This is the sixth and final chapter in Cathy's Crafts. In the place, Cathy has her own store!

Level 6-1 Edit

  • Cathy: *sigh*
  • Ivy: What's wrong, honey? The place looks great!
  • Cathy: Mark's coming home...
  • Ivy: Isn't that good news?
  • Cathy: I don't know Mom... We haven't spoken much since he left for New York... Plus, he says he has a 'surprise'.
  • Ivy: ...Oh.
  • Cathy: He said he'll be here soon...
  • Ivy: I know his surprises usually leave a lot to be desired, Cathy, but he means well.
  • Cathy: He always does, Mom.
  • Ming: *hiss*

After the levelEdit

  • Mark arrives at Cathy's place.
  • Mark: Hey, babe! Did you miss me?
  • Ming: *hiss!*
  • Mark: Ahhh!!!
  • Cathy: I did.
  • Mark: Is it just me, or did Ming get even fatter?
  • Ming: *hiss!*
  • Mark: What the-? Where'd she go!?
  • Cathy: Who?
  • Mark: Donatella, my friend from New York! I should go look for her... Gottagobye!
  • Mark leaves the place.
  • Cathy: Wait! Who is this new friend?

Level 6-2Edit

  • Kendra: So THAT'S his surprise? Be bright a girl with him from New York?
  • Cathy: It sure was a surprise, alright.
  • Kendra: Doesn't this chick know he has a girlfriend?!? If I get my hands on her-
  • Donatella visits the place.
  • Donatella: Excuse me! Are these for sale?
  • Cathy: Yep! They were all made at our shop by retirees.
  • Cathy: We're trying to raise money for the senior center.
  • Donatella: Can I take some pictures?
  • Cathy: Sure!
  • Donatella takes pictures.
  • Donatella: I'd like this, please.
  • Donatella takes a product and pays to Cathy.
  • Cathy: Thanks for your support! Please come see us again, we always have new stuff for sale!
  • Donatella leaves the place.
  • Cathy: Oh, I almost forgot. Let's start unpacking those boxes.

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy unpacks the boxes.

After the levelEdit

  • Cathy: There, much better!
  • Kendra: I still can't believe Mark is two-timing you. Grrr!
  • Mark: I can't find Donatella anywhere...
  • Ming: Meowrrr!
  • Cathy: Gee, what a shame!
  • Mark: Let me try her again on her phone.
  • Mark calls Donatella.
  • Mark: Hey Dona? It's Mark!
  • Mark: Uh, I gotta take this call. Later!
  • Mark leaves the place.
  • Kendra: Dona, eh?

Level 6-3Edit

  • Cathy: Hi, welcome back!
  • Donatella: Hi! I sent those pictures to my father. He loves your stuff.
  • Cathy: Thanks!
  • Donatella: No problem! By the way, do you know a guy named Mark?
  • Donatella: He promised to show me around town.
  • Cathy: Let me guess, messy blond hair, bug eyes, kinda goofy looking?
  • Donatella: Yes! That's him!
  • Donatella: Um, listen, I need to call my father - can you please tell Mark that Donatella Satori was looking for him? Gottagobye!
  • Cathy: ...SATORI?

After the levelEdit

  • Mark: Hey babe, I heard you met Dona!
  • Cathy: Mark! You're friends with Donatella SATORI?
  • Mark: Surprise!
  • Mark: I told her all about you. So much so she wanted to come and meet you in person.
  • Mark: We'll get you that job, yet!

Level 6-4Edit

  • Rohann: Does Mark actually think he can convince a Satori to give you a job?
  • Cathy: I don't know... He does have a habit of helping out even when he's not asked, but I have to admit - even I didn't see this one coming.
  • *ming noise!*
  • Ming walks around.
  • Rohann: Ming? Are you okay?
  • Rohann: Ming! Wait!
  • Ming steps inside. Rohann goes to get Ming.

