This is the third chapter in Cathy's Crafts.

Level 3-1 Edit

  • Cathy: This is the cash that Rohann and I won from the fair, Dad.
  • Cathy: So you can replace all that patio furniture.
  • Fred: Are you sure, guys?
  • Cathy: We're sure. Rohann and I felt terrible when Ming ripped your designer lawn chairs.
  • Fred: I kinda miss that cat, actually... Think we'll ever see him again?
  • Cathy: Well, Albany isn't too far from here...
  • Cathy: ...but Rohann took it kinda hard when he placed second. I'm not sure they'll be back.
  • Fred helps the store throughout the day.

After the levelEdit

  • Rohann with Ming enter the store.
  • Rohann: Psst! Ming! Someone might see us, you stupid cat!
  • Ming goes away from Rohann.
  • Ming: Mew.
  • Rohann goes to make Ming hide.
  • Rohann: Quick, under here!
  • Ming hides from Ivy and Fred.
  • Fred: The interest on that loan is coming due.
  • Ivy: But the patio furniture... If we can't sell it...
  • Ming makes a noise.
  • Rohann and Fred: AHHH!
  • Ivy: Rohann? I thought you went back to Albany?
  • Ming: MEOW!!!
  • Rohann: Never mind that - what's all this about a loan! I thought I have you the money to replace your patio furniture?
  • Fred: Uhh… Okay, look, can you keep a secret?

Level 3-2Edit

  • One person looks for Cathy.
  • Hi, I'm looking for Cathy Bradford.
  • Cathy: You found me!
  • Oh my gosh! You're the Ming Doll lady! From the art fair!
  • Cathy: That's me!
  • Do you still sell those Ming Dolls? We can't get enough of them!
  • Cathy: Oh I'm sorry, they were limited editions, make just for the fair...
  • Aww, that's too bad...
  • Ming: Meooooown…
  • Oh my gosh! A real life Ming!
  • Cathy: Ming! How did you get here, little buddy?
  • Ming: Meow?
  • Cathy: Did you walk all the way here from Albany?
  • Ming: Meow?
  • Cathy: Okay. Just sit tight, and we'll get Rohann to come pick you up. Okay?
  • Ming: Meow.

After the levelEdit

  • Ming: Meoooowrr… Meoooowrrrr...
  • *Ming meow!*
  • Cathy: Oh, boy - I forgot about your bottomless appetite...
  • Cathy: Alright, I'll get some more - just try not to destroy the store while I'm gone.
  • Cathy leaves the store. Fred comes to the store.
  • Fred: Okay, the coast is clear! Come in!
  • Rohann comes in.
  • Rohann: Are you sure those screwdrivers are here, Mr. B?
  • Fred: Of course! I know where every nut, bolt, wrench and hex screw is in this place! Er… usually.
  • Fred leaves.
  • Ming: Meow?
  • Rohann: Ming! I told you to stay at the hotel!
  • Ming: Meow!
  • Rohann: If Cathy sees you--
  • Cathy enters the store.
  • Cathy: Sorry Ming, I forgot my purse - Rohann?!
  • Rohann: Er… um... Hi! He he I uh, just dropped in to uh... borrow a screwdriver! Can you show me where they are?
  • Cathy points to the cabinet for Rohann.
  • Rohann: Thanks!
  • Ruhann gets it.
  • Cathy: Hold on! What ae you doing here?
  • Rohann: Ahh... I promised your dad I wouldn't tell!
  • Cathy: My DAD?!? What are you up to?
  • Rohann: Nothing! I'm just helping him fix his patio!
  • Cathy: Fixing? But we gave him money to replace that stuff!
  • Rohann: Please, don't say anything, okay? Everything's cool, I promise!
  • Rohann leaves the store.

Level 3-3Edit

  • Fred: The truth is, Cathy, your mother and I took out a loan recently - a pretty big one, in fact.
  • Cathy: Dad, I wish you'd just told me. I could have helped.
  • Fred: You had a lot on your mind with the art festival and all... We didn't want to worry you.
  • Cathy: Don't be ridiculous, dad! We're a family! Besides, I'm not a kid anymore.
  • Fred: That's true... Well, then, I suppose you should know we're also having trouble paying it off.

