This is the first chapter of Cathy's Crafts.

Level 1-1Edit

  • Ivy: Fred, the cab's here!
  • Fred: I think I'm missing this hardware store already!
  • Cathy: Relax, Dad. I got this.
  • Ivy: Fred - we're going to miss our flight!
  • Fred: Oh! Remember, the key machine's acting up again. I called the repairman...
  • Ivy: She KNOWS, Fred. You told her. TWICE.
  • Fred: OK. You're right. After all, she is a chip off the old cinder block!
  • Ivy: Sigh... Don't worry dear. It's just until you find your niche.
  • Cathy: Yeah, yeah... I know...
  • Ivy: Red, we REALLY have to go.
  • Ivy goes.
  • Fred: Ahh, a tour of hardware stores across Asia. I can't wait!
  • Fred: Don't make any changes while we're gone!
  • Ivy goes.
  • Ivy: FRED!
  • Ivy and Fred leave the store. Fred forgot!
  • Fred: Oh, and don't let that 'boyfriend' of yours monkey with the store!
  • Ivy goes back.
  • Ivy and Fed now leave the store.
  • Meet Mark Duffy, Cathy's boyfriend.
  • Mark: Psst! Are they gone?
  • Cathy: Yup, they just- Mark!? What are those boxes for?
  • Mark places the boxes.
  • Mark: Okay, so, you know how you're miserable working in your parent's hardware store?
  • Cathy: Er...well...
  • Mark: And you know how you've always loved making arts and crafts and things, right?
  • Cathy: Wait, here? At my dad's hardware store?
  • Mark: Well, there's a HUGE market for that stuff now. Why not take advantage and diversity?
  • Cathy: Mark, we talked about meddling, remember? You need to ask me before you do stuff like this!
  • Mark: Sweetheart, you gotta trust me! This could be big!
  • Cathy: Just... put it all away before the customers see it.
  • Mark: Too late...
  • There was one person...
  • Oh, so you DO have crafting supplies! Perfect timing - Bead Needs just closed down.
  • Mark: ...I put up fliers all over town.
  • Cathy: Ohhh....
  • Mark: Ready to pick your inventory?

Before the levelEdit

  • Mark enters the store.
  • Mark: Whoa, you already have a handful of customers inside!
  • Mark: Wanna run over how to run the store?
Yes (Play tutorial) No (Skip ahead)
Cathy: It's okay. I think I can handle this.
Mark: That's my girl!
Mark: Guess I'll get back to posting more flyers.
They give a kiss.
Mark leaves the store.
Some time later...
Emily and Paige enter Fred's Hardware Store.
Cathy: Emily! Paige!
Emily: Good morning Cathy! What a great idea, selling art and craft items in your dad's store!
Emily: These photo frames are exactly what we need to make Patrick a nice birthday present.
Paige: With lots of glitters!
Cathy: Err... yes! We have photo frames and glitters!
Paige: Mouse!!!!
Cathy: Eeek![1]
Emily: I guess the mouse isn't just a loyal visitor to my store, eh? Luckily, I know just the trick to get rid of him!
Emily: Don't worry, Cathy! It won't bite you.
Emily: Catch it quickly for a bonus!
Cathy catches the mouse.
Cathy: Thanks for your help, Emily!
Emily: You're welcome! Good luck with the store Cathy!
Emily: I have a feeling Paige and I will be coming to visit you often. Won't we, my little glitter princess!
Some time later... (and after Emily and Paige leave the store)
Cathy: Right... Let's do this!

After the levelEdit

  • Cathy received a call while Mark enters the shop.
  • Cathy: Dad - you've only been gone for five hours. The store is FINE, honest.
  • Cathy: Of course not - I haven't changed a thing. Mark hasn't even been here!
  • Cathy: And we DEFINITELY haven't started selling arts and crafts supplies.
  • Cathy: Kthanx, gottagobye!
  • Cathy: Oh, I'm such a terrible liar.
  • Mark: No, no - you were great.
  • Cathy: Sigh... that's not the point, Mark. I shouldn't have to lie in the first place!
  • Mark: Cathy, I'm just trying to help!
  • Cathy: We've been through this before, Mark. If I want help, I'll ASK for it.
  • Mark: But you're always daydreaming about using your artistic talents. Why not go for it?
  • Cathy: Because my place is HERE... My parents are going to retire soon. That's my reality.
  • Mark: Forget that - you'll HATE IT.
  • Mark: Come to New York with me - be an artist.
  • Cathy: WHAT? Where did this come from?
  • Mark: I applied for a job there at GuardianSoft - I saw the job posting when I hacked their website.
  • Mark: C'mon, you're telling me there isn't ONE dream job for you in New York?
  • Cathy: Well, there is the Satori Gallery...
  • Mark: So send them your resume! What have you got to lose?
  • Mark: Come on, Let's go out for a bite to eat, my treat!
  • Cathy and Mark follow out of the store.
  • Ming walks into store.
  • Ming: Meow.