After the levelEdit

  • Rohann has something out of Ming.
  • Cathy: Rohann, what happened to Ming?!?
  • Rohann uncovers.
  • Cathy: Kittens!
  • Rohann: Ming gave birth!
  • Cathy: So... Ming is a GIRL?
  • Rohann: Ahhh… No wonder she's been eating a lot!
  • Mark enters the place.
  • Mark: Sup, guys!
  • Mark: What the-? Not MORE Mings!?
  • Ming: *hiss!*

Level 6-5Edit

  • Patty enters the place.
  • Patty: Hey Cathy!
  • Cathy: Hey Patty! I thought you'd already left for Europe?
  • Patty: Yeah... well... I guess I'm having second thoughts.
  • Patty: I've never even left the country before. I'm not sure I want to go all the way to Europe by myself...
  • Patty: Are you sure you don't wanna come? They have the best art programs in the world!
  • Cathy: Well, I stull have to see this fundraiser through...
  • Patty Clavell: It's okay, there's still time! Here, I'll leave some brochures for you.
  • Patty: There's so much to see and learn out there!
  • Rohann enters the place with boxes.
  • Rohann: Hey, girls!
  • Patty messes up with Rohann.
  • Patty: Oops! I tripped on a Ming Doll that appeared out of nowhere!
  • Rohann: Ahhh! Ming's food!
  • Patty: Later, BOSCH! Heh heh heh…
  • Patty leaves the place.
  • Rohann: Ugh, such a waste...
  • Ming goes to the food.
  • Cathy: I'm not sure Ming sees it that way.

After the levelEdit

  • Ivy: Hmmm... Looks like we haven't raised as much money as we'd hoped....
  • Ming: Mew?
  • Cathy: But our stuff seems to be selling well...
  • Ivy: It has been - just not quite well enough... Unless we can raise some cask quickly, the seniors are going to have to do without their new activity room.
  • Cathy: Oh... Hey Rohann, why don't you do a painting for the fundraiser?
  • Rohann: Me?
  • Cathy: Yeah! You're Rohann Bosch!
  • Cathy: Everyone would want to buy your painting... We could even put it up for auction!
  • Rohann: That's a great idea! I'll get started right away!
  • Rohann leaves the place.
  • Ivy: Why don't you paint one too, honey?
  • Cathy: Me?
  • Ivy: Yeah, why not? You're a pretty good painter!
  • Cathy: I don't know... I haven't touched a brush in a while...
  • Ivy: Hey, two paintings are better than one!

Level 6-6Edit

  • Donatella: You can paint, too?
  • Cathy: Hey, Dona! Well, I'm having a go...
  • Donatella: Cool! This this for the fundraiser?
  • Cathy: Yes! My friend Rohann here is gonna paint, too!
  • Rohann: Hi!
  • Donatella: Rohann Bosch?
  • Donatella: I've heard of you before...
  • Rohann: I'd be surprised if you don't.
  • Donatella: Weren't you kicked out of the guild recently?
  • Rohann: I... Er… I...
  • Donatella: Tell you what. I really want to help - so I'll buy one of your paintings. Deal?
  • Cathy: Really!? That'd be fantastic!
  • Rohann: Just ONE of our paintings?
  • Donatella: Yep! So give it your best shot!
  • Donatella leaves the place.
  • Cathy: Hey, I thought you were gonna help out today?
  • Rohann: No time! I need to blow Satori out the water with this painting if I'm going to get back into the guild!
  • Cathy gets back to work and Kendra too.

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy starts a painting concept.

After the levelEdit

  • While Cathy paints, Mark enters the place.
  • Mark: Hey, babe! What are you doing?
  • Cathy: It's a painting for the fundraiser.
  • Mark: Cool! I didn't know you could paint!
  • Cathy: I didn't know either, but your friend Donatella has promised she'll buy a painting from us.
  • Mark: Yeah, OK - did you walk to her about New York yet?
  • Cathy: Mark, can we deal with New York AFTER the fundraiser?
  • Mark: Yeah, sure...I guess so.
  • Mark: Here, how about I paint something too, then maybe we can call an early end to the thing.
  • Rohann: Since when can YOU paint?
  • Mark: How hard can it be?

