you, Emily! Thank you so much!
  • Francois: You're a saint, you know that?
  • Emily and Francois gave a hug.
  • Francois and Stacy leave.
  • What are those tourists doing at the table?
  • They're have a seat and ordering food!

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to serve the banquet.


  • Evelyn and he's going to the campsite.
  • "Evelyn, everything was perfect."
  • "We'll definitely be back next year!"
  • Evelyn: Don't forget to tell your friends!
  • He leaves.
  • The party is over. They leave the banquet.
  • Evelyn leaves the campsite.


  • Angela leaves the campsite, while Evelyn comes.
  • Evelyn: Thank you Emily. Thank you so much.
  • Emily and Evelyn gave a hug.
  • Emily: Sigh.
  • Francois enter the campsite.
  • Francois: Emily you wouldn't believe it! Stacy was voted prom queen!
  • Francois: She told everyone what you did!
  • People enter the dance.
  • Francois: Practically the whole school is coming here just to throw you a prom! Even...
  • Francois: Ah! Here he comes!
  • Hunter enters the campsite.
  • Hunter: Um... Hey, Emily... I... er...
  • Hunter: Oh to heck with it, Emily...
  • Hunter: ...will you go to after-peom with me?
  • Emily: Hmmm... let's see here.
  • Emily: Of course I will, you goofball!
  • Hunter has a bouquet of roses to Emily.
  • Hunter: I hope you like it.
  • Emily: I love it.
  • Emily has the bouquet of rose.
  • Emily and Hunter hold their hands, giving and sharing their first kiss.
  • "Emily and Hunter's first kiss."
  • Evelyn and Edward, Francois, and Angela are looking at Emily and Hunter's first kiss.
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