Level 1-2Edit

  • Cathy: Dad! Hi! How are the hardware stores of Hong Kong?
  • Ming cat walks to Cathy.
  • Ming: Meow.
  • Cathy: Cat? No... No, there's no cat here. That was just a customer saying "Me- ow!"
  • Ming: Meoww!
  • Cathy: Whoops! Gotta go help them, make sure they don't sue. Have fun!
  • Cathy: Oh my... How did you sneak in here?
  • Mark enters the store.
  • Mark: Bad news, babe. You can forget New York.
  • Mark: Their programmer's test is IMPOSSIBLE.
  • Ming cat sneak to Mark.
  • Ming: Meow! *hiss*
  • Mark: Argh! A cougar! Save me!
  • One person...
  • Hi, do you have any glitter tubes?
  • Ming goes to a person.
  • Ming: *hiss*
  • Cathy: Sorry! came in off the street and won't leave.
  • I knew arts and crafts could be dangerous, but this is something else!
  • One person quickly left.
  • Cathy: Mark, I need you to catch this cat for me.
  • Mark: Me? No way - have you seen the claws on that thing!?
  • Cathy: You're gonna see some OTHER claws come out in a minute if you don't help me out!

During the levelEdit

  • Mark catches the cat!

After the levelEdit

  • Mark caught the cat.
  • mark: Gotcha, you vicious little mountain cat!
  • Cathy: See? There's nothing you can't do when you put your mind to it, Mark!
  • Mark: What do you mean?
  • Cathy: If you can get over your fear of cats, you can ace that GuardianSoft test too!
  • Kendra enters the store. Meet Kendra, Cathy's bestie.
  • Mark: Ahh!
  • Kendra: What a cute little kitty! Hi there Kitty! Who's a good boy?
  • Mark: Careful, Kendra! That cat is a...
  • Ming releases the heart.
  • Cathy: Hey, Kendra - how's grad school treating you?
  • Kendra: Exhausting... But, my misery is your gain.
  • Kendra: I was looking for some old textbooks in the garage, and found some vintage picture frames. Thought you might be able to do something with them.
  • Kendra places the box.
  • Kendra: So... Your dad sells crafting supplies now?
  • Cathy: It's just until my parents get back... They don't exactly know...
  • Kendra: Messing with the store without your dad's permission?? Who are you and what have you done to my best friend!
  • Mark: Well, actually, it was MY big idea!
  • Kendra: Figures.
  • Cathy: You know, we are making money... Maybe I should tell my dad? Maybe he'll understand...
  • Kendra: I don't know, your dad is kinda set in his ways...
  • Mark: Why bother rocking the boat if we're moving to New York anyway?
  • Kendra: Hold on - you're moving to New York with Mark?
  • Cathy: I don't know... He had this "idea"... Anyhow, I ended up sending my resume to the Satori Gallery.
  • Kendra: For what?
  • Cathy: They're looking for an art buyer! It's kinda my dream gig.
  • Kendra: Se you can argue with artists about how their paintings should be hung all day? Why not stay here and make your own art?
  • Cathy: Because I'm not an artist?
  • Kendra: Sure you are! You've been making cool crafts all your life! Isn't that art?
  • Cathy: I don't know if it's quite the same...
  • Ming: Meow! *hiss*
  • Mark: We've gotta do something about this cat! Customers are too scared to come in the store.
  • Kendra: You're not gonna put this poor, sweet little kitty out on the streets are you?
  • Kendra: He could get hurt!
  • Mark: HE could get hurt?
  • Kendra: Come here you cute little kitty, yes, yes, yes! You're so precious! Yes, you are!
  • Mark: Thanks.
  • Kendra: At least let him stay the night. We'll look for the owner tomorrow.
  • Mark: How do you know he has an owner?
  • Kendra: Well, he has a collar!