Level 6-7Edit

  • While paintings are covered, Mark paints.
  • Cathy: Gah!
  • Mark continues.
  • Mark: Gahhh!
  • Mark continues.
  • Mark: GAHHH!
  • Ming: Heh heh heh.
  • Cathy: Mark? Are you okay?
  • Mark: Uhh… I'm fine, babe! Don't worry about it!
  • Cathy: Well, okay... If you need any help, just let me know...
  • Mark: I-I'm fine... Just, uh... 'finding my artistic center', that's all.
  • Mark continues.
  • Ming: Heh heh heh.
  • Cathy: I know I left some photos around the shop somewhere.
  • Cathy: Could be a good source of inspiration.
  • Some time later, Emily and Paige enter the place.
  • Emily: Wow, Cathy! When I said we'd be seeing more of you, I didn't expect it to be in your own store!
  • Paige plays with a toy.
  • Cathy: Hehe, neither did I! But I still have so much to learn about arts & crafts!
  • Cathy: I don't want to disappoint my customers.
  • Emily: By the looks of it, you're doing a great job! And remember, the key to art is to believe in yourself.
  • Cathy: Thanks Emily! Here's some extra glitter for your Glitter Princess!
  • Cathy gives extra glitter to Emily.
  • Emily: Thanks - and good luck!

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy finds photos for inspiration.

After the levelEdit

  • Mark: Oh, man this is hard! Is there any way to HACK this?
  • Mark continues.
  • Rohann: Dude, are you sure you don't need help?
  • Rohann: I AM a painting teacher, you know... I can teach you the basics?
  • Mark: Any advice for a beginner?
  • Rohann: Lesson One: Do not paint outside the canvas.
  • Ming: Heh heh heh.
  • Rohann: Almost done... Will Dona like this?
  • Rohann: ...I'm sure she will. This is a Bosch original...
  • Rohann: What if she doesn't?
  • Rohann: ...Don't think that way, Rohann. The guild doesn't accept losers...
  • Cathy: Rohann? Are you okay?
  • Rohann: Uhh, yeah! Just finishing my painting!
  • Rohann: Gotta make sure it's perfect so Dona will buy it and show it to the guildmaster!
  • Cathy: Well, good luck!

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy paints a new concept.

After the levelEdit

  • Rohann: I'm done! Dona will LOVE this!
  • Cathy: Great job, Rohann! Can we see?
  • Rohann uncovers the painting.
  • Rohann: Ta-daa!
  • Mark: Dude, Why is it all dark and gloomy? Did you run out of paint?
  • Rohann: Lesson Two: SHADOWING.

Level 6-9Edit

  • Rohann: You're so beautiful, Ming!
  • Ming: Mew!
  • Rohann: Hey Cathy, how's Mark holding up? He looks... distressed.
  • Mark: GAHHHHH!
  • Mark continues!
  • Cathy: Yeah well, maybe now he'll have a better understanding of what's it's like being an artist.
  • Rohann: Or at least quit being such a dweeb, anyway...
  • Ming: Mew?
  • Rohann: Nothing! NOTHING!

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy works on the painting.

After the levelEdit

  • Mark: Well, believe it or not, I'm actually pretty satisfied with this.
  • Mark bursts out love to Cathy.
  • Cathy: Oh, Mark! That's actually pretty good!
  • Rohann: Hmm, not bad for a first-timer.
  • Mark: It was kinda hard, actually - bit if it gets Cathy to New York faster, it'll have been worth it.
  • Rohann: Well, uh... I'll see you guys tomorrow.
  • Rohann leaves the place.
  • Cathy: Mark... I... I have to tell you something.
  • Cathy: I uh... I care about you, a lot... But I don't want to go to New York.
  • Mark: What? Why?!?

Level 6-10Edit

  • Donatella enters the place.
  • Donatella: Hey all, got some paintings to show me?
  • Cathy: Not quite yet!
  • Donatella: Aww! I was hoping for a sneak peek, but I guess I'll see you at the auction!
  • Donatella leaves the place.

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy finishes the painting!