After the levelEdit

  • I can't believe it - Ming is a REAL cat.
  • Ming: Mew!
  • Cathy: Ming, I love you, but you're hardly the most personable cat I've ever met. What's your secret?
  • Ming: Meowrrrrr!
  • Cathy: Bingo! Or should I say, 'Mingo!' He he…
  • Ming: Mew?
  • Cathy: Hey, Rohann!
  • Rohann comes to Cathy.
  • Rohann: Yeah?
  • Cathy: Would you mind making some flyers for me?

Level 3-4Edit

  • Cathy: Hey, Kendra - how'd your paper go?
  • Kendra: Not bad, considering I stayed up for three days straight to write it.
  • Kendra: What'd I miss around here?
  • Cathy: Nothing! In fact, you're just in time!
  • Kendra: … For what?
  • A little while later...
  • Cathy: For THIS!
  • Rohann and Ming enter the store.
  • Rohann: I gave out all the flyers, Cath. Ming helped, too!
  • Ming: Meowrr!
  • Kendra: Wait... What are you doing still in town?
  • Cathy: Yeah, you haven't actually told me what you and my dad are up to yet.
  • Emily and Paige encounter!
  • Rohann: Uhh… Look out, the customers are here!
  • Rohann leaves aside.
  • Emily: Hi Cathy! Do you still have any Ming Dolls for sale?
  • Cathy: Oh! Let me check if I still have some left.
  • Cathy is checking.
  • Cathy: Here you go, Paige.
  • Cathy gives Paige a Ming Doll.
  • Emily pays.
  • Cathy: Thanks!

After the levelEdit

  • Rohann: Check it out, Mr. B! Cathy here has your loan covered!
  • Rohann gives the payment.
  • Fred: Cathy, that's... that's amazing.
  • Cathy: Thanks, Dad.
  • Rohann: So - how'd we do?
  • Rohann: I just need a LITTLE more, and I can pay them back in full!
  • Fred: If the loan weren't due tomorrow, I'd say we were in good shape...

Level 3-5Edit

  • Fred: Do me a favor and keep working, Rohann - I need some time to think.
  • Rohann: Aye aye, captain!
  • Rohann leaves.
  • Fred walks around.
  • Fred: C'mon, THINK! Where can I find the rest of that money?
  • Fred: It can't be THAT hard... Cathy's got me most of it already!
  • One person visits.
  • Awww... Is the Great Ming Sale ever?
  • Cathy: Sorry, it was just a one-time thing...
  • Cathy: But we still have Ming products for sale at great prices!
  • Awww...'
  • Ming walks to her.
  • Ming: Mew.
  • Oh hey, can I have my picture taken with Ming?
  • Ming: Mew?
  • Cathy: Absolutely... WITH the purchase of our Ming Photo Combo.
  • Cathy: you can get three photos of yourself with Ming and a vintage picture frame!
  • Deal!

During the levelEdit

  • Cathy takes pictures of Ming's fans.
  • Can I have my picture taken with Ming?
  • Fred takes pictures with Ming.

After the levelEdit

  • Fred: We did it! Cathy, you are BRILLIANT!
  • Ming: Mew!
  • Fred: I gotta get to the bank before it closes, see you two later!
  • Fred leaves to the bank. Cathy leaves aside.
  • Rohann leaves. Traffic coming! Then Rohann leaves to the right and Cathy returns.
  • Lilia enters the store.
  • Lilia: Cathy Bradford! Is this your store?
  • Cathy: Actually, this is my parent's hardware store... Though we added a few crafting supplies recently.
  • Lilia: I see... I'm looking for Rohann Bosch. Have you seen him?
  • Cathy: Sure, he's right he--
  • Cathy thinks and looks around.
  • Cathy: Rohann? Ming?
  • Lilia: By the way, Cathy, I'm looking for an intern for my event next week.
  • Lilia: If you're interested, let me know!

Level 3-6Edit

  • Fred: I don't know where Rohann and Ming are! I swear!
  • Cathy: They can't be hiding from Lilia for no reason...
  • Cathy: Are you SURE you don't know anything?
  • Kendra enters to tell Cathy.
  • Kendra: They're not at the hotel, Cath!
  • Cathy: I'll find them! Can you cover for me, Kendra? Thanks!
  • Kendra: Wait!
  • Cathy leaves the store.
  • Kendra: Mr. B - you're hiding something, I can tell.
  • Fred: Who, me?
  • Fred: Fine, I AM hiding something! But not Rohann and Ming!
  • Kendra: Are you SERIOUS?!?
  • Fred: I am! So... will you help me?
  • Kendra: You bet!
  • Some time later... (and after damage of parents' store)

During the levelEdit

  • Kendra fixes up the shop.