Level 1-3Edit

  • Mark enters the store.
  • Mark: Well, I did it! I took the test - New York here we come!
  • Mark: Geez, what's wrong with him?
  • Ming meows a noise.
  • Kendra: He must be hungry. Probably hasn't eaten in days...
  • Mark: Yeesh! He probably thinks we all look like giant steaks.
  • Kendra puts the food in cat's bowl.
  • Mark: Whoa! Where does he put it all?
  • Cathy: I have no idea! I blinked, and it's gone!
  • Ming: Meooowrrr!
  • *Ming meow*
  • Cathy: I think he's still hungry.
  • Ming: Meooowrrr!
  • Cathy: We've got to find a way to keep him quiet - he's making the customers nervous.
  • Kendra: Poor baby... I'll get some more din-dins for you, okay?
  • Mark: That's it! We need to do something about this cat once and for all - show him who's boss!
  • Kendra: Don't you DARE do anything to hurt Mr. Snugglemittens!
  • Mark: Sorry, can't hear you, gottagobye!
  • Mark left the store.
  • Kendra: Ugh, that guy. Don't worry, I'll help you tend the store.
  • Cathy: Thanks!
  • Cathy and Kendra work together.

After the levelEdit

  • Meet Rohann Bosch, talented artist.
  • Rohann: Ming! I've been looking everywhere for you! Why did you run away?
  • Ming: Meoow!
  • Rohann takes Ming.
  • Cathy: Rohann!? Rohann Bosch?
  • Rohann: Cathy Bradford! From the Summer Crafts Camp!? Boy, you look... great!
  • Cathy: Thanks! What are you doing in town?
  • Rohann: The Snuggford Springs Arts and Crafts Festival, or course!
  • Rohann: I thought you'd be all over something like that - you were such a great artist back in high school.
  • Cathy: Yeah... I don't really do much with my art any more.
  • Rohann: Shame... There are a lot of interesting people there - plus a big cash prize for the winner.
  • Mark: Oh hi, I'm Mark, Cathy's BOYFRIEND. We're both pretty busy, seeing as we're moving to NEW YORK. TOGETHER.
  • Rohann: New York, huh? Fancy!
  • Rohann: Anyway, I just came in for my cat, so... C'mon Ming, time to go!
  • Ming: Meowwrr!
  • Rohann: Ming, you're embarrassing me.
  • Ming: Meowwrr!
  • ROhann: Er… Um... Would it be okay if Ming stays here? He kinda hates our hotel room...
  • Ming: MEOOWW?
  • Cathy: Sigh... Okay, but only if YOU supply the cat food. That cat eats like a horse.
  • Rohann: Awesone! I'll send some tomorrow. Be a good boy, Ming!
  • Rohann leaves the store.
  • Mark: What a jerk.
  • Kendra: Jealous?
  • There was a call.
  • Cathy: Dad? It's like, 3 in the morning over there! What are you-?
  • Cathy: No, the store looks just like you left it, Dad. Honest! How are the hardware stores in Japan?
  • Cathy:'re cutting your trip short to come home? Tonight!?

Level 1-4Edit

  • Cathy: Well, Ming. Change of plan... My parents are coming back tonight. Looks like it's goodbye for us...
  • Ming: Mew?
  • Cathy: We'll miss you, too - but my Dad definitely won't let me have a cat in the store.
  • Kendra walks to Cathy.
  • Mark: Hey babe, can't come over today. Soz! Got stuff to do. Bye!
  • Kendra: Let me guess - now that your parents are on their way home, he's making himself scarce?
  • Cathy: Mark? No, I'm sure he's just...busy, that's all.
  • Kendra: Hmm...
  • Postman said: Delivery for Cathy Bradford!
  • Cathy accepts deliveries.
  • Cathy: Wow, that's A LOT of cat food.
  • Postman: There's more where that came from!
  • The postman leaves the store. Cathy puts away the delivery.

During the levelEdit

After the levelEdit

  • Kendra: Man, Rohann spares no expense when it comes to your chow.
  • Cathy: We'll have to get it out of here before-
  • Cathy: Oh my gush! They're here already!
  • Mark enters the store.
  • Mark: Hey, babe.
  • Cathy: Mark?! Phew... I thought you were my parents.
  • Mark: Don't worry about them - everything's been taken care of.
  • Kendra: I knew you were up to no good! Taken care of HOW?
  • Mark: Nothing to worry about. Hey! Guess who aced their programming test with GuardianSoft?
  • Cathy: ...Oh.
  • Mark: Babe, what's wrong?
  • Cathy: The Satori Gallery turned me down - they want someone with a 'stronger art background.' No big deal, I guess...
  • Mark and Cathy hug.