After the level; EndingEdit

And thank you for coming to our Snuggford Senior Center Fundraiser!
  • Lilia: Who's ready to bid on some paintings by our resident artists!
  • Lilia: Our first painting is from a local up and owner, Cathy Bradford!
  • Lilia uncovers the Cathy Bradford paint.
  • Go, Ming doll lady!
  • They cheer!
  • Lilia: Our second painting is from a former grand prize winner of the Annual Arts and Crafts Festival, Rohann Bosch!
  • The second painting is Rohann!
  • I love you, Rohann Bosch!
  • They applause!
  • Lilia: Our final painting is form Mark... Mark... Du... Duffy? Did I say that right?
  • Lilia: Mark Duffy!
  • Lilia uncovers Mark painting!
  • Mark: Yeah! Woo! That's me! Woo!
  • Mark: Okay, this will be a silent auction, so we'll leave you to it. Be generous folks!
  • Now, in Cathy's Crafts, Donatella enters the store.
  • Cathy: Hi Donatella, did you get the painting you wanted?
  • Donatella: My dad would LOVE to have THIS for his personal collection!
  • Rohann: Nooooo! My career is officially over!
  • Rohann cries.
  • Mark: Awesone! So are you going to offer Cathy a job now?
  • Donatella places a box.
  • Donatella: ...What?
  • Cathy: You bought Cathy's painting - she's an obvious shoo-in for your gallery, right?
  • Donatella: I'm afraid it doesn't work like that, Mark.
  • Mark: But I thought... If I introduced you...
  • Mark: But I thought... sigh... I'm sorry, babe.
  • Rohann: I'm a terrible artist! I don't deserve the guild! I'm a loser! A nobody!
  • Donatella: Actually... I was hoping to commission you for a painting, Rohann.
  • Rohann: What? Really? Well, w-why not. I'm a GREAT painter!
  • Dontella: This is my dog Pipeye… Can you paint her like this?
  • Rohann: Um... sure!
  • That's the end!


  • Here they take a look at the photo album. First they went to Hong Kong.
  • Cathy: Hong Kong sure looks like fun, Mom!
  • Ivy: It was! You should come next time, Cathy!
  • next is Timbuktu.
  • Fred: Would have been better if SOMEBODY hadn't sent us to Timbuktu...
  • Mark: Hey, free vacation to Africa!
  • Then there's Ming.
  • Cathy: Aw... Ming is so cute!
  • Kendra: I still can't believe you thought she was a boy, Rohann!
  • There was a Ming sleeping.
  • Rohann: In my defense, she never lets me get that close.
  • Cathy runs hardware store.
  • Ivy: You did a great job running the hardware store while we're away, Cathy!
  • Cathy: But we destroyed your patio...
  • Next is the new sign of repairs.
  • Fred: Awww, Cath-bear... But you helped with the repairs!
  • There were Ming dolls.
  • Kendra: Remember how anxious you were on the first day of the fair? But now your Ming dolls are legendary!
  • Next is results of the fair.
  • Cathy: And I won third place of my first Arts and Crafts Festival!
  • Rohann: And I LOST!
  • Mark has a new job.
  • Mark: And I got a job in New York!
  • After Hardware store in debt, it replaces into Cathy's Crafts!
  • Kendra: Hey, it's the grand opening of Cathy's Crafts!
  • Cathy: I was so nervous, Kendra had to cut the ribbon!
  • There goes the flower vase.
  • Fred: I kinda had fun running your crafts store while you were away, Cath-bear!
  • Cathy: And I had fun at Flower Week!
  • Fred: You made that flower arrangement? So beautiful!
  • Then they set up the painting class.
  • Cathy: Everyone loved your painting class, Rohann!
  • Rohann: Someday, the art guild will realize what they're missing...
  • Then there are 3 baby kittens.
  • Kendra: I still can't believe Ming had kittens!
  • Mark: She founded the Ming Dynasty!
  • There goes new activity room.
  • Ivy: And because of you, Cathy, the retirees got a new activity room!
  • That's the whole story!
  • Kendra: Whew, what a ride!
  • Cathy: So many things have happened...
  • Ivy: And you've grown so much... I'm so proud of you!
  • Kendra: Yeah! And you don't doubt yourself anymore... At least, not so much!
  • Mark: But you still don't want to go to New York with me! Why?
  • Cathy: Well... Remember when I returned form my internship and said I want to see what's out there?
  • Kendra: Yeah?
  • Cathy: A friend I met at the arts and crafts festival invited me to travel across Europe with her... I want to go!
  • Fred: Go for it, Cath-bear! We'll take care of your shop for you!
  • Ivy: Look at you, all ready to take on the world!
  • Rohann: Well, if you want to be great like me, you do need to get out there...
  • Mark: If that's what you really want to do, I guess I'm okay with it... I'm a super supportive boyfriend!
  • Mark: I'll miss you! Text me everyday! But please don't drown me with selfies like SONEONE we know!
  • Cathy: Thanks guys! I'd better get packing!
  • Ming is happy.
  • Ming: Mew!
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