After the levelEdit

  • Cathy enters the shop.
  • Cathy: I looked all over town, but there's no sign of them!
  • Cathy: Do you think they've gone back to Albany?
  • Kendra: Maybe... Why all the cat food?
  • Cathy puts the food in Ming's bowl.
  • Cathy: I brought some food to lure Ming out. Wait a minute-
  • Cathy: Whoa, the store sure looks different!
  • *Ming meow*
  • Ming eats the food.
  • Ming: Meowrr meowrr meowwwrrrrr!
  • Cathy: ...MING!
  • Ming: MEOWRR!
  • Rohann goes to Ming.
  • Rohann: Ming! You stupid cat, they'll see us!
  • Cathy: ROHANN!
  • Rohann: Yikes1
  • Fred: Have you been hiding here the whole time!?
  • Rohann: Uh... um... er…
  • Fred: Cathy! While you were out, I took care of a few things...
  • Fred: VOILA! Your new CRAFT store!

Level 3-7Edit

  • Outside Cathy's Crafts' store, was a renovation and replacement of Hardware Store.
  • Kendra: Please be patient, everyone! Cathy's Crafts will be open in just a few moments!
  • Cathy: Dad - is this why you borrowed all that money?
  • Fred: It only made sense, Cath. The hardware store was dying...
  • Fred: It was only your crafting stuff keeping it alive!
  • Cathy: But you love the hardware store - it's been in our family for generations!
  • Fred: And I want to see it live on - as YOUR crafting supplies store!
  • Fred: Cut the ribbon, Cath-bear. Your customers are waiting!
  • Cathy goes to the ribbon.
  • Cathy: I can't!
  • Ivy: Honey, what's wrong?
  • Cathy: What if I fail?
  • Fred: Then you'll know that you tried.
  • Cathy: I can't do this!
  • Cathy leaves away.
  • Ivy: Cathy!
  • Ivy runs to get Cathy.
  • Kendra: Huh? What's up with her?
  • Fred: Maybe I put too much pressure on her - it was kind of sudden...
  • Kendra removes the ribbon.

After the levelEdit

  • Where's Ming? We want to take his picture! Ming! Come out!
  • Ming comes out to fans.
  • Ming: Meowrrrr!
  • Ming! Look over here, please!
  • Kendra takes a picture.
  • Rohann comes out.
  • Rohann: Ming! I told you, we need to keep a low profile!
  • Ming: Meowrrr!
  • Lilia enters the store.
  • Lilia: There you are, Rohann. So Cathy WAS watching your back after all.
  • Rohann: Yikes!
  • Lilia: Now come along - the Grandmaster wants a word with you...
  • Cathy enters.
  • Cathy: Excuse me? The Grandmaster? What's all this about?
  • Lilia: Rohann belongs to an ancient guild of artists and crafters.
  • Lilia: His humiliating defeat at the Annual Arts and Crafts Fair will not be tolerated.
  • Kendra: … That's a little over the top, don't you think?
  • LiliaL: I don't ask questions, I just follow orders. Now come along, Rohann.
  • Rohann: Please, take care of Ming!
  • Lilia: By the way, Cathy, I still need an intern to help with an event next week.
  • Lilia: If you're interested, let me know.
  • Rohann follows Lilia leave the store.
  • Fred: Well that was weird...

Level 3-8Edit

  • Fred: Wow, I didn't think Rohann would be part of some shady organization!
  • Cathy: I don't know, Dad - I think he's just driven, that's all.
  • Fred: Well, his problems are his own. We should keep out of it.
  • Ivy: I agree, we should be focusing on your new store!
  • Cathy: Mom, Dad - I REALLY appreciate all this but...
  • Cathy: I just don't think I'm ready to take over the store yet... Even with all the changes.
  • Ivy: What's wrong?
  • Cathy: I've been working here on and off my whole life, but I've never been in charge.
  • Cathy: I've always had you guys to ask if anything went wrong.
  • Fred: So, it's time we taught you.
  • Kendra: Cathy, remember the festival? How you wanted to quit?
  • Kendra: You ended up almost winning the whole thing!
  • Cathy: You're right - you're right... Phew... Okay, freak out over... Let's give it a shot.