Level 1-5Edit

  • Cathy: I feel like such idiot for having applied for that job. New York... What was I thinking?
  • Ming: Meow.
  • Mark delivers boxes.
  • Mark: Hey... If you ask me, it's Satori's loss, not yours.
  • Cathy: No, they're absolutely right. I work retail in a hardware store. I'm no artist.
  • Mark: Aha! That's where you're wrong!
  • Cathy: What do you mean?
  • Mark places the box.
  • Mark: You'll find out!
  • Jenny visits.
  • Jenny: Hi, my name's Jenny! I just wanted to say, I LOVE your picture frames!
  • Cathy: Really? Awww, thanks!
  • Jenny: Sooo… I was wondering if you could help me make my own frame? It's for my husband. It's our anniversary!
  • Cathy: Ooooh, I'd love to!

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy helps Jenny make a gift.

After the levelEdit

  • Cathy: How are we doing, Jenny?
  • Jenny: Just adding some finishing touches and... all done!
  • Cathy: That looks great! I'm sure your husband will love it.
  • Jenny: Couldn't have done it without you! Thanks!
  • Jenny leaves the store.
  • Mark: Hey babe, come over here! It's ready!
  • The printer is ready!
  • Mark: Voila! Isn't it great?
  • Cathy: Sure is... Er, what is it?
  • Mark: My old photo printer!
  • Cathy: Great!.. Why is it here?
  • Mark: Kendra's picture frames! People could print out their photos and you could frame them!
  • Cathy: Mark... that's... That's brilliant!
  • Cathy: Hang on, it's a text from my mom.
  • Cathy: ……
  • Cathy: MARK!! Why are my parents in Timbuktu?

Level 1-6Edit

  • Kendra: He did WHAT!?
  • Cathy: He hacked into the airline's mainframe and changed their destination from LAX to Timbuktu.
  • Cathy: It was a clean job, too. No other passengers were affected.
  • Kendra: That's... actually pretty impressive.
  • Cathy: Impressive!? My parents are furious!
  • Kendra: Did I say impressive? I meant irresponsible! Where is he so I can strip his hide?
  • Cathy: Oh don't worry, Ming took care of that already.
  • Ming: Meow.
  • Kendra: Good job, Ming!
  • Cathy: He deserves it, too. Now my parents are being held by Malinese immigration!
  • Kendra: Mail...Mail-what?
  • Cathy: Timbuktu is in Mali.
  • Kendra: Wow, I've heard of 'going all the way to Timbuktu'... I thought it was just a made up expression.
  • Cathy: Apparently it's very real, and my parents are very stranded.

After the levelEdit

  • Cathy: It's my mom!
  • Cathy: They need their original itinerary to prove they're supposed to go to Los Angeles.
  • Kendra: OK! So, where is it?
  • Cathy: They have no idea!

Level 1-7Edit

  • Cathy and Kendra hold their cabinets.
  • Kendra: Okay, what are we doing with these again?
  • Cathy: My parents keep all their important documents in these things.
  • Cathy: The itinerary has got to be in one of them!
  • Cathy and Kendra place the cabinets.
  • Kendra: We're going to search through ALL of these?
  • Cathy: There can't be that many. I'm sure my parents empty them out every once in a while.
  • Kendra: … There's a receipt for some 'cool barrels' from 1886.

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy searches for receipts in the filing cabinets!

After the levelEdit

  • Cathy and Kendra go to their cabinets.
  • Kendra: Cathy... This is hopeless!
  • Cathy: Please keep looking! If we don't find this itinerary, my parents are going to have to open a hardware store in the Sahara desert!
  • Mark enters the store.
  • Mark: Aww! This sucks! Cathy, you can forget New York. I blew my interview - I knew I shouldn't meet them in person! I'm terrible in person!
  • Kendra: We have bigger problems, Mark! Remember Timbuktu?
  • Cathy: Alright, everyone relax. Mark, you got them stranded. You need to help us find their itinerary.
  • Mark: Why search by hand? I could easily scan all these and write a search algorithm to automate the whole thing!
  • Kendra: ...Huh?
  • Mark: Don't worry, it's gonna be GREAT!

Level 1-8Edit

  • Cathy's got a sweat. Ming releases heart.
  • Mark: Hey, don't touch that!
  • Ming: Meow?
  • Mark: This is a sensitive instrument. Stay away!
  • Ming: Meow.
  • Cathy: Have you found their itinerary yet?
  • Mark: Uhh… Not yet, babe, but soon!
  • Cathy: How soon, Mark? My parents are stranded!
  • Mark: Anywhere between five minutes and five days.
  • Cathy: What?!? We need those receipts, ASAP!
  • Mark: I'm working as fast as I can!
  • Ming: Mew!
  • Mark: Ahh! Keep that cat away from here!
  • Ming walks to the spot.

After the levelEdit

  • Mark: Arggh! I'm such a terrible programmer! This is why GuardianSoft never called me back!
  • Mark: So what if I can hack anything? I'm the worst programmer ever!
  • Cathy: Mark...if we're wasting time here, I really need to know.
  • Mark: Let's see...
  • Mark finds.
  • Mark: It found it! My program found the itinerary! Woo hoo...I'm the best programmer in THE WORLD!
  • Mark: Hey, why is it still beeping? It's not supposed to do that!
  • Mark checks.
  • Mark: … Oh, it's my email alert. Hey, it's from GuardianSoft!
  • Cathy: What does it say?
  • Mark: They... They offered me a job!
  • Cathy: ……..

Level 1-9Edit

  • Ming walks to Cathy.
  • Cathy: *sigh!* I'm going to miss Mark... I wish I could go with him, but I can't...
  • Ming: Meow?
  • Cathy: Because Mark is good at computers and math and stuff, and I'm good at... nothing.
  • Ming: Meow.
  • Cathy: ...Maybe I'm not good enough for him anymore, either.
  • Mark enters the store.
  • Mark: Are you talking to that evil cat again?
  • Ming: Meowrr!
  • Cathy: All packed?
  • Mark: Yeah... Hey, wanna go out on a date? I mean, I'd like to spend the day with you before I go.
  • Kendra enters the store.
  • Cathy: Of course! I just... I can't leave the store.
  • Kendra: Go... have fun. I'll keep an eye on things.
  • Cathy: You sure?
  • Kendra: Yeah... I've got you covered!
  • Cathy: You're the best!
  • mark: Thanks, Kendra!
  • Cathy and Mark leave for a date.
  • Kendra: How hard can it be?
  • Kendra runs the store.

After the levelEdit

  • Kendra: Whew! How does Cathy do this every day?
  • Rohann enters the store.
  • Rohann: Hey, Kendra!
  • Ming: MEOWWW!
  • Rohann: Ming! You missed me, pal? I missed you too!
  • Ming: MEW!
  • Rohann: Are you ready to go back to the hotel?
  • Roahnn: Guess not.
  • Ming goes back to the spot.
  • Rohann: Where's Cathy?
  • Kendra: Oh, she and Mark went on a date.
  • Rohann: What does she see in that guy?
  • Kendra: No idea... but he makes her happy. Though Mark is moving to New York, so we won't be seeing him around much longer.
  • Rohann: She's not going?
  • Kendra: Nope.
  • Rohann: HMMMM...

Level 1-10Edit

  • Fred and Ivy are back to the place.
  • Fred: My precious store!
  • Cathy: Mom! Dad! How was your flight? Are you okay?
  • Cathy and Ivy gave a hug.
  • Ivy: Honey, we we're fine! Timbuktu is AMAZING and the Malinese are wonderful.
  • Cathy: Phew, that's good.
  • Ivy: I still can't figure out how we were rerouted to Africa, though. So strange.
  • Jenny and her friend enter the store.
  • Fred: Cathy... W-what happened here?
  • Cathy: Oh! Dad - don't worry, it was only temporary! I was just about to get rid of it.
  • Jenny: You better not! I LOVE your new gift wrapping station! I even brought my friend along to show her!
  • Jenny: Loving all the new arts and crafts things, Fred. I've never seen the place look better!
  • Fred: I, uh...
  • Fred: Yeah! That was the plan all along!
  • Cathy: Sorry, Dad.
  • Fred: Don't be, Cath-bear... Maybe... maybe I've been a bit too stuck in my ways.
  • Fred: Show ne what you've been up to. Maybe I can help.
  • Ming: Meowwrr!
  • Fred: A cat! Cathy, you know I don't like cats!
  • Ming runs away.
  • Cathy: Ming! Come back!
  • Kendra: I'll get him!
  • Kendra runs to get Ming.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Fred: Cath-Bear, I gotta say... craft supplies are a really nice addition to the shop.
  • Cathy: Thanks, Dad... It's really pretty fun! Sigh... Reminds me of art school…
  • Ming returns.
  • Kendra: *huff!* I caught him!
  • Ming: Meowrr!
  • Cathy: Is he okay?
  • Kendra: It's not him we have to worry about!
  • Cathy: What do you mean?
  • Kendra: Mr. Bradford, sir! I'm sure Ming didn't mean to do what he did to your patio station!
  • Fred: What?!?
  • Kendra: Please don't look, it's too painful!
  • Fred: Ahhh!!!
  • Fred and Kendra run to the patio.
  • Ivy: I spotted this brochure in the cab, Cath.
  • Ivy gives brochure to Cathy.
  • Cathy: Yeah, the arts and crafts festival. I've heard about it.
  • Ivy: Well, don't you think you should at least check it out?
  • Cathy: I don't know, Mom... I haven't worked on my art in a looong time.
  • Ivy: You never know what you can do until you try!
  • Fred returns.
  • Fred: My patio furniture! My beautiful, EXPENSIVE, patio furniture!
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Cindy, Peter, Magic Max