After the levelEdit

  • Cathy: Well, that went surprisingly well.
  • Fred: I told you, Cath-bear! You belong here!
  • Cathy: Yeah... Yeah, I guess I do.
  • Fred leaves the store.
  • Cathy: Well, I guess this is it... I suppose I always knew I'd end up taking over the store... and at least I'm selling art supplies.
  • Cathy: So why do I feel so... empty inside?

Level 3-9Edit

  • Mark: Hey, babe! Thought you might be missing me, so here are some selfies of me in the Big Apple. Love you!
  • Cathy: Well, at least SOMEONE's having a good time.
  • Kendra enters the store.
  • Kendra: Yo, Bestie, what's up?
  • Cathy: Just looking at some pics Mark sent me.
  • There are pictures of Mark in Big Apple, NY.
  • Kendra: Seriously? He hasn't called or even texted in how long?
  • Kendra: And now he's rubbing your face in his glamorous new life?
  • Cathy: It's just his way of making me feel part of his life.
  • Kendra: Yeah, right.
  • Cathy: Do you think I made a mistake? Not going to New York with Mark?
  • Kendra: No. Now if a rich, handsome young stock broker asked you to move, that'd be another story.
  • Cathy: Lilia Rochette offered me an internship. I'd be crazy to turn it down, right?
  • Kendra: Lilia Rochette? Well... that's certainly a big opportunity, but what about the store?
  • Kendra: Your parents went through a lot to make all these changes.

After the levelEdit

  • Cathy: Mom, Dad - would you be okay watching the store for a few weeks while I pursue an opportunity with Lilia Rochette?
  • Ivy: Lilia Rochette?! From Fancy Flower Design?! Of course!
  • Fred: But... we just made all these changes to the store.
  • Cathy: It's just two weeks, Dad - think of at as a my continuing education in the crafts industry.
  • Fred: But...the customers - I don't know anything about crafting products.
  • Cathy: So it's time I taught you.
  • Cathy leaves the store.
  • Fred: I can't believe Cathy is leaving us with the store already.
  • Ivy: She's young - and this is a big opportunity for her.
  • Fred: But we changed everything for her - she has her own crafting store!
  • Ivy: She didn't ask us to, Fred. We sprung it on her without even asking for her input.
  • Fred: Sigh... you're right... I just... don't want our baby leaving us, you know?

Level 3-10Edit

  • Cathy: that's why we have the frame next to the glue.
  • Fred: ...I think I'm getting the hang of it!
  • Kendra: Cathy, what do I do if someone's asking for help with their project?
  • Cathy: Show them the book section - we have a ton of great ideas there.
  • Cathy: I've also put some reference books behind the counter.
  • Ivy: Er… does Ming REALLY eat this much for every meal?
  • Ming: Meowrrr!
  • Fred: Cathy, can I talk to you for a moment?
  • Cathy: You're upset about me taking this internship, aren't you?
  • Fred: I was... I still kind of am. But then I remembered something.
  • Fred: You're an artist - and there's no big difference between making art and selling it.
  • Cathy: Thanks, Dad.
  • Fred: Here - I got you something.
  • Fred gives book to Cathy.
  • Cathy: Dad! This is hands down the best book on flower arranging ever written!
  • Cathy: I've been looking for a copy flower!
  • The customers enter!
  • Kendra: Cathy, ccustomers!
  • Cathy: I'll be right there! Thanks, Dad... Love you.

After the level; Post-chapterEdit

  • Cathy enters the store.
  • Fred: Well, I gotta say, this craft stuff might be even more fun than selling hardware.
  • Cathy: WOW - this coming from a man who spent his honeymoon at the National Hardware Suppliers' Convention.
  • Fred: In my defense, it WAS in Orlando.
  • Fred: Night, Ming! Guard the store, okay?
  • Ming: Meow!
  • Cathy's parents' leave, and Cathy heads down to get something.
  • Cathy dropped her phone upon leaving.
  • Cathy shuts the door.
  • Ming: Mew?
  • Mark: Cathy! Cathy, it's Mark!
  • Mark: ...Cathy? Cathy are you there? It's important. Sigh... Call me back, ASAP.
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