Become Truly

Lori, Celine, Viola, Bruna, Victoria, Yuna, Truly, Eric, Bob

New York, Tokyo, Rio, Milan, Paris, Las Vegas

Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion

Chloe Morgan, Victoria, Emily O'Malley, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Fran Handford, Janet Morgan, Matt Miller


Fran's Diner

Snuggford High

Prom Night

The Reunion

Snuggford Prison

Fabulous: Angela's Wedding Disaster

Heart's Medicine

Heart's Medicine: Season One

Allison Heart, Ruth Phelps, Daniel Summers, Chance Foley, John Summer, Robin Fisher, Connor McCoy


The Lab




Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal

Daniel Summers, Connor McCoy, Ruth Phelps, Allison Heart, Emily O'Malley, John Summer, Chance Foley, Robin Fisher, David Quinn, Jenny Pope, Joe Albright, Sophia Gomez, Michael Owen, Mason Hamilton, Lisa Asher

The Ward


Emergency Room




Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat

Victor Hamilton, Mathilda Heart, Ryan Maples, Sam, Stan Theman




Maternity Ward

Intensive Care


Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath

Cathy's Crafts

Cathy Bradford, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley

Hardware Store

Arts & Crafts Fair

Cathy's Return

Fancy Flower Design

Chapter 5 (name)

Outdoor Fundraiser

Mary le Chef

Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion

Mary Vanderworth, Emily O'Malley, Richard Vanderworth, Topsy Vanderworth, Jennifer, Peter, Sophie Vanderworth, Tony, Dorothea Lowery, Luigi, Morey

Carlo's Restaurant

Sophie's Restaurant

Luigi's Restaurant

Farmer's Market

Steve's Restaurant

Steve's Backyard

Dr. Cares

Dr. Amy Cares, Emily O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Lisa Fox, Jack Hawkins, Newton, Crystal Upton

Dr. Cares: Pet Rescue 911

Officer Murray, Jasper Kingsley, Sherman, Regina Kingsley, Mr. Kingsley, Jade Kingsley, Patrick O'Malley

Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic

The Love Boat

Angela Napoli, Captain Stubing, Dr. Adam Bricker, Burl "Gopher" Smith, Isaac Washington, Julie McCoy, Emily O'Malley

Sally's Salon

Sally Milligan

Sally's Salon: The First

Sally's Salon: Spa

Sally's Salon: Studio

Sally's Salon: Quick Clips

Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets

Francois Truffaut, Emily O'Malley, Patrick O'Malley, Paige O'Malley, Angela Napoli, Allison Heart, Evelyn Napoli, Edward Napoli, Jenny Garcia



Mud Spa

Luxury Yacht


Steam Spa

Sally's Salon: Kiss and Make Up

Maggie's Movies

Maggie Welles

Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action

Louisiana Studio

Movie Theater

Louisiana Set

Al Junior's Residence

Studio Lot

Theater Lobby

Past days...

Maggie's Movies: Second Shot

Glamorous Kate (doesn't exist)

Glamorous - Kate's Wedding Journey

Kate O'Malley

Mortimer Beckett

Mortimer Beckett

Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox

Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor

Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief

Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King

Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold

Kate O'Malley

Parker and Lane

Parker and Lane: Criminal Justice

Lily Parker, Victor Lane

Amber's Airline

Amber's Airline: High Hopes

Amber Hope

Hotel Ever After

Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish

A modern Cinderella story based on animation.

Ella Centola

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